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A2 2011-2012 SERIES

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A2Erbusco - The girls made it! Against the inexperience, the unknowns, the difficulties, the trips made (and redone!) That the A2 imposed, against the moments of bad luck and abatement, against the problems that a greater commitment than last year led, against the many injuries (Scheggia is the last on the list), the desired goal has been reached. It matters little if yesterday was not the best Franciacorta. The Romagnano had to win and he tried in every way, but once again a special thanks goes to San Massimo da Soncino, protectress of the inviolate network that has been able to keep in the match the companions. A certain nervousness reigned in the legs of Franciacortine, due to the importance of the post, but this time the Roverbella nightmare dissolves at the minute 74 ', when Nicoletta Mazza, the only true captain of many battles (do not want it Francesca Occhi di Ice, another great fighter, but with or without a band there is only one captain!) Explodes a tirocross that deviated from a defender pressed by Trottolina di Sarnico, carambola sadly on the net. Perhaps you will never know if the deviation was fundamental, or the ball would have entered the seven, however, the human mountain that at that moment is created on the captain is the symbol of the many efforts over the course of the season.

For the record, it was the host team of the field from the very beginning. Already at the first minute Massimo must go out in avalanche to save on the initiative of Soragni, who also tries at the 14 ', but centrally. The only uncertainty for the Black Spider of Soncino at 20 'when on its empty exit Zignone tries to make the head difference, but Alberici saves on the line. Soragni and Zignone attempt the network to the 21 'the first, where Massimo still blocks the powerful but central shot, and the 23' high punishment a little and the second 27 ', but still San Massimo stretches and keeps the door inviolate. The usual Zignone half an hour crosses the area, Buizza only touches and for Bevilacqua opens the highway towards Massimo, but Arachne's canvas still resists. On the rejected the n.10 grenade does not find the door from a few steps, albeit in a very secluded position. You can finally see the Erbuschesi at the 33 'with Alberici who kicks centrally and Notaristefano has no problems to block and the 37' with the assist for Sandrini who controls and on the fly shoots a left that hisses of a nothing beyond the intersection of poles.

Brusa knows that he has to do something, so here comes Mazza for Buizza and, in the second part, Colombi for Ciocchi and Salomoni for Alberici. Nevertheless it does not initially change the music in the second half, with the guests always forward. Zignone tries the offensive at 5 'but San Massimo comes out and untangles the skein. Again the n. 9 sesiana serves the assist Graziotto who enters the area and left-footed, but Aracne is not surprising. And when it is not the extreme Erbuschese defender to save, we think the forward opponents to waste, as Soragni does at the 16 ', kicking incredibly over the crossbar face to face with Massimo and soon after being rejected the conclusion a sure blow by Maffezzoni that is immolated for the cause. At this point in the race, however, the Piedmontese make the mistake to relax and leave room for counterattacks to the landlords. That's how at the 27 'Agnesi dribbles the direct opponent and from the bottom puts for Colombi that kicks to the side, a minute later is Occhi di Ghiaccio Scalvini who recovers the ball and kicks first intention, finding the rejected dive of Notaristefano. At the 29 'on an insistent action on the left the ball reaches Capitan Mazza. The cross is tense on the far post, Colombi does not get there, but his opposition sends Siltin tilting the ball, which dramatically enters the net. The liberating cry on the stands explodes, while all the players in the field throw themselves on the captain. The goal is immediately a trauma for the guests, who are likely to immediately suffer the doubling, when a minute later Colombi retrieves a ball that seemed prey to the defenders grenade and puts the center for Scalvini that diagonally does not find the door for nothing. The Piedmontese are still unlucky at the 33 'when Graziotto penetrates starting from midfield, reached the area shoots a fireball that is printed against the crossbar, the ball returns to the field on the feet of Tuberga, but Maffezzoni and Ghilardi make wall, finally the ball comes to Piana kicking up. At 37 'Ravasio you get a free kick from about 40 meters. The n. 10 erbuschese tries directly to the net, where Notaristefano has a moment of blackout and can not reach the sphere that ends at the back. And 'in fact the goal that closes the race, but in the final minutes there is glory for two other protagonists of this season. The first is Agnesi, little used during the championship, but always ready to make its contribution to the occasion, which produces a perfect assist for Sandrini. The green midfielder is not allowed to pray and shoots for the third time behind Notaristefano. In the recovery Colombi is likely to make poker, but that's enough. Finally the joy explodes at the final triple whistle. The Franciacorta remains in A2, a milestone on which few would have believed at the beginning, but made possible by the willpower of 22 extraordinary girls, their gruff Mister and a company led by the coriacea Lidia Gandossi. Another historic moment to remember in the years to come and now, let the party begin!


Networks: Mazza at 74 ', Ravasio at 82' and Sandrini at 89 '.

Franciacorta: 1 MASSIMO, 2 GHILARDI, 3 BUIZZA (from 46 'MAZZA), 4 MAFFEZZONI, 5 CIOCCHI (from 58' COLOMBI), 6 PELIZZARI, 7 AGNESI, 8 SANDRINI, 9 SCALVINI (cap.), 10 RAVASIO, 11 ALBERICI (from the 65 'SALOMONI). All. Giovanni Brusa. Available: Belotti, Tavelli, Cappellini and Rossi.

Romagnano: 1 NOTARISTEFANO, 2 BUCCELLA, 3 GIANNETTI (cap.), 4 PELLA, 5 DE NICOLO ', 6 SONGINS, 7 SORAGNI, 8 ZARETTI (from 66' PIANA), 9 ZIGNONE (from 75 'TUBERGA), 10 BEVILACQUA, 11 GRAZIOTTO. All. Fabio Morganti. Available: Zampieron and Frisardi.

Referee: Mr. Sozzi Simone from Seregno. Assistants: Galliano and Zembeni.

Ammonite: Maffezzoni (F), Pella (R) and Bevilacqua (R).

Notes: Cold day, characterized by a strong wind and a shower of rain in the initial minutes. About 150 people were present on the stands. Best in the field: Massimo (F) and Zignone (R).

Rating: 1 / 5

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fusconi nicolUnder the deluge, the Castelvecchio home team and the third-placed Godige take the field at the Comunale di Savignano. The two teams well aware of the stakes are aiming to win the three points that would allow the Venetian to get to second place to make the Play offs for the Serie A and Romagna to play the last game with relative calm against the SudTirol team second in the ranking and avenge the play aut.

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Atalanta - Women's Cuneo 3-2

In the penultimate league game of A2, the women's Cuneo loses measure for 3 to 2 against Atalanta. First disastrous time for the biancorosse cuneesi, which to tell the truth had started the meeting with the right hand, then in 6 'unfortunate have managed to waste everything under three networks.

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calia francesca_sanzaccariaThe result speaks for itself: great performance of the San Zaccaria that puts ko a valid opponent. However, I would like to underline that Mestre did not play at full capacity: various disqualifications penalized it. However, this does not detract from an amazing San Zaccaria that starts from 10 ° with a counter-attack launched by Di Marco and concluded by Salvotti with 1-0. Continue to 35 ° with Franchi serving in the area to Di Marco a great ball: 2-0. The 41-3 also arrives at 0 ° with Salvotti leading on a corner kick from Albonetti. Immediately after the expiration of the first half Albonetti wastes a chance parade by Ghion. Thus ends a first half full of goals that sees the dominance of San Zaccaria in the field.

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atalanta2012The Atalanta Feminist of the trainer Samantha Ceroni still wins, despite the absences and injuries, within the friendly walls she manages to impose herself on Cuneo, thanks above all to a brilliant first half. If those who start well are halfway through the opera, in fact, the Nerazzurri were already on the 3-0 after only 18 'of play. Opens the Barcella markings, which at 10 'exploiting a beautiful choral action exceeds two opponents and from the edge pecks the intersection of the poles. At the 17 'a great launch of Fragni favors Spini: the median atalantino head beats Asteggiano and brings the result on the 2-0.

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sudtirol pedemonteThe CF SÜDTIROL loses its fourth game in this league and so the dreams of direct promotion in Serie A vanish. Not only that, the concomitant victory of Gordige against Castelvecchio puts at risk the second place, since the girls of the Gordige are now one-sided back from CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN. Now is the game next Sunday that will be crucial for the girls of Alberti: only a victory against the Castelvecchio (who fights for safety) will give the confidence to play in the playoffs for the second place in Serie A.
The CF SÜDTIROL DAMEN starts with 5 missing players due to injury: the entire midfield is missing: Tonelli, Dallagiacoma, Torresani and Pfoestl, as well as Luciana Bon who supports the midfield. It is not easy for Alberti to invent the formation, since even Messner is missing and Visentini is absent unjustified!

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Serious grifoperugiaThe girls of Scapicchi beat Siena (3-1) and can celebrate with greater satisfaction the promotion in the top flight.
A long cord of white and red balloons, the public of great occasions and many banners, one of which is really exciting: "Chiara and Maurizio, the A series our gift for eternity". So Grifo decided to celebrate the promotion, on the day of the last home game and the match against Siena, the rival of a whole season. A very special atmosphere was breathed at the municipal San Sisto, with the music and choirs that for years are the background of the most exciting moments of Perugia ball.

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Romagnano, eight scoring chances and zero goals: percentage of achievement 0%. Franciacorta, four scoring chances and three goals: percentage of achievement 75%. The numbers in the game of football are merciless and best photograph the defeat for 3-0 of Romagnano in Erbusco at the home of Franciacorta.

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menegoni martina_5376Last transfer of the regular season for the CFS of coach Antonio Alberti, busy Sunday in Verona in what is the penultimate day of the A2 women's championship 2011-12. On the weekend dedicated to the ascent in Alto Adige of the alpine, the red and white will visit the Valico Pedemonte, a team in turn eager to conquer the full loot as enmeshed in the struggle for permanence in the second national division. A success could guarantee to the locals the mathematical certainty of a salvation without a playout, but the three points are clearly also the goal of the CFS, always busy in the difficult chase to the leader Graphistudio Pordenone.

Rating: 5 / 5

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grifo perugia_logopOn Sunday at San Sisto (15 hours) the historic promotion will be celebrated. In the meantime, the Company is aiming for affiliations and is ready to organize the Scudetto finals in collaboration with the CRU.
La Grifo continues to party. Sunday at the municipal stadium of San Sisto (15 hours), on the occasion of the home game against Siena, the biancorossa society has organized a real event to celebrate the historic promotion in front of their fans. Posters, balloons, banners and some slogans have already been prepared, with the sporting result that will clearly go into the background.

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