Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Florence logo180The Primavera of the ACF espugna Roma and gains access to the final of the national championship of Spring that will see it opposed to the Turin champion of Italy in charge. A game that played at the Bettini Cinecittà that saw the two formations to fight under the scorching sun before a large and colorful audience. The girls of Silvia Pratesi started from the victorious race of the first leg when in San Marcellino were imposed with the result of 3 1, but despite this they try to put pressure on the Giallorossi and already at the 8 ° go ahead: Teci puts a ball in depth, Mascilli cuts towards the center of the area and anticipates defense and goalkeeper puts in flat.

The goal has the effect of falling asleep a bit 'the violets and wake up the Roma that begins to press all over the opponents forcing the Florentine girls to play less effective.
After a quarter of an hour of Roman dominance at the 24 ° the home team equalized with Simonetti who turns a good ball diagonal from the right to the opposite corner on which Valgimigli comes to deviate without being able to avoid the goal.
The Roma insists and puts even more pressure to the viola: at the 33 ° corner for the Giallorossi, the ball splashes towards the trocar from where Bevilacqua puts back into the area, the Florentine defense rises and Cutillo in suspected offside position beats Valgimigli from two steps.
At this point the violet girls take over the fear of throwing everything at the nettles and the end of the first half comes well accepted.
In the second half falls a purple team turned: the girls of Silvia Pratesi immediately attack the opponents and take the game in hand.
At 57 ° punishment from 30 meters for the ACF: beats Magni with the ball that first hit the post and then ends up in the net for the equalizer.
Roma tries a reaction, but on the only shot on goal of Bevilacqua to 62 ° is good Falorni (replaced the injured Valgimigli) to block the ground.

The Florence continues to keep the reins of the game and as the race goes on the Rome goes out.

At the 62 ° Mascilli well launched by Teci is presented alone in the area and from a position a little 'defilade shoots high above the crossbar.

At 70 ° Borghesi controls the ball and just outside the area hits the net, the shot is not very strong, but Riso fails to intervene and avoid the 2 goal at 3.

At the 71 ° Teci snaps on the right well launched by Borghesi and as soon as he enters the area, he shoots a diagonal on which is very good Rice to divert in the dive.

At the 76 ° the Florence still goes in goal: Bonaiuti from the right starts a great cross, on the left Cosi comes back to the center where Nocchi head puts behind the blame Rice.

At this point the game has nothing more to say with Florence that would still have two occasions with Esperti (which puts out a little on the launch of Teci) and Briccolani (which beats to the network with Riso that goes to the ground), but the result does not changes and the triple whistle of the excellent referee Galoni sanctions the landing in the final of the purple team.

It 'been a good game, very fought especially in the first half, but always fair without hysteria or protests, a beautiful spot for women's football (which as Michel Platini said a few days ago "is the future of world football").

At the end the happiness of Silvia Pratesi (exit from an unscheduled shower): "What can I say? I'm really happy: these girls continue to give me great satisfaction ... Even today after a difficult first half we came back in the field determined and eager to take this game and we succeeded with a great second half.I have to congratulate Mr. Gagliardi for how he harnessed us in the first half and the Roman girls for believing in the comeback despite the result of the first leg. congratulations to all my girls who even today have made us live a great day.We are now in the final, it was what we wanted, but we will not be satisfied: we will try to make life hard for the girls of Turin Friday in their city and at the end as always the best will win "

As said the final between Florence and Turin will be played FRIDAY 15 JUNE AT THE TIME 17.45 in Turin



ACF Florence Training: Valgimigli A. ,, Bonaiuti, Corsiani, Magni, Expert, Cosi C., Cinotti (63 ° Peruzzi), Teci (85 ° Tabaku), Mascilli (65 ° Nocchi), Borghesi (80 ° Briccolani), Fusini . Available Aterini, Corfsi.

All. Silvia Pratesi.

GS Roma Training: Rice, Zappalorto, Barbero, Vaccari, Verro, Chiodetti, Bevilacqua, Simeone, Contu, Simonetti, Cutillo.

All. Alessandro Gagliardi.

Referee Federico Galoni of Ostia Lido

Markers: 8 ° Mascilli, 24 ° Simonetti, 33 ° Cutillo, 57 ° Magni, 70 ° Borghesi, 76 ° Nocchi.

ACF FIRENZE ASD - Press Office - Via Chiantigiana 28 - 50126 Florence - tel and fax: + 39 055 6530638 -

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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