Friday, February 21 2020
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sudtirol-FiammamonzaThe adventure is over, but there are still great applause for a team capable of competing in a year of great, great value and that perhaps deserved a better fate. The promotion dream in Serie A long cherished by the CFS during the season ends in the playoffs. On the neutral field of Verona, the red and white were indeed defeated by 3-1 from the noble and quoted Fiammamonza, who thus deservedly access the decisive play-off against Siena (victorious for 8-7 on penalties on Res Roma).

A fair acknowledgment for the Lombards, which during the play-off against CFS managed to prevail over a rather elevated South Tyrolean eleven (out of three ninety pieces like Katharina Pfoestl, Stefania Rigatti and Stefania Dalla Giacoma) and also for this reason at times incapable to express their game, especially in the middle area of ​​the field. A match, the one staged in Veneto, which saw the Fiammamonza immediately take the reins of the game and touch already in the first stages of the race the advantage with Nencioni first (high end of a little) and Gaburro immediately after. Excellent, on the second occasion, the answer of Chiara Valzolgher. The CFS is not watching anyway and at 10 'Pasqualini tries a free kick from the edge of the area: the ball over the crossbar, but not by much. However, the Milanese training insists and at the 14 'the eleven of Cincotta passes. Gaburro flies over the offside, but is hypnotized by Valzolgher, who can not, however, nothing on the next tapin of Nencioni. Despite the sudden advantage, the Fiammamonza insists and after just 7 'finds the

doubling: the merit of Gaburro, who started in a suspected offside position is face to face with the number one South Tyrol and this time he personally charged with signing the doubling. At the end of the day the biancorosse have the right chance to reopen the games. Tonelli shoots from the 20 meters, but fails to hit the big target.

Double advantage then Lombard at rest, but in the second half the CFS demonstrates from the very beginning that he has not yet thrown in the towel. After a good phase of pressure, Chiara Pasqualini tried to try from the limit, but finding Vignati ready for the parade. The first quarter of an hour of the red and white brand does not frighten the Fiammamonza, which at first touches the tris Brambilla (another excellent rescue of Valzolgher) and then finds it at 62 'with Postiglione, able to hit the door with a conclusion on the development of a corner. It would seem the final blow to the ambitions of the eleven of Alberti, but the CFS still has the strength to react and demonstrates it to the 65 ', when Pasqualini signs the network of hope with a fine conclusion that slips at the top corner. The South Tyrolean coach then tries everything for everything and also inserts the third tip Denise De Luca, but the efforts of the eleventh biancorosso remain vain. In the end it is indeed the Fiammamonza to touch poker again with Nencioni. The 3-1 can still be enough for the Lombards to access the final promotion against Siena, while the CFS remain compliments for what was done in this year.

Thanks the same girls !!!



FIAMMAMONZA: Vignati, Tchetchova, Galbiati, Zambetti, Jensen, Postiglione, Brambilla, King, Gaburro, Nencioni, Cambiaghi (43 'Brazzarola).
All. Cincotta.

CFS: Valzolgher, Bon (86 'Marmentini), Steinhauser, Torresani, Righi, Mumelter, Podrecca, Menegoni (68' De Luca), Pasqualini, Tonelli, Dalla Santa.
All. Alberti.

NETWORKS: 14 'Nencioni (1-0); 21 'Gaburro (2-0); 62 'Postiglione (3-0); 65 'Pasqualini (3-1).

NOTES: Challenge played on the neutral field of Verona

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