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A2 2011-2012 SERIES

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Everything like before. With 90 'less at the end of the season the situation remains unchanged at the bottom of the A2 ranking and the Romagnano breathes a sigh of relief all'ennesima goleada suffered by Atletico Oristano and the heavy 0-2 of Real Meda in Caprera. Sunday the Sardinian derby will be even more indicative for the grenade committed to Franciacorta with the obligation to bring home at least one point.

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marine naplesThe Sicilian team can not reach Naples, the "tartarughine" close the championship without defeats. Peppa Massa's Beginners beat the males for the first time.
The Napoli Carpisa Yamamay closes the series of A2 series, which enshrined the promotion in Serie A, without defeats, extending the strip of unbeatenness, which exceeds the 17 consecutive months. The Orlandia, that today would have had to arrive to Naples to dispute the competition of the last day, has not succeeded in reaching the city for a technical problem, leaving the green light to a probable defeat at the table, which makes the championship end in advance of the "tartarughine".

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giuliano robertaLast day of the championship, at the 15 in Baia comes the only formation that has equalized against the Neapolitans.
Tomorrow the A2 series of women's football will close tomorrow, which Napoli Carpisa Yamamay won three days in advance, ensuring the promotion in the top flight. The goal, however, is to maintain the unbeaten, which lasts from 17 months, and redeem the half-step misstep of the first leg, when Orlandia managed to equalize at home, resulting in the only team to have stopped the formation of the president Lello Carlino this season.

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you win nicosia_emilyLast act before the playoffs for the Res Rome that will face Real Marsico in the twenty-second and last day of the championship. Race useless for the final classification with the Giallorossi who have already qualified for promotion playoffs, and the Lucanians who beat Palermo on Sunday, have obtained the mathematical certainty to avoid the play out of salvation: despite this the match promises show given the presence in the field of Vanessa Nagni and Marja Vuckcevie that with the Maria Caramia Neapolitan are the undisputed queens of the top scorer, having scored respectively 21 and 20 goals.

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sudtirol1112Nothing to do: the trip to Villanova, against the local team, the VILLANOVA, does not bring luck to the girls of CF SÜDTIROL that after a wonderful first half, and several missed opportunities, last that of Tonelli that in the recovery of 1 ° time captures full the crossbar, they can not take advantage of the half slip of Pordenone on Sunday against San Zaccaria. The first time played at a fast pace, it seems not to scare the girls of the CFS, who go several times close to scoring in the first half.

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amaduzzi martina_castelvecchioPenultimate moved to Verona for Castelvecchio who, after Wednesday's disappointment in the recovery of the race in Brixen with the Brixen lost 2 to 1 at the last minute is ready to fight to get out of the dangerous area of ​​play out.
The race begins with the two teams that are studying in midfield to understand when it is the right time to sink and, at the minute 10 ', the Romagna strikes and pass the lead, with action on the right of Cignani long ball fought by Lisi and Balacchi support of the latter x Amaduzzi M. who does not think twice and shoots a missile that slips under the crossbar, surprising the goalkeeper positioned out of the poles.

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Fiano-romanoA guest yesterday at the "Sandro Pertini" of Fiano Romano Res Rome, co-star of the group and already landed two days in advance to the mathematical certainty of the playoffs to attempt the climb to the top series of women's football. An important project is that of the Res Rome which has invested especially this year important resources to groped the big jump and compete in the future, in the company of Napoli Carpisa Yamamay, with the soccer hegemon of the north. Sincere congratulations to Fabio Melillo, deus ex machina of the company, with the hope that the club can bring Lazio football to the top and grow in every respect, not just in terms of results.

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bonaventura miriam-02PERUGIA - Imolese returns from Perugia with broken bones but retains the fourth place. Because of the wrong approach the rossoblù go under 2-0 after three minutes but then Bonaventura shortens on a penalty. Mortolini brings his team to the 3-1 by realizing another penalty and from that moment it is a great night for the training led by Loris Poggi. In fact, two more goals for the Grifo arrive and, in the second half, the Imola reaction is lacking and the Umbrian control.

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inchingolo ilaria_resromaThe Res Rome keeps faith to its commitments and gets the fifteenth victory in the championship by storming the field of Fiano Romano for 3 to 1. The Giallorossi do not dispute a great match from the point of view of the quality expressed in the field, but with determination and determination are awarded yet another derby, confirming the "queens" of Lazio.
Mister Melillo has to do without the injured Villani, substituted by Inchingolo, and gives space to Catania, among the best in the field, and Corradino, who returns after more than a year and only a month after his return after the serious injury suffered last season.

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Franciacorta-Atalanta 006Almenno San Salvatore - Negative day for Franciacorta, which in the orobic land undergo a burning four to zero. A race that the girls of Mister Brusa have tried to bring to port, attacking their opponents in their half for almost the entire first half, but without ever bothering the Nerazzurri's extreme defender and in which the balances were broken at the 39 'with the network of Valentina Giacinti, on which, however, Belotti is not free from liability.

The warm weather of the last days affects the performance of 22 in the field right from the start. In more than half an hour the only dangerous conclusion is of Ravasio on punishment all'8 'with a ball out of nothing. In truth at the 25 'Franciacorta would go ahead, but the position of Scalvini at the time of impact is judged irregular by the second assistant. Belotti is summoned to 36 'on an unpretentious shot by Spini and a minute later to come out of the posts, to anticipate Giacinti launched on the net. At the 39 'the race takes the decisive turn. Atalanta wins a free-kick on the left. Giacinti goes to kick that directs directly to the door. The shot is not irresistible, but Belotti has a fatal moment of indecision and is surprised, Atalanta is ahead.

In the second half Franciacortine try somehow to regiacre the race, but the only dangers always come from the set pieces of Ravasio and a sortie forward of Capitan Mazza all'8 'that ends with a lob, high by little. At 19 'but Atalanta is doubled with Picchi, who launched a network on the offside line into the area and exceeds the innocent Belotti. At the 25 'the extreme defender Franciacorta hypnotizes Giacinti, alone on the counterattack and foil in two stages. At the 38 'Franciacorta manages to frame the door for the first time, with Tavelli who from far away, calls Carminati to the spectacular dive to avoid the net. With no more energy in the legs of the guests, the finale is all atalantino. At 40 'Picchi serves Spini in front of Belotti kicks out, imitated a little later by Giacinti. At 42 'Piacezzi does the whole field, enters the area and exceeds the Erbuschese goalkeeper placing in the corner. A minute after Giacinti, always alone in front of Belotti, this time it is not wrong and makes poker for the landlords. Conspicuous the drop in concentration of Captain Mazza and companions, perhaps also due to having learned before playing the defeat of the Tradate, but not justifiable, as salvation is not yet reached and Franciacorta can not afford other mistakes, not to throw away in the wind, the good things done until today. Come on girls!


Networks: Giacinti at 39 'and 88', Picchi at 64 'and Piacezzi at 87'.

Atalanta: 1 CARMINATI, 2 ROSSI (from 54 'CAIO), 3 POETA (from 65' FRAGNI), 4 SPINI (cap.), 5 BRASI, 6 PIACEZZI, 7 GIACINTI, 8 SANTUS, 9 PEAKS, 10 BARCELLA (from 46 'BONATI), 11 PANDOLFI. All. Samantha Ceroni. Available: Salvi, Fenaroli, Pirovano and Agostinelli.

Franciacorta: 1 BELOTTI, 2 GHILARDI, 3 MAZZA (cap.), 4 MAFFEZZONI, 5 BUIZZA, 6 RAVASIO (from 65 'TAVELLI), 7 SALOMONI, 8 SANDRINI, 9 SCALVINI, 10 COLOMBI (from 68' GHISINI), 11 GASPARI (from the 68 'CAPPELLINI). All. Giovanni Brusa. Available: Massimo, Ciocchi, Alberici and Agnesi.

Referee: Claudio Gualtieri from Asti.

Notes: Present in the stands a hundred spectators, field in excellent condition. Best on the pitch: Colombi (F) and Giacinti (A).

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