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A2 2011-2012 SERIES


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Fiano-romanoThe Fiano Romano had to face this insidious trip to the land of Sicily with defections of the last moment that have further weakened, even in terms of numbers, the already depleted organic available. In fact Mr. Valentini, in addition to the known long-term absences, could not count to Bagheria not even on the important contribution of Ferroni and Tondelli and, making a virtue of necessity, he was forced to change the tactical structure of the team that had produced two wins in the last two rounds of the championship, having also only the goalkeeper in second on the bench, but for the occasion a unique reserve for any eventual need.


Matchball Alessandria ... game, match, match.

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DrawErbusco - A ruthless Alexandria puts the Franciacortine to the table with the heaviest result of the entire season. A hard lesson, too severe as seen in the field. Of course, the Piedmontese have shown a significant offensive potential, on all of them Captain Stefano and Montecucco have mercilessly kept apprehensive our rear without a break. Yet I do not feel like condemning a team that has fielded character, heart and desire to react, able to keep the game open both after the blow of the three to zero at 45 'and after the fourth network, born of an incredible mistake by Franz Ghilardi (this is the reason for the morning hail ...). The continuous search of the goal also to consolidated score should be emphasized and this is the right way to continue to travel. Never give up, in the face of any adversity. All this goes back to the duty of certainty of part, but never offensive to any opponent, the controversy also leave it to those who have time to waste.

Unfortunately, even yesterday, the limits of Franciacorta seemed obvious: the girls run, build a lot, but fail to finalize and punctually the opponents punish on the counterattack. After just one minute already Scalvini face to face with Pagliassotto, makes the graham goalkeeper look good. The opponents are not watching, in fact at the 12 'Massimo must deflect the edge of the corner of Moscia, while Di Stefano twice does not frame the door. At the 16 'Tavelli launches Gaspari, which shows the best part of his repertoire, the central cut, going to the conclusion of the right outside disturbed by a defender, with a ball that ends beyond the mirror. On the other side Maffezzoni in extremis saves on the usual Di Stefano. The match lights up around half an hour: Scalvini receives in the area and shoots towards the door, hitting the base of the pole to the right of Pagliasotto. A few minutes later, the award-winning Tavelli-Gaspari company repeats itself, Guglielmo Tell manages to free himself and get in front of the extreme defender of the opponent, but his cannon shot ends incredibly high. The landlords press, the goal is in the air and in fact reaches the 34 '... but in the door defended by Massimo. Di Stefano takes the ball on the left side of the area, focuses and shoots towards the net, surprising the Black Spider of Soncino and bringing the advantage of the guests. Scalvini could equalize after a minute, but his weak deviation exceeds Pagliassotto at the exit, but is rejected by the defense. The guests are shown forward with Montecucco who does not find the door by a whisper, on the developments of a corner. On the other side of the 39 'Scalvini, always pimpante and proactive, duets with Colombi, the Trottolina di Sarnico shoots a blow to the second pole, but still Pagliassotto sventa in the corner with a beautiful plastic dive. In the final minutes the Alexandria docked the ship in port: at 42 'Moscia serves Di Stefano who evades the offside, passes Massimo in desperate exit and settles on the net and three minutes later still Moscia crosses from the bottom, Massimo is in counter and Lupi , left guiltily alone by the Erbuschese rearguard, deviates into the network with the diaphragm. The game seems closed, but to turn it on again we think Gaspari with a precise right on the first post, assisted in the circumstances by Colombi.

In the second half, after just two minutes, Tavelli has an inviting opportunity on the left, but the shot on the far post goes beyond the upright. Scalvini on one side and Di Stefano on the other call the goalkeepers to the intervention, but slowly the landlords are picking up the pace of the game. Comes the 4-1 network opponent to the 24 ': Ghilardi seeks the support back to Massimo, touching weakly, Montecucco takes advantage and exceeds the n. 1 franciacortina, depositing comfortably in the network. The game closes definitively at 27 'with the close deviation of Lavarone on the perfect cross of the mai doma Di Stefano. A one-two that would also stifle a stallion, but instead the Franciacortine have the great merit of trying several times to reopen the race, showing a character worthy of the great champions. Gaspari at 29 'calls to the parade ground Paliassotto. Two minutes later, the Piedmontese defender repeats himself on Alberici, deflecting, Ghisini arrives with a great career, who still calls the Alexandrian goalkeeper to the miracle. A minute later Tavelli crosses the far post, the goalkeeper is beaten, but Gaspari in the running can not find the deviation for anything. First Ghisini and then an indomitable Gaspari, today better in the field, still try the last assault without luck. On the opposite side it is still Di Stefano to go to the cross for the solitary Lavarone who realizes the match-ball and closes the game, match and match. A tennis result too severe certainly, which you need to treasure, without wrapping your head. The next, now decisive, commitment with the Oristano does not allow it.


Networks: Di Stefano (A) at 34 'and 42', Lupi (A) at 45 'and Gaspari (F) at 46' pt; Montecucco (A) at 24 'and Lavarone (A) at 27' and at 42 'st

Franciacorta: 1 MASSIMO, 2 GHILARDI, 3 MAZZA (cap.) (ALBERICI from 21 'st), 4 MAFFEZZONI (CIOCCHI from 27' st), 5 RAVASIO, 6 PELIZZARI, 7 TAVELLI, 8 SANDRINI, 9 SCALVINI, 10 COLOMBI ( GHISINI from 19 'st), 11 GASPARI. All. Giovanni Brusa. Available: Belotti, Cappellini, Agnesi and Salomoni.

Alexandria: 1 PAGLIASOTTO, 2 DELODI, 3 LARDO, 4 MENSI, 5 BARBESINO, 6 PARLAGRECO (ROSSI from 42 'st), 7 DI STEFANO, 8 LUPI, 9 MOSCIA, 10 MONTECUCCO, 11 LAVARONE (COCKED from 43' st). All. Giuseppe Fossati. Available: Pisano, Barbieri and Dragons.

Referee: Mr. Comunian Stefano di Biella. Assistants: Corinovis and Esposito of Bergamo.

Ammonite: Mazza (F) and Scalvini (F) for protests. Expelled: Mister Giovanni Brusa (F).

Notes: Sunny day with temporary rain showers during the race. Watched a minute of silence before the race in memory of Piermario Morosini. Best on the pitch: Gaspari (F), Di Stefano (A).


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imolese minutosilenzioEasy affirmation of the feminine Amolese that beats the bottom of Cagliari in front of their fans. The rossoblù play at fairly mild rhythms, enough to get the better of deficient opponents from a technical point of view. Coming to the news, observed the minute of recollection for the death of Morosini, at the 17 'Imola took the lead thanks to a long-range shot by Silvia Casacci that the Sardinian goalkeeper Serra can not neutralize. Seven minutes later Giulia Baldini doubles with a strong left that is centrally bagged. At the 40 'local goalkeeper Valentina Raddi risks the patatrac returning badly with his feet and collecting the ball with his hands to remedy.

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siena a2A decidedly negative moment for the girls of Mister Montanelli who on Sunday suffered the third defeat and see Perugia now ahead with eleven points of separation.
The Bianconeri took to the field motivated against Sestrese and after a few minutes they were ahead with a goal from Frizza. However, Sestrese did not give up and managed to win 3 on 1. A hard blow for the Bianconeri who now have to fight for the playoffs, with Imolese only three points behind. A really difficult moment for the first team that will meet before the departure for Cagliari, Wednesday 25 April, to try to understand how to overcome this moment of stalemate as soon as possible. The possibility to play the playoffs is still concrete as well as the chance to go in Serie A. The bianconere must not give up now.


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pipitone rosaliaThe Res Rome beats Orlandia for 1 to 0, rises in the ranking to more than seven on the Sicilian, and gets the math qualification to play off promotion with two rounds of advance. The Giallorossi crowned so 'a historic season, full of successes and satisfactions, started in the best way by beating the cousins ​​of GS Roma in the first round of the Italian Cup, and culminated in qualifying for the semi-finals of promotion play offs, where the Romans will find in front of the second classified of the C series of A2 series.
Mister Melillo must do without Quarticelli and line up between the Pipitone poles, in defense, from right to left, Cortelli, Mancini, Colini and Lavopa, in midfield Villani, Sergi and Fracassi, and in attack the trio composed by Biasotto, Nicosia and from the top scorer of the group Vanessa Nagni; Orlandia responds with the 4-3-2-1, with Impoco between the poles, in defense Radici, Morello, Fiocco, Soro in midfield Cusmà, Lazzara, Sardu, in attack Minciullo, Cianci and Coletta.

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cignani cinzia castelvecchioAfter the break last week for the untimely death of Livorno player Pier Mario Morosini, Castelvecchio returns to the field against Savignano against the Union Villanova, a team that travels in calm waters. The race begins with the landlords who push hard on the accelerator and with Lisi, at the eighth minute, finds the way to become dangerous with a nice conclusion from outside the area and that is the host keeper ready and foils the conclusion of the attacker in the corner.


The Orlandia'97 suffers the hard law of the goal and says goodbye to the play-offs

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orlandia napoli2Signs of destiny. It is the only possible explanation for the defeat of the Urnalia'97 in the most important match of the season. The Sicilian team attacked with determination, dominated for long stretches, nearly the goal on several occasions and in the end you have to surrender to the only shot on goal of the Res Roma. Thus ends the game that issues the final verdict to the championship. The capitoline girls in fact stretch to more than seven in the standings sull'Orlandia'97 and with two days to play arm the second place useful for access to playoffs. The Res Rome then sits down at the table of toast with Carpisa Napoli, which on Saturday with the victory over the Acese, has won the promotion in Serie A.

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Juventus Torino - Atalanta 1 - 6

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hyacinths valentina1112Turin - With a result that speaks for itself the Atalanta Femminile of president Michele Maraglino, the field of Juventus is missing and arrives at the mathematical salvation in the category in advance of five games compared to the closing of the games. The chronicle of the event is practically the list of the achievements of the Nerazzurri, by a formation that, to be honest, has never risked anything. The first fraction immediately opens with the Giacinti network, on Pandolfi's cross. At the 13 'a long launch of Pirovano favors the inclusion of Picchi, who tows the ball, waits for the goalkeeper to come out and inflate the bag.

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alessandria12atleta"On the way the Alexandria won with the result of 3-0 a lot of controversy, for a rather questionable arbitrage" .... words extracted from the site of Franciacorta (http://www.csfranciacorta.it/articoli- serie-a2-2011-2012 / 206-eight-days-of-fire.html), who knows today, after the tennis result, what will still be there to recriminate ..... (ed). Controversy aside, it was a pleasant game and in the field were compared two teams who have fought properly and with good game phrases.


A bitter transfer to the San Zaccaria

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pancaldi donata_difensore_sanzaccariaA bitter transfer to San Zaccaria who returns home without any point due to the defeat in Merano. Since the 10 ° Sudtirol makes its presence felt with a diagonal low shot of Pfosti that touches the pole; continues at 25 ° with Bon shooting on a free-kick but is deviated on the cross from Deronzo. The assault continues with Pfosti to the 35 ° which this time takes the pole in full; but at 40 ° 1-0 arrives for the South with Rigatti who scores a goal on goal. Thus ended a first time suffered by the San Zaccaria who tries to react towards the final with little result however.

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