Turin flies in the final

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crisantino giulia_torinoThe grenades are struggling against a leathery Como, but in the second half the grafts of Rosso and Crisantino change the game and the girls of Serami are rampant. 3-1 the final result with Crisantino's goal and a double by Moretti, on Friday the Scudetto will play against Florence.
It is final. After one year Torino Primavera returns to the championship final to defend the title won twelve months ago against Brescia. The opponent this year will be the Florence that defeated the Rome 4-2 in the return match, after that already in the first leg was imposed for 3-1. The Torino, however, to overcome the Como must work hard and not a little, with a first time that sees the lariane master of the field, but not very incisive in the door. The coach Serami has yet to give up the injured Capra and Lupo as well as the disqualified Tordella stopped for a turn by the sports judge.

Thus confirmed the formation of the first leg with Barberis playmaker behind Moretti and Ponzio. The team, however, in the field seems lost, can not find the right balance between departments and effort to take measures at the Como that from the first minute attacks in search of the network that would balance the meeting. After just ten minutes of play the midfielder Martin asks the change for the recurrence of the problem to the ankle, but the coach asks a sacrifice to his player not having role-playing parts on the bench and so from the 4-3-1-2 initial passes to an 4-4-2 that sees Barberis moved on the band and Ponzio slightly behind compared to Moretti, with the defensive central Nicco, best in the field, and Welter calls overtime. The first real shot of the game reaches the 30 ', directly on punishment beaten by the external lariana Clerici, on which Ozimo is a good guard. Three minutes later still Como with Del Vecchio from the limit without success. The Torino fails to overcome the three-quarters adversary and so goes up in the chair Vallotto, central pivot of the team to defend the defense, which decides to create a headache to the goalkeeper with two shots from thirty-five meters: the first to 36 'engages Moro in a parade in two stages, while the second, at 42 'forces the extreme lariano to a difficult evaluation of the trajectory, with the rejected that arrives on the goal line. The ball remains inside the small area, but Ponzio is anticipated at the time of the second goal in a corner kick from Porro. At 44 ', after a beat and beaten in the Nigretti area tries to surprise Ozimo with a shot from the edge on which the number one grenade is a good guard. The recovery begins in heavy rain and with Martin who grits his teeth while remaining in the field, but the team is still struggling to get out of their own half, even if Vallotto, among the most propositive, find the right gap at the midfield triggering Moretti on the left. The shooting of the bomber of the Spring ends, however, to the side through the whole mirror of the door. We are at 7 'and Serami decides to change: the first off the Barberis first and the injured Martin then and inside Red deployed outside high on the right and the young, class' 97 Crisantino on the left. And they change the game, bringing freshness and even that bit of carefree given by the young age for the second and the experience gained during the season in the first team for Rosso. On the swathes the Torino becomes so irresistible at times, to the right Rosso alta is effective in the defensive phase in the

stop the climbs of the fullback and good in pressing high forming an excellent chain with Stefania Favole that pushes as always starting from the back; on the left Aghem cancels the Clerici leaving the offensive tasks to the Crisantino that in one against one is at times almost devastating. At the 20 'is the Pontius to try with a shot from the edge saved, is the warning that the game is about to change and so it happens three minutes later. Moretti is tireless in pressing on offense leading to the opponent's defender who badly supports the ball favoring the inclusion of Crisantino. One-two with Pontius, dry dribbling in the area to the detriment of Bianchi and left-handed that beats Moro for the 1-0. The fears and the tension vanish and at the 31 'comes the doubling: Crisantino still leaves on the left, enters the area by jumping Knight serving the accident Moretti on the right that just has to direct the ball to the net. At the 36 'Como, now resigned to the elimination, shortens the surprise distances on a free kick almost from his own half, kicked by Nigretti, on which Ozimo misses the exit by getting over the ball that enters the net without any deviation . Malara enters for an exhausted and nervous Aghem and just the new entrance to the 40 'criss in the middle for Moretti who extends head to find Crisantino behind him; return ball for Moretti who first kicks in the door engaging Moro. But the appointment with the second goal of the day for the number seven grenade is only postponed: at 45 'the attacker's right is lethal and ratifies the 3-1 final with the technician who grants the standing ovation immediately afterwards. The Como comes out despite two good performances, Torino reaches the second consecutive final and on Friday, at the Maggioni-Righi di Borgaro stadium at 17.45, unless the last hour rethinks by the Federation, it will have to confirm the Italian champion against the victorious viola in Arco di Trento tournament in March.


TURIN (4-3-1-2): Ozimo; Favole S., Nicco, Welter, Aghem (38 'St Malara); Martinatto, Vallotto, Martin (15 'St Crisantino); Barberis (8 'st Rosso); Ponzio (46 'st Dragone), Moretti (45' st Grassino). Available: Olivetti. All .: Serami.
COMO (4-4-2): Moro; Knights, Whites, Nigretti, Porro; Clerici, Del Vecchio, Cannone, Pisoni; Santoro, Ferrario. Available: Caminada, Marelli, Riella, Labanca, Corradini, Guimaraes, Cacciatomo. All .: Colombo.
REFEREE: Carlone di Collegno.
MARKING MACHINES: 23 'st Crisantino; 31 'st Moretti; 36 'st Nigretti; 45 'st Moretti.
AMMONITE: Barberis and Aghem (T).

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