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A2 2011-2012 SERIES

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napoli_logo2The team led by coach Peppe Marino has started today the preparation for Baia
It is still unknown to which league the Napoli Carpisa Yamamay of women's football will participate, but waiting to know if the Women's Football Division will extend the A1 series to 16 teams the team coached by Peppe Marino has rallied today to start the pre-season training on the pitch of the Castle of Baia. 21 are the soccer players called up who will be part of the "tartarughine" group for the 2011-12 season, with six new faces. This is the complete list of girls summoned:

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orlandia97Last 21 May ended, with a bitter epilogue, the experience of 'Orlandia'97 in the maximum Italian league. The disappointment then was burning, inevitably opening the field to deep reflections on the failure to achieve the 'minimum goal, in the suffering awareness of having wasted an important heritage and the opportunity to consolidate a football reality at the top of women's football.

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peterperezviceNow it's official: in Serie A the Como was fished !! 5 teams were well that had asked the repechage in the top flight of women's football, including the Naples that is about to be bought by the President of the males, De Laurentiis. However, many certificates of esteem to the CFS by many Presidents of Serie A, to be the company recognized as one of the teams with a healthy and solid organizational base, which is good for all Italian women's football. Now we start again and speak the 2 of the South Tyrolean society: "We have to accept the verdict by the LND, we will demonstrate our true value in the field, the desire to fight again, the attachment to this shirt, and the desire to win.

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