Monday, May 11 2015
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Femm. Juventus - Turin Italian Cup

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Women's Juventus - Acf Torino 7 - 0

Derby without history that disputed today at Vianney with the race valid for the preliminaries of the Italian Cup; from the very beginning the Juventus superiority is embarrassing, at the 5 ° minute from a corner kick beaten by Sottil,

Capello coordinates well but misses the aim by pulling a little to the side with a right-footed fly. At 14 ° and 15 ° Tordella first and then Trapani are free to shoot but do not find the door, is the prelude to the goal, the 21 ° punishment of Sottil on the right side of Turin, left to the fulmicotone that the goalkeeper grenade can only repel , the quickest to get on the ball is Tordella who bags; 1 to 0.
On the garnet side, at the 30 ° Toniolo is clear well on the right and comes to the shot but Milone is not surprising. At the 36 ° penalty for Juventus which is almost a short corner, Sottil folds the hands of the grenade door and signs the 2 to 0, pass only 4 minutes and, on the developments of a lineout, deadly 1-2 Capello, Tordella, Capello that puts 3 on 0 on the left side of the Torino gate. Before the whistle Benatello finds the 4 0 after a nice personal action.
Shooting; After refreshing the girls return to the field and Barberis, punishment on the crossbar but Milone was careful. 8 ° minute Tordella frees himself well in midfield and launches Benatello who, with a nice lob, gives his personal shotgun; 5 at 0, at the 9 ° Ponzio is free and well, after a nice dribbling leaves a nice right towards the goal but Juventus is there and blocks safe. 12 °, header of Trapani to the side of a little, 15 ° great escape of Drammis on the right, perfect cross to the center and Tordella, head, puts out of nothing - 18 °, Tordella puts Mondino in front of the door but the captain is made to recover, the ball returns to Tordella who returns to the center for the acceding Capello that does not ask to put the 6 0. At the 30 °, Mancuso's safe and beautiful parade of Raico. 32 ° Corner for Juventus and after a beat and ribatti Basta, head, puts the 7 0. 44 ° launch of Chiavari for Tordella who, face to face with the goalkeeper, touches the ball but is extended by the extreme defender grenade, the referee says that everything is regular.
The girls of Mr. Pecchini have shown to deserve the category that this year will see them protagonists and, we asked him a comment on the game: - "Victory sought and desired by and for all our athletes, aiming for continuous improvement in every challenge "-.
The appointment, waiting for the championship, is for 17 September at 17.00 at the Victoria Ivest sports facility for the charity meeting IN CAMPO WITH THE HEART that will face Juventus feminile and the National Football Show. We hope many of you will come-

Juventus: Milone, Fasella, Drammis, Mondino, Basta, Tomei, Capello (21 ° st Mancuso), Trapani (21 ° st Campofiorito), Tordella, Benatello (21 ° st Chiavicatti), Sottil.

Turin: Raico, Stobbia (6 st. Gonnet), Di Piero, Oberoffer, Aghem, Tamburini (38 st. D'Addio Michela), D'Addio Matilde, Barberis, Pontius, Malara (2 st Pancaldi), Toniolo.

Networks: 21 ° pt Tordella (J), 36 ° pt Subl (J), 40 ° pt and 18 ° st Capello (J), 43 ° pt and 8 ° st Benatello (J), 32 ° st Basta (J).



Enrico Manassero
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