Friday, November 15 2019
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Franciacorta - Soul and Body Orobica 0-2

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vital eleonoraFinally a victory and important points in key ranking for the Soul and Body Orobica CF!
The orphaned team of Peccina and Tammeo manages to scratch the Bresciane of Franciacorta with two paws of Vitali and Previtali K. and with a very good team performance. For the record at the 5 'of the first half Vezzoli recovers the ball on the trocar, widens for Previtali R. that serves in speed Vitali which is anticipated by a breath from Massimo out.

At 9 'Ceppi runs on the sideline Previtali R. which is blocked at the edge of the area by Ghilardi.
The orobic thrust is realized at 10 'when Papadato from a lineout finds Gritti that frees the direct opponent and invites Previtali K. which exceeds the brescian fullback, wedges into the area and serves Vitali who after a great stop directs the ball on the far post and displaces the innocent Massimo.
In the following minutes with two sudden verticalizations the Orobica tries to repeat the advantage first with Ceppi who does not give Gritti then with Marini who forces the raise on Vitali which is anticipated again by the opposing goalkeeper.
At the 20 'you see for the first time the Franciacorta that almost comes to a draw with Ghisini who takes advantage of a defensive black-out Bergamo but his cross cuts the whole area that is freed first by Brevi and ultimately by Ceppi remove the danger. At 22 'Previtali, he throws a good kick from a good position and the same fate is due to the conclusion of the captain from Brescia Mazza, always with a shot placed. At 30 'Vezzoli in action insisted over two opponents and free Gritti vertically that face to face with Massimo loses the moment and Maffezzoni recovers with a prodigious slip. At 35 'Vezzoli quickly beats a free-kick on Brocchetti that runs for Previtali R. who with a dry dribble to rejoin exceeds Ghilardi and free an unrealistic shot from the distance that goes off on the left of the door defended by Massimo.
At the end of the first half, a head rebound off the orobic area allows Sandrini to make a conclusion that touches the crossbar. Immediately after a misunderstanding between Brocchetti and De Antoni free Ghisini looking for Scalvini alone in the area, Marini does not get there but luckily the Bergamo Brevi recovers in a slip and free the area serving Ceppi that immediately re-opens for Gritti on the left which verticalizes Previtali R. who almost insult Massimo with a weak shot but at the back of the pole.
In the minute of recovery of the first half Previtali K. on postponement from the side foul Papadato surprised the opponents with a double dribbling drunk and spectacular and Vitali serves splendidly which wastes the wonderful opportunity by stopping a shot too close to the goalkeeper.
In the second half, the high rhythm of the orbica strikes the Franciacorta on the ropes and stretches it with an action to the 8 of the captain who does a door with the entire defense and in the area exceeds three times the defenders in recovery on his lunge and need a golden ball to Vitali that frees Previtali K. who places the shot on the far post by signing the 2 to 0 and scoring his first goal of the season and the shirt of the Orobica! (congratulations)
At this point the game undergoes a sharp lowering of pace and the change of pace does not change the situation that only towards the last ten minutes is rekindled with two flashes of Ravasio, which concludes a very good action in restart and with Gritti that , following an excellent punishment of Papadato well parade by Massimo, blatantly wrong in front of the door unguarded.

In the minutes of recovery the Franciacorta recriminates for a handball in the Orobica area but the last chance is still up to Previtali K. that Zangari relaunches the marking, flies towards the opponent's door but is denied the joy of the goal from the usual Massimo who today has saved his team in extremis many times.

Various positive notes including the offensive and aggressive mentality, shown immediately by the entire team of Mister Paggi, the first game without suffering goals (also thanks to the safe performance of De Antoni that does not regret the lack of the very important Ventura! ) the good game expressed in the first half especially and possession of the ball in search of phrases and constructions of more articulated actions.

The work of Mister Paggi begins to bear fruit!

The November 27 team will be busy again with Inter and after today's performance in the orobico entourage increases confidence in the hope of obtaining the first home points even if against an excellent team like the Nerazzurri.


Networks: 10 'pt Vitali 5' st Previtali K.

Franciacorta: Massimo, Ghilardi, Mazza, Maffezzoni, Salomoni, Pelizzari, Gaspari, Sandrini, Scalvini, Rossi, Ghisini
(Available: Belotti, Cappellini, Alberici, Colombi, Ravasio, Agnesi, Ciocchi

Orobica CF: De Antoni, Brevi, Brocchetti, Ceppi, Marini, Vezzoli, Previtali R., Previtali K., Gritti, Papadato, Vitali
(Available: Church, Zangari, Zanoletti, Quistini, Tiburzio, Lardino, Carchen)
Franciacorta 1's.t. Gaspari / Colombi - 9 st Salomoni / Alberici - 24 st Rossi / Ravasio
Orobica 21 st Brochets / Zangari - 33 st Vezzoli / Lardino - 36 st Vitali / Quistini

Yellow cards: Pellizzari (F) Maffezzoni (F) Orobica none

Spectators: about 100

Walter Pettinati
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