Sunday, March 29 2020
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Women's Cup Italy, Sunday knockout match Pink Bari-Apulia Trani

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5 march for Sunday elimination for Apulia Trani, which, for the Italian Cup, at the municipal area of ​​Bitetto at 15.30 will meet the Pink Bari, against which in the league lost 1-0. On that occasion was missing Pina Mariano, former of Pink, disqualified, but will return available in the cup, although, in view of the important game in key salvation, that Sunday 12 March at 15 against Napoli dream team, the technical director of 'Apulia Trani, Francesco Mannatrizio, will almost certainly bring the owners back. In fact, not including the Italian cup among the objectives of the company, among the eleven that will fall in the field there will be the players who are having less space this season.

The cup match will therefore be an important stage for those who are playing with less continuity.
Salvation is the cornerstone goal of the white-blue season, which in the standings are on equal terms with the Neapolitans who will face next Sunday. Perhaps the playing field, as the "Comunale" of Trani should be occupied by the male Trani.
Arbitration works: Domenico Castellone di Napoli, Michele Desiderato and Vincenzo Massimiliano Altomare di Barletta.
The girls and some members of the Apulia Trani leadership will participate tomorrow in the "March against crime", to be held in Trani, to demonstrate their support for the legality and the importance of the good practices of civil life, which must also be taught in sports and especially in women's football, discipline still opposed by most because of the many prejudices that accompany it.

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