Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Romagnano - Oristano

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Romagnano - Oristano 2-1

No goal has yet been reached, but starting the 2012 with a similar victory is certainly a good omen for the fate of the female Romagnano. The tenth day of the championship gives the grenade the third seasonal affirmation that allows to further shorten a ranking in which also stands the ascent of Franciacorta after the clear victory in the derby with Atalanta. Allergic to draws, the girls captained for the occasion by Claudia "Gladiator" Giannetti, suffer, but defeat the Atletico Oristano for 2-1, recovering a game that has to teach something despite the full educated mail: if you want to try to save oneself it is necessary to be more cynical under the door. Too many goals wrong in the race with the sardines that could have cost dear if it had not been for the inconsistency of the guests in the second half. On the eve of the race the Romagnano licks his wounds: Piana is still sore at the knee and at the end of the month he will leave for school abroad, Soragni is on the bench for his signature ankle anxious, Lomazzi has the usual problems of work and Marabelli must be operated on the little finger of the hand due to a fracture composed of the first phalanx, an accident that occurred during the training of the 30 December. Morganti still points to the unpredictability of Zignone as a central point and returns Pella in front of the defense paired with Zaretti; Medina is on the bench, while the young Martina Notaristefano, goalkeeper class' 93 of the second team debuts among the posts. The race opens with a Romagnano in the ball and decided to rule: at the 5 'Zignone serves Bevilacqua, whose powerful shot is effectively rejected by Diana; at 23 'Buccella shoots a free-kick from the three-quarters and Tuberga misses the match with a goal. After an attempt by Graziotto replied by Marcangeli, Atletico Oristano puts his nose out of the shell; at the 33 'is good Notaristefano to save an angled shot of D'Ambrosio, but can not do anything to 45' when the cold shower takes shape: Arzedi is served in the area by a filtering ball of Sotgiu and Notaristefano touches, but not enough, the ball rolls in the net for the mocking 0-1 of the interval. But right in the difficult moment, the Sesian character takes once more the appearance of the tiger freed from the cage. When the mediocre referee Stefano Comunian of Biella from the start to recovery, the Romagnano throws angrily towards the Sardinian port, collecting occasions in series: in the end the bill speaks of two sensational wastes of Medina and Graziotto in front of the goalkeeper (weak shot the first, conclusion to the side in the second case), two crosses of Graziotto (beating from sixteen meters) and Zaretti (attempt from the edge of the area after a melee) and a daring double pole of Medina. The nets reach the 60 'and the 72': the same is achieved by Daniela Graziotto, able to kick Nadine Zaretti at the far post, while the definitive 2-1 is the work of the inevitable Elena Zignone, ready to ship under the cross an impassable stone for Diana. In addition to the failed opportunities, regret also the behavior of two thirds of the refereeing team: the only Issad Houissem, second assistant has reached the sufficiency. For the record, expelled Mr. Morganti at the beginning of the recovery and the masseur Rategni in recovery after the grotesque expulsion of Medina, the offense of an insulting sentence against the assistant Stefano Falcetto. At the end of the emblematic race, the comment by Mr. Morganti: "Today we have gone beyond so many adversities: absences, the unjustified disadvantage at the end of the first half, the protagonism of the referee. I can not help but remark the character of these girls, commendable and more than ever in the race for the goal we have set ourselves ".

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Pella (65 'Medina), De Nicolò, Soncin, Tuberga, Zaretti, Zignone, Bevilacqua, Graziotto. Available: Scalcon, Frisardi, Iato, Soragni, Orgiu, Zampieron. All .: Morganti.

Atletico Oristano: Diana, Marcangeli, Pieri, Agus, Razzoli, Canai, Ambrosio, Arzedi, Casula, Sotgiu, Pinna. Available: Sanna, Deriu. All .: Pintauro.

Referee: Comunian di Biella. Networks: 45 'Arzedi, 60' Graziotto, 72 'Zignone.

Notes: ammonite Zaretti and Pieri. Expelled Medina to 90 'for non-regulatory behavior, from the bench Morganti and Rategni for protests.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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