Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Romagnano - Real Meda

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So it is not true that companies are not possible. A generous, immense and never compliant Romagnano forces the Real Meda to balance, at the end of a crazy 4-4, full of emotions and that returns a team, the Sesian one, not yet passed to the chronicles. After an endless series of consecutive defeats, the girls of Fabio Morganti stop one of the opponents you do not expect, the third force of the championship, and break in only two points from the penultimate Caprera and four from Atletico Oristano that next Sunday will host just the Romagnano . It is certainly not the time to sing victory or delude oneself, but at least the performance and result of today cannot but bring serenity back to an environment where perhaps that magic word was needed: tranquility. Without fear, the Romagnano entered the field determined to make an impossible task and touched it, because the three points would have been anything but undeserved. Unable to draw tables at a poor month from the conclusion, there are many regrets, but woe to consider Marabelli and members already retired in advance, now more than ever loyal, respectful and worthy fighters of this category. Morganti makes precise choices: the team is practically complete, with the exception of Piana, but this time the role of first tip goes to Zignone. The 4-2-3-1 is composed of Marabelli on goal, Buccella, De Nicolò, Giannetti and Soncin on defense, Pella and Zaretti in midfield, Soragni, Bevilacqua and Graziotto behind Zignone. The Romagnano starts with good intensity and will. At the 5 'Graziotto does not arrive in time on a cross from Soragni, at the 12' Soragni kicks out, at the 18 'Bevilacqua tries from the edge of the area, but the ball ends a little high. The Real Meda is a seasoned and experienced team, but to awaken it needs to receive the slap: so at the 25 'the clubs pass with Graziotto who exceeds even the goalkeeper, before depositing on the goal a splendid filtering pass by Pella. 2 'pass and the Lombard draws: De Luca wins a rebound in the area after turning and cold Marabelli with dexterity. At the 34 'Pozzi also tries to score, but Marabelli is not surprised. The 1-1 seems the most obvious result, when at the second minute of recovery Soragni invents the Sunday game: he steals the ball from Chiggio and with a delicious lob beats Stefanello. In the second half the Romagnano controls the situation without particular worries and at the 61 'he even catches the 3-1: Graziotto finalizes a splendid triangle with Zignone and realizes the personal double. The Real Meda, full of pride, is not there and decides it's time to wake up. It is no coincidence that in not even 20 minutes the guests score goals three times. At the 67 'Moselli sucked a cross from Bosisio with precision, at the 75' De Luca wedged into the area and started a conclusion that, deviated slightly by a grenade defender, marvelously displaces Marabelli. At 85 'the prank is completed with the stone from outside the area of ​​Busi. It looks like yet another seasonal injustice, when at the 88 'Soragni and Bevilacqua wear the role of the sheriff who regulates the outlaws: the former Castellettese bets the area and is laid out by the newly entered Rome. The referee Berger di Pinerolo (who in the meantime had sent the guest Chiggio to the 80 in the shower for a few words too much for him, for him to head from 6,5) decrees the rigor that the Serravallese transforms for the final 4-4 . This is the laconic comment of Mr. Morganti at the end of the race: "Today I saw a great Romagnano on the pitch, eager to redeem the rudeness of the first leg, when they disrespected us. We will retreat, but we are making ourselves respected and we will also do it on Wednesday in Zanica and Sunday in Oristano. After the criticisms, it is right to praise the girls for their attitude. The result is close, but it is significant ".

Romagnano: Marabelli, Buccella, Giannetti, Pella, De Nicolò, Soncin (85 'Orgiu), Soragni, Zaretti, Zignone (75' Tuberga), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. Available: Iato, Zampieron, Medina, Piana. All .: Morganti.

Real Meda: Stefanello, Maspes (83 'Rome), Chiggio, Confalonieri, Seveso, Gramolelli (53' Ragone), Bosisio, Busi, Moselli (88 'De Vivo), Pozzi, De Luca. Available: April, Scrugli, Mirandola, Maddaloni. All .: Zaninello.

Referee: Berger di Pinerolo.

Networks: 25 'Graziotto, 27' De Luca, 47 'pt Soragni, 61' Graziotto, 67 'Moselli, 75' De Luca, 85 'Busi, 88' Bevilacqua (rig.).

Notes: warn Zaretti, Buccella and De Nicolò. Expelled at 80 'Chiggio for non-regulatory behavior.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Daniela Graziotto

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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