Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Cuneo S. Rocco- Caprera 4-1

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On the synthetic of Verzuolo, the female Cuneo exceeds the Caprera for 4 to 1 and bisses the success of last Sunday against the Romagnano Sesia.
Good first half for the red and white who for a long time managed to play the games and at the end they were rewarded with the double advantage, signed Armitano - Cerato. In the second half the islands are back in the field more determined, and after shortening the disadvantage, they managed to crush the Cuneo in their own half with the intent to reach a draw. All '80' but Luciano cuts their legs making the third goal, and minutes from the triple whistle Allena signs the final 4 to 1.

We asked for a comment to Elisa Cerato, a splendid protagonist, arrived in the Granda Province with the November market: "I'm happy, today we played a good game and the result finally proved us right. maximum because the championship is still long, I arrived in Cuneo three months ago, and at the beginning I did not know the team and my companions, so I had some difficulties with adaptation, but I did. to integrate myself and today I can say that we know each other better.My regret is that in the first few games I did not manage to give my best, but this is now a by-passed, but from now on I hope to do well for myself and for the I want to thank the people who have believed in me since the first day, and I promise that I will do my best to be able to repay them with a goal. "

The news: just pass 4 'from the whistle of the start of the race director, who from the flag, Curioso with a malicious left, hits the goal post defended by Spissu; after a few minutes the same midfielder Cuneo, makes a cross that head, from a good position, can not turn in the door. At the 20 'bad knee distortion for Head that must leave the playing field prematurely and only in the week, after the diagnostic tests, it will be possible to establish the extent of the damage. At half an hour a verticalization of the islands, cuts off the defense Cuneo, and Campesi face to face with Asteggiano does not frame the door. At the 35 'Cuneo took the lead on the developments of a corner kick of the usual Curioso, which Cobelli's head can only deflect and on the rebound of defense Armitano from the limit does not forgive and makes the first goal. The Caprera is not there, and the expert Marsico, gets rid of the marking and kicks in goal, but Asteggiano with a super intervention saves the result. Shortly before time runs out, Cerato on Luciano's cross, slips between the two defenders and the innocent Spissu.

In the second half Campesi with a powerful conclusion from the edge hits the intersection of the poles and shortly after Asteggiano must again put a patch on the very strong Marsico. At quarter of an hour, Zucconelli just out of the area crashes with Marsico and both remain on the ground, but the furthest is Cadeddu who coldly shortens the distance. The Caprera believes and closes the Cuneo, without creating real dangers, then to the XNXX 'on a restart Allena hits the intersection and on the reiterated Cerato sees Luciano that this time does not forgive and realizes the 80 3. A few minutes from the end, Cerato serves on the Allena race and the outside of Cuneo with a specific conclusion bags poker.

In the league there were surprises, the Orobica exceeds with a net 3 XnumX Atalanta, while Fiammamonza and Franciacorta overcome with a double respectively the Oristano and Juventus. The leaders Mozzecane, wins in Romagnano for 0 in 4, Real Meda over Alexandria while Tradate stops Inter on the tie.

Next Sunday the womenswear Cuneo will play away against the Tradate Abbiate who, after the prestigious result of today will certainly be fierce.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Zucconelli, Curious, Allena, Testa (20 'pt Buzzoni), Cerato, Luciano (43' st.Pittavino), Cobelli. Available: De Paoli, Figone, Gardini, Sechi. All. Bertoloni / Chiarenza

Caprera: Spissu, Casu (40'st.Diez), Zonza, Medici, Catgiu, Guidet (20 'st.Raspanti), Cadeddu, Carta, Marsico, Hofer, Campesi. Available: Puddinu. All. Missing

Referee: sig. Haghighat (Imperia)

Assistants. Anfaiha, Bongiovanni

Markers: 35 'Armitano (C), 44' Cerato (C), 59 'Cadeddu (Cap), 80' Luciano (C), 88 'Allena (C)

Diego Naso

In the photo the exultation of Elisa Cerato after the goal

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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