Monday, 17th October 2016
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romagnano-1It was not a race like any other, it was not a race from inside or outside, but it was a race felt, important, damn decisive. On the eve of Meda's away trip, the recovery with Juventus could represent the rebirth of the Romagnano or the collapse to hell.

Without being too decanting a game that finally returns the three points to Lomazzi and companions, the Romagnano won the recovery of the race postponed to the fourth day due to bad weather with Juventus for 1-0. He did so by showing the best side of himself, that of a rose in difficulty, but extraordinarily unparalleled for commitment and self-denial. As if it were a liberation, the grenades go up the slope taking to the third last place, bypassing Franciacorta and distancing Caprera.

The statement with Juventus contains so much of this wonderful sport. After the 1-3 with the Soul and Body Orobica return to the field knowing that it must necessarily win was like a sword of Damocles on the head and back of the girls, but just when circumstances predict an epilogue sadly marked by nefarious cases of the destiny, the Romagnano has shrugged and won a success that changes little in terms of classification, but returns confidence to one of the younger groups of A2.

Morganti, without Bevilacqua, Soncin, Soragni and Piana, not exactly four reinforcements, continues straight on his way: the 4-2-3-1 re-embraces captain Valentina Lomazzi in the middle of the defense alongside De Nicolò with Giannetti and Buccella terzini. The only Zaretti is a containment player in the middle of the field, with the imagination and unpredictability of Zignone, Pella, Medina, Graziotto and the returning Tuberga in attack.

In the first half, as already mentioned, there is a domination of the Romagnano: the house girls immediately show the eyes of the tiger; left aside timidity and mitigating, Lomazzi and companion find the character and determination, qualities essential to obtain salvation. After a quarter of an hour, Tuberga crosses and Graziotto's turn is lost to the bottom of the field. At 23 'Zignone verticalizes for Graziotto who jumps the opponent and kicks, Camarchio replies and the ball is driven back from the Juventus defense right on the line. The Sesians insist, but the amount of opportunities and the desire to win seem inversely proportional to the skill of the sill. And when the precision is lacking it is Camarchio who goes up to the proscenium at the 36 'on a razor from the edge of the Zignone area. When it seems that the first half can end with an undeserved 0-0, the locals pass: the 45 'shell when Medina free in the band the "Decatleta" Graziotto that is centralized, enters the area and with a precise angled shot goes to kiss the farther away with the ball and then bag.

Broken balance, the race changes in the second half: perhaps also because tired by the effort, the girls of Morganti no longer press, but for Marabelli will be almost a quiet afternoon until the end. Juventus now play at par, but, having to find out, lends the side to the rebound grenades. Tuberga and Medina in the first half of the time are seen deviated their respective shots, then the race is lit and fought, without the attacks are able to worry about their respective defenses. So we get to 90 ': the tension is high and the bench of Romagnano trembles at the deadly conclusion in the recovery of the host Baccaro. Within that shot there is a set of opposing sensations: on the one hand, the umpteenth mockery of a season so far bitter, on the other the stubbornness of a group that has never given up; the joyful cry of the guest player is strangled in the throat, because Marabelli removes the ball from the intersection of the poles with a prodigious intervention.

And at the triple whistle the exultation is inevitable. Fabio Morganti, after the regrets of the last races, finds only the strength to say a few words: "Honor to the group and the girls, stronger than the many absences." Today I saw the heart that goes beyond the obstacle, thanks to all those who in adversity there have so far been close ".

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, Buccella, De Nicolò, Zignone (85 'Veia), Tuberga (90' Iato), Zaretti, Medina (70 'Orgiu), Pella, Graziotto. Available: Bevilacqua, Frisardi, Soncin. All .: Morganti.

Juventus: Camarchio, Zoggia, Longhin (85 'Romantini), Bretto, Trapani, Falbo, Ienopoli (75' Tomei), Boniforte, Benatello, Giuliano (67 'Barbero R.), Baccaro. Available: Turano, Albera, Cenzato. All .: Panigari.

Referee: Basile di Genova.

Network: 45 'Graziotto.

Notes: Tuberga and Giannetti ammonites.

Marco Curti

in the photograph: Daniela Graziotto

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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