Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Real Meda - Cuneo

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Real Meda - Cuneo S.Rocco 1-1

Against the fourth force of the A2 series national championship, the female Cuneo conquers 1 important point. On the difficult field of the Real Meda the red and white players get the fifth consecutive useful result, at the end of a stubborn trial, which has seen them dominate the entire recovery. Then at the end in full recovery, a wrong disengagement, allowed the Meda to take advantage of a penalty kick which in the end was decisive for the result. The first ten minutes, were used by both teams, to study each other, then, the Lombard took over and De Luca, on the exit of Asteggiano, got a penalty kick more than doubt. Pozzi appears on the disk, but the conclusion is too angled and the ball is lost at the bottom. 1 'just passes and a rebound favors De Luca who kicks with a sure shot, but Asteggiano, decisive today, pushes back and Morselli hits the crossbar on the rebound. There is not even the time to write down on the notebook the wasted opportunity, that Pozzi, face to face with Asteggiano, sees himself diverting the conclusion without fail from the guest goalkeeper. At this point the Cuneo raises the center of gravity and in doing so manages to easily control the opponents without running further risks until the end of time. In the second half, the Cuneo seems more determined, and gradually takes over the reins of the game; at the 14 'the first real chance happens on the feet of Buzzoni that on Luciano's corner, the ball is on the right, but from two steps he ends above the crossbar. Shortly afterwards, Zucconelli gives the "la" to a restart that leads Luciano face to face with Stefanello, but the conclusion is central and the occasion fades; The Meda relies on a shot from outside without pretensions to Fusi; at the 20 'Allena fails to exploit an opponent's defensive error, and the conclusion from good position is deflected by the goalkeeper. At the 29 'Cobelli draws De Paoli, on the three-quarter opponent and the Cuneo bomber does not escape from Stefanello and realizes the advantage. The game seems to no longer want to give emotions, but at 45 'a conclusion by Pozzi directed under the intersection, is saved by Asteggiano today really on the ball. At the 47 'in the penultimate minute of recovery, a Moselli incursion is stopped foul in the penalty area and this time Fusi appears on the diskette, who achieves the draw. At the end the result of parity satisfies everyone and after another two minutes of recovery, the race director sends everyone in the shower. Next Sunday on the synthetic of Verzuolo, the female Cuneo will host the Fiammamonza, another big of the championship, that currently in the classification follows the leaders Fortitudo Mozzecane with three lengths.

Real Meda: Stefanello, Maspes (38 'st.De Vivio), Chiggio, Confalonieri, Seveso, Fusi, Somaschini (33' st.Dragone), Bosisio, Moselli, Pozzi, De Luca (32'st. Draghicchio). Available: April, Scolaro, Gramolelli, Zanotti. Allin Zaninello

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Cobelli, Buzzoni, Allena, Zucconelli, (26 'st. Curioso), Cerato (3' st. Luciano), De Paoli, Sechi. Available: Gardini, Pittavino. Bertoloni All

Referee: Mr Cataldo (Bergamo)

Markers: 29 'st. De Paoli (C), 47 'st.Fusi (Rigore RM)

Booked: 28 'st Curioso (C).

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Noemi Asteggiano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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