Friday, February 21 2020
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Fiano Romano - Chameleon 1 - 2

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Fiano-romanoWorse could not finish. Not even the great Hitchcock, master of the chill, could have written such a macabre ending. Two games of play out between the walls of friends against two teams already beaten at home in the regular season, two out of three results available, both badly lost with the slightest gap but with so much bad luck even if we have something of our own. Also yesterday we hit an incredible crossbar, had a couple of important occasions that failed spectacularly but also yesterday we suffered two goals on two indecisions of our rearguard that make the pair with the two signatures of which we have honored the opponents of the first round seven days ago!

Of course the Fiano, despite having already reached the parity after the first disadvantage already suffered by the end of the first half, in the recovery has dropped significantly, lost physical and mental strength, a prey to a palpable insecurity on the edge of psychosis almost presage of a destiny marked. Then five minutes from the end, without even reaching the extra that at least would have given the local bench the opportunity to attempt a last remixing of the cards, came the shower of the new definitive disadvantage, which also weighs the suspicion of an offside not reported !

What about the guests? They certainly did not despair to deserve a result on the field on which I do not know how many of them would have bet before the game. Compact, volitive, always behind the ball line but above all a lot of good star!

Briefly the most significant game actions. At the 32 ° minute Sciarra beats a side foul on the left trocar supporting Topazio who returns the ball to his partner to then go deep into the return pass, dry dribbling to get back on the defender opponent and cross for Giangirolami in the center area striking left balance: Mastellone miraculously deflects over the crossbar. At the 38 ° the ball travels from Topazio to Odorico to Boldrini, who waits for the insertion into space, behind him, of the same Topazio who enters the area and of the right outside bypasses the goalkeeper and hits the crossbar with the ball back in the field but Giangirolami can not reply in the door unguarded! On the opposite side the insult. Roncetti weakly returns from a foul, Montano fails the stop, the ball reaches Barbagiovanni who makes the shot of Sunday, the ball bypasses the goalkeeper Fiano Romano not yet back on the goal line and ends its trajectory on the pole and then roll Network. We are at the minute 39 ° and it is the first real conclusion of the Chameleon! The sacrosanct draw luckily comes already before the interval. At the 45 ° Tondelli he juggles in the circle of midfield and serves long deep Giangirolami that of momentum overcomes with a great lob Mastellone in a desperate exit: 1 - 1.

Shooting unfortunately in a minor tone, Fiano Romano almost emptied of energy but nevertheless always master of the game. Conclusions worthy of note however rare. At the 60 ° minute we recorded a nice shot of Giangirolami from outside the area just a little. At 73 ° a nice action: launch of Topazio deep for Giangirolami that serves on the right Giulia Boldrini that left out not far from the far post. At the 85 ° minute the final disaster: punctual from the twenty-five meters battuta central and weak by Buttaccio, Roncetti fails to deflect in the corner or make his own the ball that hits the crossbar and ends right on the head of the brown, perhaps already playing from offside position, which easily supports on the net! Final result that exaggerates the Catania team and punishes in an unfair manner that Lazio!

Female Roman Fiano - Chameleon 1 - 2

Markers: 39 ° Barbagiovanni (C), 45 ° Giangirolami (F), 85 ° Brown (C)

Female Fiano Romano: Roncetti, Sciarra, Montano, Tondelli (65 ° Maurilli), Boldrini S., Mancini, Giangirolami, Benigni (65 ° Ferroni), Topazio, Odorico, Boldrini G.

Available: Fani, Romano, Capasso, Patacchiola, Polletta

Chameleon: Mastellone, Nicotra Maggio, Calanna, Scavone, Marfia, Caciorgna, Guardina, Barbagiovanni, Buttaccio, Marrone (89 ° Di Mauro),

Available: Caramanna, Zappalà

Fiano Romano female press officer

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