Sunday, 05 April 2020
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Fimauto Valpolicella arrives at the eighth of the Cup

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For the sixteenth of Italy Cup Fimauto challenge the formation of Castelvecchio Romagna, the same category of Group B. Dry match where the winner will face the Agsm Verona in the last sixteen.
The game is unlocked very early: at 6 'Faccioli, after a personal raid on the right, sees Boni in the middle, the serve, the captain rossoblu is not to pray and left pierces Montanari signing the advantage. It only takes a minute when the opportunity is precisely Faccioli that fished alone in the middle of the area from Capovilla to the high-flying plate.

The rossoblu express an excellent game and leave very little space for Romagna players who are struggling to find ideas. At 12 'it is Carradore who tries a shot from outside, but his conclusion comes just a little to the left of Montanari. Two minutes later Solid's insidious cross on which the Romagna goalkeeper is attentive and blocks on the line anticipating the well-placed Mascazoni's intervention. The Fimauto continues to grind game, Tombola at 31 'serves Mascanzoni very good at overcoming Montanari with a lob for the doubling net. At the 38 'Solow puts the ball in for Capovilla, who signs the three from zero on the fly. At 39, Faccioli's personal action proves the conclusion after having almost reached the back line, but his shot goes through the goal line to go out on the other side.
The recovery is still rossoblu history: at the 5 'st Tombola opens to the right for Faccioli, from the bottom he puts in for Capovilla that hooks, but from two steps he sends on the bottom. At the 15 'percussion Solow on the left reaches the small area where he kicks safely at the first post, but Montanari saves on his feet. At 25 'there is glory also for Zamarra who on the fly shoots Boni's cross for four to zero. At 34 'there is room for the brace of Debora Mascanzoni who with a beautiful shot for a ride overtakes Montanari again. At the 37 'the neo-entrance Dempster tries with a good blow, but Montanari does the miracle and saves the door. Few other jolts until 45esimo when the referee whistles the end of a game never discussed and well played by Fimauto.

Fimauto Valpolicella - Castelvecchio 5-0
Networks: 6 'Boni, 31' Mascanzoni Deb., 38 'Capovilla, 25'st Zamarra, 34' st Mascanzoni Deb.

Fimauto Valpolicella: 12 Meleddu, 2 Faccioli (15 'st Hannula), 3 Salamon, 4 Solow, 5 Bissoli, 6 Bingo, 7 Capovilla (22' st Mascanzoni Da.), 8 Carradore (19 'st Dempster), Mascanzoni De. , 10 Boni, 11 Zamarra
Available: 1 Visentini, 13 Galvan, 14 Hannula, 15 Mascanzoni Da., 16 Dempster, 17 Benincaso, 18 Magnaguagno
Coach: Diego Zuccher

Castelvecchio: 40 Montanari, 14 Amaduzzi A., 3 Amaduzzi M., 10 Nagni, 5 Guiducci, 12 Carfagna, 22 Petralia (25 'st Casali), 21 Beleffi (14' st Legni), 9 Guidi, 13 Casadei, 18 Rossi (19 'st Zani).
Available: 55 Neighbors, 8 Deidda, 19 Zani, 7 Legni, 11 Casali
Coach: Flavio Varchetta

Referee: Mr. Paletta Marco di Lodi

Yellow Cards
27 'Beleffi

ph credit: BPE photo

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