Sunday, November 17 2019
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Cuneo - Tradate

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Tradate Abbiate 7-2

In the recovery of the fourth day, postponed to the beginning of November due to the adverse weather conditions, the women's Cuneo exceeds the Tradate Abbiate with a bombastic 7 at 2. The result should not be misleading, as the Varese played an excellent match showing good phrases, for at least 60 'then, the red and white that until then had certainly not impressed, have dropped the aces and within a few minutes managed to close the meeting. The cuneesi initially seemed to be confusing, tactically ill-disposed in the field so as not to be able to maneuver effectively. The opponents for their part, with a high pressure, and precise triangulations, have easily managed to take the reins of the game, so much so that at 10 'Cattaneo, making the most of a verticalization, cold Asteggiano with a lob. The confusion continues to reign on the pitch, and sporadically from the distance come conclusions that Clerici can easily control; at 42 'Allena fired a shot from close range, but an opponent defender managed to repel on the line in the area of ​​Luciano, which focuses on the viewfinder, and with a precise conclusion achieves the draw. There is not even time to write down the goal on the notebook that a free-kick from Armitano is broken on the barrier and on the riveted Buzzoni loads the howitzer and with a stone, it overcomes Clerici again. At the end of the time Argiolas serves on the Cattaneo race that with a razor-proof try to rebalance the result, but Asteggiano, impeccable today, relaxes and puts in corner. In the second half, at the 1 'the Tradate grabs the draw; on the triangulation Argiolas -Colamonaco the defense of Cuneo remains to watch and the outside of Varese punishes it. At 9 'Sechi he gets a punishment on the trocar; on the ball Luciano introduces himself with a perfect joke piercing Clerici. At the 20 'Cuneo finally manages to build a good plot with the duo Allena Cerato that pack a wonderful ball for Luciano that with a precise low shot signs the poker. Pass just 3 'and on a change of field Tipaldi could shorten the distances, but the conclusion ends above the crossbar. Respond the biancorosse with a dry shot of Allena that Clerici manages to put in the corner; answers Castrignano that forces Asteggiano, on the opposite side, to a difficult intervention. At the 35 'test of fire for Cerato well served by the head between the opposing lines, which tries to cross the shot but the ball comes out of nothing. Just pass 3 'and the duo Sechi Testa packs a delicacy for Cerato that this time is impeccable, and achieves his first goal of the day; at the 40 'new restart of the duo Luciano - Testa for Cerato that with precise diagonal leads to six goals from Cuneo. The Tradate accuses the double blow and after just 1 'again Elisa Cerato is face to face with the host and with a lob deposited the ball at the bottom of the bag. On this day, to record the second consecutive hat trick of Barbara Luciano, and the first season of Elisa Cerato that just two Sundays since his arrival in the team, this satisfaction is removed. Here is his comment: "I came to Cuneo to do well, with the knowledge that the past does not count, and that is what you will do that will make you appreciate by companions and fans. This triplet has come unexpectedly and I'm happy for me and my team. " In the other recovery, striker of 'Atalanta that exceeds the house the Alexandria. The series is A2 series, will observe a brief stop for the Christmas holidays, and the recovery is scheduled for Sunday 8 January, when Cuneo will arrive the blazoned Inter, second in the standings.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Cobelli, Vallauri, Naso, Armitano, Buzzoni, Allena (32 'st Curioso), Testa, Cerato, Luciano (44'st Sordello), Sechi (43' St Gardini). Available: Pittavino. All. Chiarenza / Bertoloni

Tradate:Clerici, Tagini, Chiea, Stefanazzi, Brasacchio (27 'St Castrignano), Larghi (1' St. Di Lascio), Colamonaco, Greppi, Argiolas (10 'St. Tipaldi), Russo, Cattaneo. Available: Reguzzoni, Delorenzi, Sava, Lunardi. All. Macrì

Referee: Savalla (Novara) Assistants: Massimino, Buzzecchi

Markers: 10 'Cattaneo (T), 42' 54 '65' Luciano (C), 44 'Buzzoni (C), 46' Colamonaco (T), 83 '85' 86 'Cerato (C)

A2 series ranking

Fortitudo Mozzecane p.ti 25

Inter, Fiammamonza and Real Meda 20

Atalanta 17

Alexandria 15

Cuneo 14

Juventus, Orobica 8

Tradate, Oristano 7

Romagnano, Caprera 6

Franciacorta 5

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Elisa Cerato

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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