Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Cuneo - Real Meda

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Real Meda 0-3

Second setback in this league, for the girls of Cuneo women's football that against Real Meda, suffers a hat-trick.

With a training albeit remodeled, due to the absence of Allena, Luciano, Gardini and Cobelli, the eleven red and white also had to deal with the blindfolded goddess, who certainly was not present at Paschiero today. The final score is heavy, but it is not usual to succumb to two autoreti and a penalty, all in one game. After not even sixty seconds from the starting whistle, the Lombard team took the lead, with Scolaro's conclusion, that Vallauri, in order to counter the opponent, deviated just enough to put Asteggiano out of action. As has been the case for some Sundays, the team gets caught in the first few minutes, thus starting the match uphill. In the first fraction the eleven red and white has however held up well the opposing pressure and, only towards the end, it risks to suffer the doubling first on the developments of a kick and then with Pozzi that concludes over the crossbar. The Cuneo relies on a conclusion by De Paoli that ends on the side and a Pittavino incursion that Stefanello interrupts with an overwhelming exit. In the second half, after a few minutes, Moselli was foul-headed in the penalty area by Leto and the referee gave the penalty kick. Pozzi is presented on the disk with a precise razor to double it. The goal cuts the legs to Cuneo who still risk a Moselli endorsement neutralized by Asteggiano. Shortly afterwards, a corner from Scolaro is headed by Confalonieri but the ball ends up over the crossbar. At the 15 'on the conclusion of De Luca, Asteggiano lays back and puts in a corner; just pass 3 'and on a defense exhaust the Cuneo goalkeeper touches the ball badly, ending his run at the bottom of the bag. At this point the game goes off and not even a cross-shot by De Paoli, who grazes the far post, carries the goal of the flag. In the final, Bertoloni also lost Figone, due to an ankle injury, thus increasing the already nourished red and white infirmary. Chiara Sordello, a promising youngster of spring training, made her debut in the Cuneo area. In the championship the leaders Mozzecane exceeds for 2 6 the Tradate; Inter - Alessandria ends 2 at 6 in favor of the Lombard ones. Both Sardinian formations lost at home, the Oristano for 1 at 2 against Atalanta and the Caprera 1 at 5 against Juventus. The Bergamo riders of the Orobica overtake the Franciacorta with a double, like the Fiammamonza that conquers the Romagnano terrain. Next Sunday the female Cuneo will play away against Fiammamonza and Bertoloni hopes in the week to recover some players to better face this difficult trip.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri, Naso, Leto, Curioso, Pittavino, Figone (39 'st. Giraudo), De Paoli (40 st Sordello), Buzzoni (27' st Testa), Sechi. Available: Sfamurri. Chiarenza / Bertoloni All

Real Meda: Stefanello, Maspes, Chiggio, Confalonieri, Seveso, Somaschini (39 'st.De Vivo), Bosisio, Scolaro (27' st. Ragone), Moselli, Pozzi, De Luca (40'st. Draghicchio). Available: Archeddo, Zanotti, Polito, D'Emma. Allin Zaninello

Referee: Mr Comunian (Biella)

Markers: 1 'Vallauri (Autorete), Pozzi (R), Asteggiano (Autorete)

Booked: 20 'st Chiggio (R), 44'st. Leto (C).

Diego Naso

In photography: Simona Leto

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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