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Spring 2011-2012

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moretti torino_juveOn the right foot the Primavera del Torino in the Piedmont Cup triangular overcoming Juventus on the neutral field of Cenisia with a net 3-1. Domination grenade throughout the course of the match, which saw the team of Serami handle the game and immediately react to the draw of Juventus, who came immediately after the net of the advantage scored by bomber Moretti. The grenades took off in the second half when the Moretti 2-1 arrived, with the substitute Portius who signed the final 3-1.

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imolese primavera_2012The team under 19 dell'molese feminine takes part in the "Chiara Montagnoli Cup" tournament under 19 that is held on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 April in Perugia. The other participating teams are the landlords, Zensky Padova and Siena. Friday, after the draws, the first match is scheduled at 14,30, followed by 16 from the second. On Saturday at 9,30 and 11 two more races are scheduled and, at 15 and 16,30, the last ones. At 18 space for the final between the first two classified. During the stay in Umbria there will also be social and recreational moments. The first evening will be possible to visit the historic center of Perugia and the evening will be a surprise

Mirko Melandri

Female Imolaese Press Office acfd

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lauradubbiosoOne-way Derby and the 17esima consecutive win for the Spring that, although without four owners, dominates the game with the Packcenter, never allowing the cousins ​​Imola to pull on goal and winning the match with the score of 2-0. Different occasions for the Imolesi of the duo Morotti -Mosconi, first with Dubbioso (good his return) that does not take in the mirror, then with Pifferi who is face to face with the goalkeeper, but can not conclude and then with Rocca that pulls a couple of times from the edge but weakly.

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guiding elisaIt starts and the team from Romagna as usual, is brought forward and in the fifth minute takes the lead with a masterly shot of Gualtieri from outside the area shoves the ball under the crossbar.
The Emilian girls are confused after suffering a cold goal, show considerable difficulties and suffer the offensive thrust of yellow-green.
At the 15 ° minute the Savignanesi settle the knockout of the KO, action that starts from the defense with Magnani N. gives Sarti this for Santucci who relies on Guiducci, quick exchange with Nocchi who returns the ball enters the area and supports the ball to the right of the Homemade goalkeeper, all very nice.

Rating: 1 / 5

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castelvecchio prim20112012The meeting begins at the Buscherini Forlì field, with Castelvecchio starting to press the opponents and insistently look for the opposing goal. The good opportunity happens on the feet of Ziosi at 07 °, fast exchange with Scolozzi who returns ball to the edge of the area but the goalkeeper is well placed and para. 11 ° minute free kick from the limit for Castelvecchio beats Carlini but the ball ends over the crossbar. At the 13 'another action on the counterattack of the yellow and green with exchange on the fly Magnani Ziosi for Scolozzi out of little.

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tani paoloAfter the long stop due to the great snowfall of February, the spring championship resumes and sees Castelvecchio compete on the friendly field of via Einsten in Savignano sul Rubicone against Bologna. Minute of recollection requested by the Bolognese executives for the death of Lucio Dalla. Ready via ball in the middle and the Castelvecchio breaks out, boarding to the door Emiliana, at the 10 'Scolozzi is that tries the conclusion from outside the area but the ball ends up.

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