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A2 2011-2012 SERIES


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sudtirol2012 5597Now it's official. The CFS of Mr. Toni "the fox" Alberti will take part in the promotion playoffs with route to the Serie A: the final verdict this afternoon at the Righi in Bolzano, with the red and white capable of overcoming the Castelvecchio for 4-1 in the last regular round season. A more strenuous success than the final result is that of the South Tyrolean women, who had to sweat the proverbial seven shirts to be the reason of an opponent still in the running to avoid the playouts on the eve of the match and remained fully in the game for over an hour game.

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Fiammamonza - Atalanta 2-1

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hyacinths valentina9Switch the Fiammamonza between the walls of friends and now prepares to play the jump in the category play-offs. For Atalanta, however, a defeat that does not compromise the fifth place in the standings, the result of a year completely satisfactory in the A2 championship. The chronicle. The orobic training makes the match for almost ninety minutes, but the experience and the coldness of the premises leads her to skillfully exploit the only two opportunities created to achieve as many goals. At 3 'Giacinti flies alone towards the door, but Ripamonti performs the miracle. At the 25 'Atalanta claims a penalty for landing in the area of ​​Peaks, but the race director lets go.

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Cuneo - Franciacorta

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Franciacorta 4-1 alt

In front of their fans, the women's soccer wedge closes the beauty of the 2011 / 2012 championship, surpassing Franciacorta for 4 at 1. The kick-off was preceded by a minute of recollection to remember the deceased girl and the injured, of the vile attack on Saturday morning following the explosion of a bomb at the entrance to a school in Brindisi.

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Undefeated glyph and not only

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mortolini martina_bomberThe girls of Scapicchi also win the last league game (3-1 against Scalese), close with the best attack, 101 networks and the best defense. Mortolini scored with the title of top scorer.
The Grifo is dismissed unbeaten by the A2 series championship. The girls of Scapicchi in the Scalese home centered the twenty-fourth victory of the season, which is worth 74 points in the standings to sixteen lengths away from Siena. Another rather significant figure is that of the goals scored, well 101, with the Mortolini that at the 38 quota wins the special classification of the bomber of the group. The defense was also confirmed as the least drilled with only 18 nets conceded.

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Franciacorta still in the party, the Cuneo takes over the race

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Chiaretta SandriniCuneo - Franciacorta returns from the last trip of the season with a clear defeat by the biancorosse of Cuneo S. Rocco. The mind already on vacation, given the seasonal goal already conquered, as well as the many absences that have reshaped the rose of Mister Brusa, did not allow the Erbusche to express the good game and due concentration that in many stages of this season have distinguished Captain Mazza and companions. Definitely more motivated the landlords who intended to honor the last commitment before their supporters. Nevertheless, today's race does not stain a championship where Franciacorta have been able to demonstrate their abilities, even against well-experienced opponents.

The Cuneo took the lead after just one minute with Jessica Allena taking the ball and from the edge of the shoot in the far corner, where Belotti can not get. At the 13 'the very strong Piedmontese wing still goes solo on the lane and puts in the middle for De Paoli who anticipates all and slips into the network of the city. A couple of minutes later, the guests face the opposing area with Scalvini who fails to correct the lead, the corner kick by Ghisini. At the 26 'Luciano retrieves the ball in midfield, continues his run to the opposing area where he wins another rebound and then crosses with precision on the far post, leading to three red and white markings. In the final minutes of the first half Scalvini is won a penalty. From the disk Agnesi tries the transformation, but its central blow is not surprising Asteggiano who saves deflecting in the corner.

At the 6 'of the second half the Franciacorta timidly reopens the race: Cappellini goes to the Cross, Scalvini turns on the fly catching the full the pole. Ghisini arrives on the ball, checking and making the flag net. The landlords do not accuse the blow, even a few moments later Luciano head catches the crossbar on assist of the usual Allena. At the 23 'Cuneo closes the race with Cobelli collecting the cross of Luciano and diagonally puts Belotti on the far post. Space in the final minutes for Martina Baroni, seasonal debut, which hits the crossbar with a fireball. The Franciacorta then closes its first A2 championship at the 9 ° place, winning direct salvation without playing the playouts. Result already reached seven days ago, on which Patron Gandossi will be able to think about the construction of the team, which in the next season will be called first to repeat and why not to improve.


Networks: Allena (C) at 1 ', De Paoli (C) at 13', Luciano (C) at 26 ', Ghisini (F) at 51' and Cobelli (C) at 68 '.



Referee: Marco Trinchieri of Milan

Presentation CFS vs Castelvecchio

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sudtirol equalpaydayA victory for the playoffs. Last seasonal appointment in front of the public Righi for the CFS Toni "the fox" Alberti, which on the synthetic plant of Bolzano challenge the Castelvecchio Sunday afternoon in the 26 round of series A2. A crucial race for the red and white, which only with a statement will be certain of the second place in the standings and therefore to be able to play the promotion in Serie A in the playoffs.

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And now comes the beauty ...! The Gordige touches the playoffs with his finger!

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gordige2011-2012pLast year the Gordige, taking advantage of the crisis of the leaders Inter, with a final pyrotechnic championship first hooked the Nerazzurri and then did not leave their escape right in the direct clash that rocambolescamente destiny had placed at the last round of championship. !
This year the group B of the A2 female series is not less exciting than last year: only the last day will come out the verdicts regarding the team that will go to the playoffs and those that will sink into the group of playouts. But let's go in order. Chapter promotion.

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La Mortolini chasing the title of top scorer

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mortolini martina_bomberThe red and white striker with 37 nets is currently the record holder in the special ranking of bomber. Sunday against Scalese will have the opportunity to take another satisfaction.
With 37 goals scored in 25 championship races Martina Mortolini is currently the record holder in the group C series of the A2 series and potentially the queen of the season. A really impressive score for a player just over twenty years old (23 years 12 will compete next June), which this year has not only highlighted a great punctuality in the goal area but has also put on show the important technical and athletic qualities. And to say that his adventure with the sport had begun with volleyball, but the parents seeing her come back home always muddy, soon realized that her daughter did not frequent the gym and was more inclined to shoot than to the bagher.

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And the Graphistudio Pordenone flies to A. We tell you so ...

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degrassi07BRESSANONE. Degrassi, virtual and symbolic example of the past and present of women's football, the soul of a team that never despairs, but with a lot of humility always always gives everything. These are the characteristics of the victory of Graphistudio on Brixen arrived thanks to the network of Trieste that XNXX 'brings all in series A.
Tosolini's team returns from Bressanone with a certain promotion thanks to the combination of advantageous results from yesterday, the Graphistudio and Valpo Pedemonte victory over the second SudTirol, leaving the winner to the math. But the game of the promotion party at the Bottecchia Stadium, for the record, there will be this Sunday 20 May at 15. Let's go back to the game, 90 'of which 83' of suffering, it is just to get the victory network: an exceptional stuff!

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Imola female - Olimpia Vignola 4-1

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chiarini elena_felice_imoleseIMOLA (Campo Bacchilega) - The Imolese closes the season in beauty in front of its own audience by beating Olimpia Vignola with the score of 4-1. And Sunday will play the last game in Siena. The road is immediately downhill for the Imola thanks to the network of Simona Cimatti. Two minutes later the Vignola draw with Bassi was born from a lack of attention from the local defense. Imola is immediately brought forward with Giulia Baldini whose diagonal surprises Fattore. At the 18 'still Baldini, cued by Cimatti, pulls out without luck.

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