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F. Mozzecane - Romagnano

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The ranking is crying, but if a proof of pride was asked, the Romagnano has certainly answered this. In the lair of the big favorite of group A of A2, the grenades surrendered to Fortitudo Mozzecane for 4-2, still taking a step forward compared to Cuneo's performance. The stop must have been of great use to Marabelli and members who, in the field of the Venetian battleship, have tried to limit the damage against a staff of widely superior category and built to win. In this sense it is right to give credit to the goodness of the work of the girls of Formisano who are indisputably leaders and protagonists of this championship. In the Sesian home it is instead a duty to look to the immediate future with optimism because the third consecutive defeat was predictable, but there was a psychological reaction and it is the starting point for the next commitments.

After underlining some arbitrages of the last games, it is right to make a note on the three-way view at work in Verona: Mr. Marco Monterenzi of Brescia and his assistants were simply impeccable and it is correct to give them the just merits.

For the match with Mozzecane, Fabio Morganti has to do without attacker Deborah Soragni, who remained in Piedmont due to an ankle injury, but still on the road to recovery, while Alessia Bevilacqua, feverish, leaves the bench. The coach grenade resumes Zignone so in front of the defense paired with Zaretti, Medina acts as a central reference in attack, assisted by Tuberga, Piana and Graziotto. The 4-2-3-1 is completed by Marabelli between the posts, Buccella, De Nicolò, Giannetti and Soncin in defense.

As in Cuneo, the start of the race is unfavorable to the guests, but this time more due to the merits of others than to own demerits. The Mozzecane shows immediately to have belligerent intentions and on a game change from right to left sends in goals Peretti already to the 4 '. At the 20 'Faccioli's doubling with a great shot from outside the penalty area on Perobello's discharge, then at the 27' the trio of the same Perobello, with a photocopy action of the first goal: side shifted with launch of 40 meters from right to left and 3-0 network. Although the score of the first fraction gave rise to criticism, the Romagnano never lowered its guard, doing its best to stop the fury of the adversaries.

The Veronese, however, presented themselves in the second half convinced that they had the game in their pocket and Elena Zignone thought about reopening it. At 50 'he kicked a broadside on which Bianchi could do nothing but collect the ball in the net, after a well-tacked action on the right wing by Elisa Tuberga. To restore the distances to the 65 'Perobello thought again that with a punishment from the 35 meters he caught Marabelli unprepared. The 4-2 final matured at the 88 ': Antea Piana fished Daniela Graziotto with a nice launch that shove the direct rival by beating Colcera, meanwhile passed to Bianchi.

This is the comment at the end of the race by Fabio Morganti, the coach of Romagnano: "I feared this match for the qualities of our opponents and we return home without points, but with an encouraging performance. Mozzecane proved to be a team that deserves the credentials high ranking, they have an excellent overall physical structure and in the field they are great, rightly they will fight to the end to arrive in Serie A. For our part there was still some inaccuracy, but I can not impute anything to my girls when they get used to the rhythms of this championship, the results will also come, we have to work hard and the first points will come accordingly.I remain calm and confident, Nelson Mandela said that a winner is nothing but a dreamer who never gave up and we have no intention of raising the white flag ".

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Bianchi (80 'Colcera), Venturini, Cordioli, Barbirato, D'Alessandro, Nicolis, Peretti, Faccioli (75' Caneo), Perobello, Pecchini, Boni (85 'Troiani). Available: Pinaroli, Bindella, Paderno, Giubertoni. All .: Formisano.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Buccella, Giannetti, Piana, De Nicolò, Soncin, Tuberga (70 'Mazzei), Zaretti (55' Pella), Medina (75 'Bevilacqua), Zignone, Graziotto. Available: German. All .: Morganti.

Referee: Monterenzi of Brescia.

Networks: 4 'Peretti, 20' Faccioli, 27 'Perobello, 50' Zignone, 65 'Perobello, 88' Graziotto.

Notes: field in good condition, mild day. Ammonita Nicolis.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Elena Zignone

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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