Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Alessandria - Musiello Saluzzo Italian Cup

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On the field of the former Casermette was played the first game of the Italian Cup, in a torrid climate for girls on the field.
The two teams were held in the minute of silence in memory of the victims of the disaster that devastated central Italy and the large audience gave them a heartfelt applause.
The game begins with a dutiful phase of mutual study.
The ACF breaks through the opposing defense with some raids: at 3 'Zella frames the opposing goal and finds Malosti alert; at 6 'Zecchino, from outside the area, forces the opposing goalkeeper to intervene; at 18 'Zecchino is serving Amandola: Malosti is ready and smanaccia the ball out of the mirror of the door.
AT 26 'Captain Amandola serves a calibrated Bergaglia ball that he sticks behind Malosti.
At the 32 'Marcella, after unmarked, arrives in the area intentional to equalize, Asteggiano comes out diving and the two athletes collide and remain on the ground. The immediate intervention of the doctor reassures everyone about the conditions of the girls: Marcella comes out of pain from the field of play and is replaced by Garetto, while Asteggiano, despite the strong blow accused to the face, remains to defend the posts during the penalty kick decreed by Race Director.
It takes charge of kicking from the disk Melifiori that materializes bringing the teams on the tie.
Alexandria does not passively pass, Captain Amandola at 38 'after a solitary ride shoots the ball that ends just outside the right of Malosti.
Lost opportunity for the mandrims at 41 ', when Malosti displaced by Amandola is too far from the posts leaving the door defenseless and the same Capitana serves the ball of doubling in Bergaglia that does not frame the door.
You go to rest on a draw.
The Grisonsere face the second half with grit and determination and most of the actions take place in the half field of the Musiello that is crushed in this phase of play.
At the 9 'Anselmo, after being freed from the opponents, offers a good ball Bergaglia that hooks well and looking for the second pole, but the ball goes out just wide.
At 11 'Captain Amandola tries a good position and the ball flies over the crossbar.
At 15 'after a beat and beaten in the penalty area of ​​the Musiello, Zella hooks on the fly and turns the ball to the opposing goal, but the trajectory is high.
At 22 'Barbesino tries to unlock the result, even on this occasion the ball is just over the crossbar.
At 23 'is Acolytes, entered by a few minutes, which hooks the ball and slingshot in the door forcing Malosti to intervene in the dive.
At 27 'Zella is in charge of kicking a free-kick with a shot that crosses the barrier and finds Amandola ready to head bag for 2 1.
The result and changes made fuel the engine of the team and the 30 'Devecchi, right, shakes the crossbar.
At the 42 'from the edge of the Zella area commits Malosti who does not hold back and repels the ball in the area finding Barrale Arianna who, coldly, hooks and puts his signature on the third goal.
Mister Cantone declares himself satisfied with the result even if initially the team struggled to find the rhythm and the right fluidity of play. "There were good plays, especially in the second half, I'm happy for the group that worked hard during the preparation and got a positive result. We will still have to work hard to create the right amalgam, but given the staff at our disposal we have excellent opportunities "

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Devecchi, Marigonda, Marinoni, Zella, Amandola, Barbesino (43 'St Violin), Zecchino (18' st Acolytes), Bergaglia (12 'st Barral A.), Anselmo, Bianco. Available: Albertazzi, Minato, Garavelli, Barrale S. Coach: Cantone

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti, Arnaudo, Barbero, Bongiovanni, Riba, Peak, Civalleri, Marcella (43 'pt Garetto), Melifiori, Martinatto, Pasero. Available: Etzi, Merlo, Rolfo. Coach: Bernard

Markers: Bergaglia (26 'pt -ACF); Melifiori (R 36 'pt - Musiello); Loving it (27 'st - ACF); Barral A. (43 'st - ACF)

Race Director: Cipriano di Torino
Assistants: Pacella and Venchi of Turin

Simona Borelli

In the photo above: Captain Amandola

In the photos below: Arianna Barrale and Sofia Bergaglia



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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