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Romagnano - Cuneo San Rocco 3-4

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As in the first leg, the women's Cuneo exceeds the newly promoted Romagnano and wins the entire prize. The biancorossa training this week was not completely due to the absence of Gardini, Figone, Naso and Picco, hit in the week by 'flu.The meeting was intense, full of goals with the result poised almost until the 89' when Alessia De Paoli author of a shotgun, has not secured the result.

After the last disappointing performance, the Cuneo finally managed to find the bandolo skein, playing at times excellent plot.

The Romagnano, for its part, started with a conservative 5-4-1 in order to maintain the parity even if it penalized the offensive play. Definitely positive the performance of the number one Notatistefano that on more than one occasion has saved its door with interventions as a true champion.

In the first quarter of an hour, both formations have been studied, without creating real dangers, and only at the 20 'Luciano with a slalom drunk Sesian defense, and right-footed ends the net but the goalkeeper can repel and on the rebel De Paoli is the quickest and with a tapin bags the temporary advantage.

Shortly after the Cuneo lost a ball in midfield and Zampieron is on the feet the possible draw but the conclusion ends above the crossbar; at half an hour a Curioso free-kick on the far post, is turned by head from Cobelli, but Notaristefano is overcome and can put in corner. At the 35 'the Romagnano equalized with Zampieron, able to reiterate on the net the rejected short of Asteggiano on the previous conclusion of the same player.

The cuneesi push to find the advantage but Curioso on the inactive ball is seen repelling in the corner a free kick by a super Notaristefano; just before time runs out, a corner of Curioso hits the wood and Cobelli, like a flat hawk, realizes the advantage.

In the second half, ready to go, Allena - Luciano, serve on a silver plate the ball to De Paoli that with a low shot on the second post fails the goal.

The Romagnano replies with a conclusion by Soragni that hits the outside of the network; but at the 11 'on the corner of Bevilacqua, after a beat and replies Zignone bags the temporary draw.

The Cuneo responds with Luciano who imbeces Cerato on the left but the conclusion is central and Notaristefano manages to get away with it. At 20 'a good free kick by Zucconelli finds the valid opposition of the Sesian goalkeeper; at the 24 'Barbara Luciano with a great action sows the panic among the opponents and manages to serve De Paoli who hooked from behind in the penalty area ends on the ground and the race director can not do anything else but decree the maximum punishment.

On the disk is presented Armitano that with a precise low shot to no way out to the goalkeeper of Romagnano.

Shortly before the end of the line, a great action is wedged in the area and serves for De Paoli, the 4 ball in 2.

At 90 'the defense of Cuneo is surprising and Soragni signs the definitive 4 to 3.

The comment of the coach: the team finds the victory deservedly. I saw a good team, which has ground a great game and has made a great effort.

We hope to continue on this path, Sunday after Sunday; next week we will have a game that should not be underestimated and I hope that after this performance, the girls will do their best to make important points.

I'm happy for Alessia De Paoli, who rediscovered the goal, and who along with her teammates, continue to express the good game seen today ".

In the league, the first in the class win, the Mozzecane with Franciacorta, for 4 to 1, the Fiammamonza outperforms the Orobica for 1 to 0, while Inter away wins a double win in Caprera.

Juventus over 2 1 to the Oristano, and Alexandria with the Tradate for 1 to 0, while Atalanta and Meda conclude in a draw.

Next Sunday in Cuneo will arrive the Caprera that in the first round was defeated by the red and white for 3 to 1.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Pella (24 'st. Zaretti), De Nicolò, Soncin (26' st Tuberga), Soragni, Zignone, Zampieron, Bevilacqua (35 'st Medina), Graziotto. Available: Frisardi, Iato

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Cobelli, Zucconelli, Curious, Allena, Testa, De Paoli, Luciano, Cerato (35 'st.Buzzoni). Available: Pittavino. All. Chiarenza / Bertoloni

Referee: sig. Ibrahim (Turin)

Assistants Bazzano, Faulisi

Markers: 20 '89' De Paoli (C), 35 'Zampieri (R), 38' Cobelli (C), 56 'Zignone (R), 70' Armitano (rig.) (C), 90 'Soragni (R)

Ammonites: Graziotto (R)

Diego Naso

In the photograph of Alessandra Witzel, Alessia De Paoli in a game phase of the match

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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