Friday, February 28 2020
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re cecilia_12"I have to congratulate the girls, their professional maturity, their commitment during this week of work and how they have followed me throughout this season": these are the first words of Mister Antonio Cincotta (elected best coach of Group A at the Golden Girl) after the beautiful victory of his Fiammamonza against South Tyrol in the first play-off match to go into the Serie A.
In front of over 400 spectators, the two teams, who arrived second respectively in group A and B of the A2 series, gave birth to a good match, played, despite a hot heat, at a good pace from the first to the last minute which won the team best organized in each department and that has fielded a collective game that rarely can be admired on the football fields of this category.

After a few minutes of study, the first opportunity is for the South Tyrol: free-kick from the edge of the area of ​​Tonelli, the ball hit hard but goes high over the crossbar.
At the XNXX 'minute excellent initiative of Gaburro, nice central passage for Cambiagli that sends the ball to the side of two meters. Great opportunity two minutes later for the white-red players: always with Gaburro, the most lively of the attack Monza, which launched perfectly in the area by Nencioni, but the shot from Valzolgher is still parrying.
After a few minutes of play in midfield at the 15 'we are witnessing the turn of the match: launch of Postiglione for Nencioni who is alone in front of Valzolgher, the number one rejects as the close conclusion, the ball remains between the feet of the player from Monza he only has to support the ball on the net. Goals lucky, but deserved, for the Flame that until now has almost always led the game.
The reaction that the many fans of South Tyrol expected from their team does not come and are still the players from Monza who insist often changing the way to attack, sometimes on the side bands, sometimes with long casts, as at 21 ', when Nencioni, for me the best in the field, "puts" Gaburro face to face with the Tyrolean goalkeeper, the fan of the Flame does not forgive and puts a precise ball..specified nell'angolino left: nothing to do for the pur good Valzolgher.
On the 2 0 the game has a moment of pause: there is to signal in these minutes only a nice shot by the South Tyrol with Menegoni that ends slightly high above the cross of inoperative Vignati.
At the 36 'another chance for the Flame: Brambilla Viola (best Under17 player of group A at the Golden Girl, with Cecilia Re, the best ever) launches Nencioni, the tense shot does not deceive the number one guest who with a great leap deviates in the corner.
On the final of time it is necessary to signal a nice shot from the Tonelli limit, finished high, and a nice combination Gaburro - Brazzarola (who took over from Cambiaghi at the 42 ') but does not lead to any concrete result.
The Fiamma starts the recovery forward and it is still Gaburro who sends out a very short and tense shot. South Tyrol faces twice in the Monza area but never fails to worry Vignati and the Fiamma controls the meeting without too much difficulty.
At the 15 'is still the team of Cincotta to shiver the Tyrolean defense: beautiful descent of Brazzarola on the left, speed shot, Valzolgher rejects, collects Gaburro who does not think twice and directs the ball in the lower corner of the door, but miraculously a Tyrolean defender deflects a corner two meters from the line.
Three minutes pass and the third goal of Monza arrives on a corner kick: the ball reaches high and tense, they jump in five between defenders and strikers, but it is Postiglione that is more fast in the area and on the fall of the ball re-infects the ball. innocent Valzolgher.
On the result achieved, the Fiamma slows down the pace, the effort is felt and an action on the left, a "neglected" Pasqualini from the edge of the area starts a great shot that exceeds Vignati.
The goal of the South Tyrol does not change the course of the game, however, a Fiamma more and more sure of itself controls without anxiety and almost does not reach the fourth goal with Nencioni with a nice shot close to the post.
Gaburro at 38 'with a nice personal action enters the area, overcomes an opponent in speed but, in this circumstance, Valzolgher is better than her and, with a great detour, puts in a corner.
In the final minutes nothing special happens, South Tyrol (which is complimented by the beautiful championship disputed), no longer has the strength to push forward and the Fiamma, with full merit, takes home a final that at the beginning of the season it was only a dream, but that today is a beautiful reality ... The series A is around the corner .., but, attention .., even Siena is around the corner ... a Big Mach with an uncertain outcome, all to play and above all to LIVE INTENSELY! A "great good luck to all the girls in the field!

From VERONA Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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