Monday, May 11 2015
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Cuneo - Fiammamonza

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Fiammamonza 0-3

After five consecutive useful results, the women's Cuneo falls against Fiammamonza for three goals at zero. Nice match, well played by both teams, which gave emotions to the end, because nobody was spared in the field. The Cuneo, today without the bomber De Paoli, struggling with health problems, in the first fraction of the game, managed to finish a little on goal, even for the great performance provided by the Lombard team; a few minutes from the end of the first half, the Fiammamonza takes the lead by making the most of the numerical superiority for the temporary exit from the field of Buzzoni victim of a ball to the face. The doubling of the Lombard formation comes in the recovery minutes and the goal seems the prelude of a goleada. In the second half, however, the Cuneo takes the field with greater conviction and leads the games for long stretches, touching the goal on at least two occasions with Luciano, who first sees the ball intercepted by the goalkeeper, and then beaten goalkeeper, the ball goes beyond cross of a nothing. It should also be noted that the referee has not sanctioned a more than doubtful intervention on Luciano. in the full area of ​​rigor. Throughout the recovery the game remains open, as a goal of Cuneo would reignite the hopes of the landlord, then Brazzarola, signs the tris and states that it's okay. Great performance by Nencioni, a true metronome of this team that placed among the opposing lines, turned the offensive department like a clock, and in the end it was certainly the best on the pitch. The Fiammamonza with its articulate and bubbling game is hunting the beginning of the championship the Mozzecane that in the standings precedes it of three lengths, and this challenge will guarantee a final season to the fulmicotone. At the 9 'Gaburro is presented by the parties of Asteggiano, which in the output manages to anticipate the strong guest tip; at 22 'Nencioni it is still vertical for Gaburro but the conclusion is high. Shortly after, the Cuneo spreads out, and Luciano draws Allena, but his diagonal is saved by Vignati; half an hour Nencioni skips the marking and kicks to the net, but Asteggiano relaxes and para. At the 39 'Gaburro takes out the defender and from the left he slips Asteggiano on the first pole thus creating the 0-1. At the 46 'in full recovery, a rebound in midfield favors the restart of Mammoliti which again surpasses Asteggiano, and makes the doubling .. In the second half, Buzzoni does not return to the field and takes his place in Curioso; on Missaglia's corner, Postiglione is left alone and an easy goal is missing. Cuneesi respond with Curioso on Luciano corner, a great conclusion to the flight of the fantasist, but Vignati instinct is saved by foot. At the 10 'Curious fishing well Luciano coordiana and try the way of the goal but the ball exceeds a crossbar. Fiammamonza responds to the inactive ball, Nencioni spins head for Postiglione but the conclusion is high. The Cuneo continues to push to reopen the games and try again with Cerato serving Allena, but this time the guest number with a good intervention is saved. At 37 '3 arrives at 0 with a lob from Brazzarola that skips Asteggiano out and destroys the remaining hopes Cuneo.

The comment by Mr. Bertoloni: "I think this team is the one that practices the best football of this group, and therefore today's defeat is right. In any case, as often happens, we take naive goals, like the first, when with Buzzoni out due to injury, we had to pay more attention, and better cover the spaces. In the second half we went better and with a bit more luck we could also go in goal, in any case the Fiammamonza played a great game and won ".

Next Sunday the championship will observe a rest and the recovery, scheduled for the 15 April, the Cuneo will play away against Alessandria in another challenge that knows of Piedmontese derby.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Cobelli, Buzzoni (1 'st Curioso), Allena, Zucconelli, Cerato, Luciano (36' St Pittavino), Sechi. Available: Gardini. All. Bertoloni / Chiarenza

Fiammamonza: Vignati, Techetchova, Galbiati, Zampetti, Jensen, Postiglione, Brambilla (1 'St. Missaglia) Bruno, Gaburro, Nencioni (38' St. Cereda L.), Mannoliti (24 'St. Brazzarola). Available: Cazzaniga, Straniero, Cereda C., Capovina. All. Cincotta

Referee: Zunino (Savona)

Markers: 15 '- 80' Nencioni, 27 'Missaglia, 83' Cereda

Ammonites: 20 'pt. Zucconelli (C), 16 'st. Techetchova (F), 25 'st. Jensen (F), 39 'st. Sechi (C)

Diego Naso

In the picture, Mr. Sonia Bertoloni

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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