Friday, February 28 2020
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castelvecchio2011-2012Finally Play Out, on the Municipal of Savignano sul Rubicone challenge and descend on the pitch, for the most important race of the season, the Castelvecchio and Vicenza in front of about 1000 spectators, never before seen in Savignano for a football competition Female. Race playoff for the stay in A2 where, the landlords get us a strong position in the standings and then with the ability to play this game between the walls of friends and save even with a draw.
For the statistics, remember that Vicenza in the league against the Romagnole has scored four points out of six, winning in Savignano and drawing in Vicenza, then crossed fingers. The game started immediately and at the 3 minute Vicenza with Scorzato good position wasted shooting over the crossbar.
At the 10 ° minute landed at the edge of the Guidi area, the referee decreed the free kick, on the ball Erika Lisi, the same seems to talk with the ball recommending that today bad figures do not have to be. And so it was, the Castelvecchio took the lead thanks to a masterful punishment of his Captain who surprises the goalkeeper, extinguishes the initial ardor of the Venetian and makes the audience explode on the steps.
The Gialloverdi home continue to attack, especially on the right wing where Nicol Fusconi has done the good and bad weather with his descents, without creating opportunities or goal balls but with the merit of keeping the Vicenza away from the penalty area.
The match is alive and the teams are not spared, they start low blows on one side and on the other especially in midfield ... it's the classic challenge of life and death. At the 49 ° the referee decides after four minutes of recovery that the first half can end here, sending everyone in the locker room to regenerate, given the beautiful summer day with the Castelvecchio deservedly ahead. It resumes the second half and the Romagnole dragged by the public immediately start strong with Cignani that at 48 ', freed by a masterly passage of Canini, enters the area but wastes a good opportunity to double and close the speech by kicking to the side.
Still Castelvecchio at the minute 57 'the bomber Silvia Guidi touches the 2 network to 0, the same freed in the penalty area by the omnipresent Lisi shoots to the net but finds a great parade of Toniolo extreme Venetian.
At the 75 'it seems that Vicenza has had a physical decline and the Castelvecchio instead continues to attack creating dangers to the opposing defense well guarded by the number 5 Saints.
Time passes and it seems difficult for the Venetians to score two goals in the last minutes, mainly because there is no more game and the fouls by the host girls have multiplied. Stress the heat and the minutes that pass quickly play a bad joke to the girls Vicentine, as they understand that the race goes inexorably towards the end where the math awaits relegation.

And so after almost five minutes of recovery the referee whistles the end of the match and the whole Castelvecchio, can celebrate a well-deserved salvation that allows a company led by President Massimo MAGNANI to play next year at large national levels.

But what we saw today at the Comunale di Savignano sul Rubicone was a great show that took place in the field and in the stands where the 1000 spectators literally dragged and encouraged, with incessant choruses, an almost uncontrollable overflow Castelvecchio, led by masterfully 'beginning of the season by a serious professional like Mister Jacopo LEANDRI.

The party of the stay in the A2 series continued until late in the evening at the Via Einsthen field, between Sangiovese salami ham piadina and chants at will.

Forza Castelvecchio.


Pacini, Fusconi, Gnoli, Teodorani, Paganelli, Balacchi, Tani (46'Amaduzzi M.), Canini, Lisi, Guidi, Cignani (87 'Farnedi).
Available at Fiorenza, Amaduzzi A., Venturelli.
Coach Jacopo Leandri

Toniolo, Giacomazzi, Treu, Carlotto, Saints, Casarotto, Lancellotti, Rigon, Romio, Scorzato, Meggiolaro.
Available to Bernardelle, Camponagara, Renda, Menon, Frighetto, Melissa, Pauro.
Dalla Riva coach

Summer Day Land in perfect condition, 1000 spectators around, with an of guest fans.

Savignano sul Rubicone, 27 May 2012

Article written by the Castelvecchio Press Officer Franco Scolozzi

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of



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