Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Inter - Romagnano

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Inter - Romagnano 5-0

The last day of the first leg coincides with the tenth seasonal defeat of the Romagnano that on the field of Inter surrenders for 5-0 without too many recriminations. Unfortunately, Sunday at home the grenade had already started badly and ended with a heavy result that however does not complicate the situation more given the defeats of all direct opponents to not recede. Antea Piana will not be there for a couple of months (school commitments), Zaretti is absent for work reasons, like captain Valentina Lomazzi, Marina Marabelli is always in the pits for the injury of the little finger of the right hand and against Inter it happened that not even the other Sesian goalkeeper, Martina Notaristefano, could play. The heavy snowfall that struck the Piedmont in fact forced the girls to jump somersaults to present themselves to the game, but for Notaristefano there was nothing to do as literally blocked at home by the snowpack fallen in the area of ​​Valle Mosso. So among the goal posts of the Romagnano it was necessary to go the defender Sandy De Nicolò who did his best, but the thing is inevitably weighed in the economy of the match.

Morganti, always disqualified, is therefore in the most absolute emergency and entrusts Buccella and Giannetti with the task of canceling the opposing firearm, the art daughter Baresi. Graziotto retreats on the line of the full-backs with Soncin, Pella and Bevilacqua act as a filter in midfield, while Medina, Zignone and Soragni play behind Zampieron.

Impossible to think of making the bang, however, the departure of the guests is good, thanks also to the liveliness of a rediviva Soragni; a cross at the 5 'enhances the ability to advance Tosini arriving on the ball a moment before Zampieron. At the 25 'the race is unleashed in a daring: low cross in the area of ​​Moroni, it creates a scrum and Dress makes a dirty shot that rears, De Nicolò smanaccia, but, according to the triad, over the white line. Nerazzurri advantage and downhill race for the girls of Malgeri who in fact quickly close the practice: at 30 'Dress doubles with a personal action, at 37' Ubbiali is to kick a shot of rare power and precision under the crossbar for the 3 -0.

In the second half Inter lost the poker with Velati after a ball lost in midfield by Romagnano, then Giannetti and companions react, touching the goal in a couple of circumstances with Tuberga and Zignone. At 80 the definitive 5-0 by Velati with a nice shot from the edge.

Inter: Rottoli (44 'Selmi), Morelli, Dargenio (70' Piccolo), Calvo, Tosini, Tolda (65 'Panzini), Dress, Ubbiali, Baresi, Velati, Moroni. Available: Lazzari, Inconis, Bianchessi. All .: Malgeri.

Romagnano: De Nicolò, Buccella E., Giannetti, Pella, Medina (50 'Tuberga), Soncin (70' Iato), Soragni, Zignone, Zampieron, Bevilacqua (75 'Frisardi), Graziotto. All .: Buccella G. (Morganti disqualified).

Referee: Turin Spolaore.

Networks: 25 'and 30' Dress, 37 'Ubbiali, 47' and 80 'Veiled.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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