Friday, February 21 2020
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SienA ... Flame ... what a pity ...!

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sienacalciofemminile-FiammamonzaSiena wins between the exultation of the bianconere players and the disappointment, bitterness and a few tears of the girls of the Flame.
This is the law of sport, which does not admit replies, but which can give rise to (and we would lack ..) points of view as varied as possible and recriminations for what could and has not been.
It was a game played by two teams with two diametrically opposed conceptions of game: Siena with the old form called "all'italiana", a strong defense, long raises from three quarters that exceed the midfield prey of two fast strikers like Fambrini and Migliorini; the Flame that makes the "collective" his creed, which plays the ball in every area of ​​the field and that has different solutions in attack or through the side bands (Cambiaghi and Gaburro) or in the central streets with the inclusion of midfielder (Re , Nencioni ..).

That said, if you go to analyze the game, it should be noted that especially in the first half, there have not been seen large shares by the network nor by bianconera, nor by red and white. A shot by Migliorini that ends up just to the side at the 13 °, two beautiful raids of Cambiaghi first and Gabburro then saved in extremis in corner, a high shot of Migliorini and a nice combination in the Cambiaghi-Re area but not it takes the form of Mazzola's prompt exit.
First change at the start of recovery for the Fiamma, Cambiaghi leaves for Brazzarola. At the 4 minute minute for the Fiamma, beautiful center of Brambilla for King, who heads close to the post. At the 10 °, Brambilla's strong shot from the edge, Mazzola does not hold back, but Gaburro is not ready to be hit on the net. A few minutes later one-two Nencioni-Brambilla, but the shot is out of a meter. Siena defends itself to the best and acts only as a remittance, however, not giving much concern to Vignati and his defense partners.
But at the 21 °, while the Fiamma is almost all in the Siena midfield, yet another launch from the edge of the Bianconeri area triggers a fast counterattack: Fambrini received the ball focuses, exceeds the good Jensen, sees free Migliorini and serves her with a perfect passage that the bianconeri bomber finalizes putting the ball in the low corner on the right of the Monza goalie.
At the 22 °, Bruno enters Bruno for Postiglione for the Fiamma.
The Fiamma is not there and moves forward again, grinding game, but the defense of Siena is careful and Gaburro & C.faticano to overcome it.
At the 30 ° a strong free-kick by Galbiati is not held by Mazzola, but none of the strikers Monza is reactive and the ball is rejected in a side foul. A few minutes later it is Brambilla to engage the Juventus goalkeeper on a scrum in the area.
At the 35 ° the episode that triggered the red and white protests: Tchetchova took over from Cereda a few minutes, entered the area and from the bottom line puts a ball in the middle, the ball arrives between a forest of legs to Brazzarola that puts on the net, but the "Miss" assistant raises the flag highlighting an "elusive" offside and the network is canceled between the vehement protests of the red and white girls and all the fans of Monza (expect the footage of ritual ...).
The Flame at this point, allow me the license .. s'infiamma..e puts Siena on the ropes. At the 38 ° a header from Jensen exceeds Mazzola, but is rejected on the line by a Juventus defender, Gaburro, shortly after, puts in trouble the whole defense but the shot is deviated in a corner kick (in the end will be 8 to 2 pearl Flame).
We are now in the minutes of recovery (5), the defense of Siena more and more breathless repels as a ball can to the edge of the area, Nencioni pulls and sends the ball on the pole to the left of Mazzola and the same number 10, 49mo forcing Mazzola to a great detour in the corner ... It ends here ... To resume the initial speech, not always who plays better wins, everyone uses his tactics .. and that of Siena today was a winner ... Tantissimi so congratulations to the Bianconeri girls for the promotion in Serie A, but also many to the Fiamma and the applause of the many white and red fans who have waited for the girls and Mister Cincotta out of the stadium are a tangible testimony!


Mario Merati

Final result: Siena 1 - Fiammamonza 0
Formations: Siena: Mazzola-Di Camillo-Ballotti-Pitzus-Frizza-Marvacini-Picciapuoti-Patu-Ricci-Fambrini-Migliorini. Available: DeRisi-Presentini-Mazzella- Di Camillo
Flame: Vignati-Cereda-C.-Galbiati-Zambetti-Jensen-PostiglioneBrambilla-Re-Gaburro-Nencini-Cambiaghi. Available: Cazzaniga-Straniero-Missaglia-Cereda L.-Tchetchova-Brazzarola-Bruno All.CINCOTTA
Spectators cica 600-natural grass field in good condition
CA / 8-2 for the Flame-

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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