Monday, May 11 2015
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Caprera - Romagnano

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Romagnano's first win of the season has a very sweet taste. Accustomed to the claims of a triumphant season in Serie C, the grenade girls did not lose heart, seizing for the first time the full stakes after three consecutive defeats, a figure that Romagnano had not seen for a long time. The championship is still long, it seems a banality, but in the meantime the Sesians enjoy the 2-0 inflicted on the Caprera that allows to abandon the uncomfortable last position, now to the prerogative of the Soul and Body Orobic.

Suddenly it seems the return is clear because behind the Romagnano there are, in addition to the Bergamo ones, also Franciacorta and Juventus. But in addition to the positive test of the entire team, the English score obtained in the island has a name and a surname on all: Elena Zignone. Humble, ductile and ambidextrous, the bourgeoisie age of a few weeks has stamped a brace that for the purposes of ranking and morale is worth much more than the three points for the whole grenade environment.

Orderly defense, midfield which laid down the law for three-quarters of the match and attack that confirmed the progress (the Romagnano has always scored in all the league matches) were the keys to the precious victory, despite the persistent absence of captain Valentina Lomazzi and Deborah Soragni. Having left Saturday morning for Olbia, it was therefore a weekend that ended in the best way with the return on the same Sunday evening.

On the island of La Maddalena, reached by ferry by the team, Morganti resolves the doubts and relies on the very dear 4-2-3-1 with the novelty of Elisa Tuberga instead of Serena Medina. Zignone acts as a reference in attack, assisted by Tuberga, Piana and Graziotto, while Zaretti and Bevilacqua are dam in midfield; in front of Marabelli, the quartet composed, from right to left, by Buccella, De Nicolò, Giannetti and Soncin.

The start of the race sees a brave Romagnano who finally shakes off the negative approaches of the previous outings: the host formation is immediately in the game and touches the goal with a valuable play by Antea Piana, whose lob ends a little high at the start of the match. But it is precisely a precocious injury to Mergozzo's Sorceress that forces Morganti to change structure with the entrance of Medina: for Piana only a simple distortion at the knee. Zignone steps back a few meters and gains in danger, while even the lob attempted by Medina touches the crossbar of the door defended by Spano. At the end of the first half the Romagnano concretizes the territorial supremacy of the first 45 ': a few seconds from the end Graziotto serves Zignone who with the usual crystalline class drinks half an opponent's defense in central percussion leaving no chance for Spano, despite repeated attempts by opponents of send her to the lands.

The second half starts with another great Sesian opportunity: Graziotto flies to the left and serves in the middle of Medina, which however arrives slightly late for the appointment. At the 63 'the doubling: a throw-in by Buccella is well exploited by Medina who with a counter movement frees himself and rests in Zignone; left at the near post and nothing to do for the extreme Sardinian defender. And the Caprera? After the 0-2 the locals wake up, but for Marabelli there will remain a quiet afternoon, made of ordinary administration and careful parades on island punishments.

Caprera: Spano, Raspanti, Lonza, Guidet, Diez (88 'Troiano), Puddinu G., Cadeddu, Casu, Campesi (1' st Catgiu), Hofer, Uras. Available: Sossu, Vargiu, Puddinu M., Carta. All .: Filippi.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Buccella, Giannetti, Piana (20 'Medina), De Nicolò, Soncin, Tuberga (80' Pella), Zaretti, Zignone (72 'Fusini), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. Available: Prignacchi, Soragni. All .: Morganti.

Referee: Canu of Sassari.

Networks: 45 'and 63' Zignone.

In the photograph: Marina Marabelli

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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