Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Oristano - Cuneo

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Oristano - Cuneo S. Rocco 4-3 - Bitter transfer for the women's ward that in Sardinia remedies a defeat against the Oristano for 4 to 3. Against a formation certainly within reach, the red and white were overwhelmed by opponents in terms of aggressiveness, and the "hunger" to bring home the three points, all determinants that often make the difference in football.

It is also true that certain games are born under a bad star, in fact the Cuneo, in addition to counting the absence of six holders, have played almost all the recovery in ten for the expulsion of Zucconelli following a failure by the last man .

As last Sunday against Inter, where the "phenomenon" Bianchessi was allowed to sign three networks, today's meeting has touched the same privilege to the expert Colasuonno.

In Oristano it was possible to appreciate the "treatment" reserved for Allena and the company, with interventions often beyond the limit, but which eventually produced the desired result.

In the early stages of the game, the red and white were appreciated with good phrasing and the 3 'took the lead thanks to a cross of De Paoli that Allena after a rejected goalkeeper with a tapin deposited at the bottom of the bag.

The Sardinian formation, looking for an immediate reaction and with an exchange in speed Pinna - Casula creates a dangerous situation that Zucconelli from the top of his experience manages to defuse; shortly after Curioso charges his left, but the ball, with the goalkeeper beaten, hits the post.

At the 24 'Oristano reaches the parity with a restart of Pinna that launches the expert Colasuonno that with a diagonal pierces the innocent Sfamurri;

Just before the end of the time the same Colasuonno, lacks the advantage of nothing, but on the next action, are the Cuneo, which wasted the goal with Cerato who is rejected by Diana, the conclusion from close range.

In the second half the chances of a goal on both fronts, first with Casula who sees the ball at the end of the pole, and then by De Paoli, who face to face with the goalkeeper puts out.

On a restart Pinna-Casula, which cuts off the defense, Zucconelli enters "desperate" on the latter, thus eliminating the expulsion.

At the 12 'Oristano took the lead, following a punishment that the barrier rejects, and on the subsequent cross, Colasuonno, achieves the shotgun.

Just pass 2 'and on a punishment granted for the knockdown of Sechi, Curious with the precision of a sniper, reports the result in a draw.

The Sardinian team tries to exploit the numerical superiority and after a good intervention by Sfamurri who saves his own net, Colasuonno in position more than suspected of out of the game makes the goal of the advantage. The Cuneo does not give up arms and the 29 'would have the ball in the balance, but the double conclusion of De Paoli first and then Cerato, incredibly end to the side, and soon after Pinna signs the poker and closes the meeting. Pass 3 'and Train with a racing car the final 4 to 3.

Next Sunday the Cuneo will host the other great Atalanta of the A2 championship.

Oristano: Diana, Marcangeli, Pieri, Agus, Razzoli, Carai, Casula (40 'St. Sanna), Arzedi, Colasuonno (29' st.Ambrosio), Sotgiu, Pinna. Available: Deidda, Loi, Mannoni. All. Pintauro

Cuneo: Sfamurri, Cobelli, Vallauri, Nose, Zucconelli, Gardini (44 'st.Picco), Allena, Curioso, De Paoli, Cerato (38'st. Pittavino), Sechi. Available: Dutto, Testa. All. Chiarenza / Bertoloni

Referee: sig. Pisano (Cagliari)

Markers: 3 '38' st Allena (C), 24 'pt - 12' st. - 25 'st. Colasuonno (O), 14 'st Curioso (C), 24' st. Pinna (O)

Expelled: 10 'st Zucconelli (C)

Ammonites: Pinna (O)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Elisa Gardini

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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