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Romagnano - Cuneo

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If in a championship the arbitrary nefariousness were calculated in points, the Romagnano would certainly be in the top positions of the classification.

Against the Cuneo San Rocco the score arride to opponents who impose themselves for 4-3, even if they weigh a lot of two episodes challenged by the hosts, the rigor of 3-2 and the net foul sprung at the 4-2, see case a minute before Soragni's signature. One point would not have changed the grenade tournament but they could have thought more calmly about the impossible match on Sunday with Mozzecane. Instead we are here talking about a heavy defeat that drives another competitor to the fight for salvation.

The only positive data comes from the attack that finally returned to the verve of the best days, with Zampieron and Soragni finally a sign. Many are wondering how many more points this team would have if Piana and Soragni did not have the respective physical flaws, but because the A2 does not wait you can only lick the wounds, knowing that the staff of Morganti will not give up until 'last.

After three consecutive defeats and zero goals scored, everyone is waiting for a 4-2-fantasy brighter than usual, but Morganti (still disqualified and replaced on the bench by Giambattista Buccella) surprises everyone and points to an unprecedented 3-4-3 that in defense becomes an 5-4-1. In front of Notaristefano, De Nicolò is the central defender flanked by Buccella and Giannetti, Graziotto and Soncin are the outsiders, Pella and Zignone the two meeters, while Bevilacqua and Soragni act in support of Zampieron.

The importance of the race is felt and in the first minutes the balance reigns. At 12 'Zampieron kicks to the side, host response to 18' with Cerato, whose header is noticeably rejected by Notaristefano. At the 25 'Cuneo passes: Luciano shoots, Notaristefano para in style, Graziotto pulls the ball away but De Paoli is a killer and on the rebound anticipates everyone for the 0-1. The Romagnano, unlike other occasions, raises his head and the 37 'is the same with Zampieron, lest to reiterate a beautiful parade of Asteggiano in his first attempt. Shortly before the interval the unfortunate cold shower: at the 42 'corner of Cerato, the ball goes direct on the crossbar and goes down to the second pole where Cobelli bags with a nice shot that goes to die in the opposite corner.

In the second half, the Sesians do not lose heart and reach a draw again at 53 ': Zignone exchanges with Soragni and, once entered the area, starts a conclusion that is unsuitable for Asteggiano. Opposite reversals are multiplied, Asteggiano neutralizes to the 58 'a shot of Soragni, on the other side Notaristefano is attentive to 63' on the attempt of the usual immarctable Luciano. At the 67 'the race changes physiognomy: De Paoli in the penalty area is tackled by Giannetti and falls too blatantly; at first Mr. Ibrahim Kamal seems to warn the Cuneo for simulation, then changes his mind and decrees the rigor that Armitano transforms. Not satisfied with this episode, the race director is repeated even more clamorous at 90 'when De Nicolò, trying to protect the ball for the release of Notaristefano, is sent to the lands by Allena: all (wrongly) regular , the ball comes to De Paoli who does not have to pray for the 4-2. Shortly before the Romagnano had touched the new draw with Tuberga who had lost the time to kick from a good left-wing position at 77 '. The joke is completed at 91 'because, after the expulsion of Buccella off the bench for protests, the Romagnano immediately scores with Soragni who jumps the direct opponent and beats Asteggiano on the far post. But it's too late now.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella E., Giannetti, Pella (66 'Zaretti), De Nicolò, Soncin (69' Tuberga), Soragni, Zignone, Zampieron, Bevilacqua (75 'Medina), Graziotto. Available: Frisardi, Iato. All .: Buccella G. (Morganti disqualified).

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Cobelli, Zucconelli, Curious, Allena, Testa, De Paoli, Luciano, Cerato (75 'Buzzoni). Available: Pittavino. All .: Bertoloni.

Referee: Ibrahim of Turin.

Networks: 25 'and 90' De Paoli, 37 'Zampieron, 42' Cobelli, 53 'Zignone, 67' Armitano (rig.), 91 'Soragni.

Notes: Curioso and Graziotto ammonite. Expelled at 90 'Buccella G. for protests.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Deborah Soragni and Erica Buccella

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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