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Cuneo - Alessandria

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Alessandria 1-1

After two consecutive setbacks, the women's Cuneo gets a good draw against Alessandria. The formation of Cuneo has progressed slowly compared to the last releases and the positive result achieved will allow the team to play the next matches with the awareness of being able to do well. Elisa Cerato, former Turin and Multedo, took to the debut with the biancorossa jersey; the strong central point has provided an excellent test, but as it was in the forecasts, will have to work hard to find the agreement with the new partners.

Alessia Cobelli, returning after the heavy disqualification remedied against Juventus, was used by the red and white coach in the new role of defender; the player has responded to the great by providing a quality performance and not just for the goal achieved. In the early stages of the game the Cuneo became dangerous in some circumstances, maneuvering in speed, but lacked precision on the last passage.

The Alexandria in the first quarter of an hour was watching and played the charge only after risking to go under on a conclusion of De Paoli that face to face with Pagliassotto was hypnotized by kicking over the crossbar. The formidable Di Stefano took the Alexandrine team by the hand and at the 36 'on a restart, he realized the advantage. The girls of Bertoloni have accused the blow and shortly before the expiration they risked to be doubled first with Montecucco and then with Di Stefano that on the corner of Lupi puts a little to the side.

In the second half the gray try to double again with Montecucco that does not frame the door. The Cuneo for its part test at the 3 'with the Curioso that hits the crossbar on the set piece, thus missing the draw; replies the formation of the host with a nice cross of Lupi that Barbieri heads, but Asteggiano lengthens and intercepts.

At the 35 'on corner kick Curious calibra a brush stroke for Cobelli that head to no escape to Pagliassotto, thus signing a deserved draw.

The comment from the coach from Cuneo: "I am happy with the arrival of Elisa Cerato, whom I have known for a long time and I consider an excellent player, today, given the absence of Allena, I had to use it as an external, a role that is able to cover, but that is not congenial to me, however, I think its more than satisfactory proof.The team has worked a lot and well in the week and today showed signs of recovery compared to the last releases, we got the draw against an excellent formation that plays a good football ".

Meanwhile, from the infirmary, good news about the conditions of Jessica Allena that should be available for the recovery against the Tradate expected Sunday 18 December.

In the championship the leader Mozzecane continues undaunted on his way to the top of the standings, passing the Meda for 3 to 1, while Inter gets rid of Atalanta for 4 at 1. With the result of 3 to 1 win Orobica, Oristano and Fiammamonza, respectively on Romagnano, Franciacorta and Caprera.

The Juventus overtook the Tradate with a double and in the standings reaches the Cuneo to 8 points. Next Sunday the women's Cuneo will play away against Bergamo's Orobica, a formation that last Sunday was able to stop Milan's Inter.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Cobelli, Vallauri, Naso, Armitano, Testa, Cerato, Curious, De Paoli (19 'St. Pittavino), Luciano, Sechi. Available: Sfamurri, Peak, Buzzoni, Gardini. All. Chiarenza / Bertoloni

Alexandria: Pagliassotto, Mensi, Lardo, Lavarone (40 'St Barbesino), Russo, Ragno, Di Stefano, Lupi, Moscia, Montecucco, Barbieri. Available: Cazzato, Delodi, Rigolino, Pisano, Bergaglia. All. Fossati

Referee: sig. Acquapendente (Genoa) Assistants: Carosso, Guglielmetti

Markers: 36 'Di Stefano (A), 80' Cobelli (C)

Ammonites: Russian (A), Nose (C), Head (C)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Alessia Cobelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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