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torino primavera2012The Granata Spring is confirmed as a champion of Italy by beating in the final 3-1 Florence after having passed in disadvantage in the first half. Martin, Ponzio and Crisantino overturn the result and take the fourth category title to the company.
It's a final for strong hearts that went on stage between Florence and Turin with the grenades that do all alone, complicating life in the first half, passing in disadvantage after twenty minutes of
first half because of Greta Vallotto's own goal that in an attempt to anticipate the attacking opponent headed his own goalkeeper Ozimo. This at 21 ', after a brilliant start by the Florence that put Torino in trouble, without the disqualified Barberis and with a Martin in the field by service for the ankle problem.

Serami launches from the first minute Malara on the right, moving Martin in the role occupied until the previous game by Barberis and confirming the defense of Vallotto with Martinatto on the left. Torino suffered the goal of the Tuscan advantage to reorganize, but the game is not brilliant and the 27 'Magni commits Ozimo with a conclusion from outside the area. The grenades slowly begin to grind game dragged by the anger of Vallotto and by the play of the duo Ponzio-Moretti who tries to make the most of every little playable ball. And at the 33 'is just Ponzio, with a play in the strait as you like, to sow two opponents on the field, entering the area and supporting the center for Moretti. The number seven grenade beautifully protects the ball, turns at the edge of the small area and kicked a sure shot but finding on his way the deviation of the goalie lily, but Martin is ready to burn on the shot direct opponent scoring the network of draw a nice diagonal of right that is bagged on the far post. The Florence accuses the blow and a minute later Moretti is landed foully in the area with the referee who concedes the penalty. From eleven meters Ponzio does not fail and keeps his promise to score a goal in the final. It is Torino's overtaking, good at turning over a difficult situation before the end of the first half. The recovery starts with Rosso in the field instead of Malara, but the beginning is a photocopy of the first half with Florence attacking and Torino trying to defend itself. At 2 'Fusini would have the chance to draw, but missing the deviation in the goal favoring the recovery of Aghem; at the 7 'still Magni with a shot from outside on which Ozimo guards well, then Serami plays the card Crisantino. And as in the match against Como, with the grafting on the two side lanes of Red and Crisantino brings liveliness to the maneuver and after about ten minutes from its entry into the field the young outdoor class' 97 marks the network of 3-1 with a valuable lob from before the trocar field that slips into the seven. The game could however re-open a minute later if Mascilli one meter from the goal defended by Ozimo managed to deflect the ball into the net, but luck smiles at the grenades that maintain the double advantage. The last real opportunity from the network for Florence reaches the 25 with a free kick from the edge of the left area kicked by Magni on which Ozimo is ready. The Torino controls the game until the end and wins the fourth championship of its history proving to be a cynical team in moments that
count. It is also the record day for Erika Moretti who hits the tricolor hat-trick, an achievement never succeeded by any Italian player in the Primavera championship. The tricolor will remain on the garnet jerseys also next season and the president Salerno already announced the victory of the fifth title at the end of next season.

FLORENCE (4-3-3): Falorni (30 'st Valgimigli); Bonaiuti (27 'st Corsi), Cosi, Experts, Corsani; Peruzzi (11 'st Nocchi), Magni, Teci; Mascilli, Borghesi (19 'st Cinotti), Fusini (35' st Togni). A disp .: Briccolani, Aterini. All .: Pratesi.
TURIN (4-3-1-2): Ozimo; Favole S., Nicco, Welter, Aghem; Malara (1 'st Rosso), Vallotto, Martinatto; Martin (12 'St Crisantino) (48' st Dragon); Ponzio, Moretti (39 'st Tordella). Available: Olivetti, Grassino. All .: Serami.
MARKING MACHINES: 21 'aut. Vallotto; 33 'Martin; 36 'Ponzio rig .; 22 'st Crisantino.
AMMONITE: Malara (T); Teci (F); Ponzio (T); Crisantino (T); Magni (F); Courses (F); Aghem (T); Experts (F).

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