Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cuneo - Franciacorta

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Cuneo S. Rocco - Franciacorta 4-1 alt

In front of their fans, the women's soccer wedge closes the beauty of the 2011 / 2012 championship, surpassing Franciacorta for 4 at 1. The kick-off was preceded by a minute of recollection to remember the deceased girl and the injured, of the vile attack on Saturday morning following the explosion of a bomb at the entrance to a school in Brindisi.

At the end, the Cuneo Calcio Femminile company, wanted to "reward" the outgoing Assessors to the budget Patrizia Manassero, and to the Valter Fantino sport, with a photo of the team with a personalized dedication to seal the collaboration between them. The comment of the assessors: "it is an extremely welcome tribute, which will allow us to remember this group of athletes who wore the red and white jersey with sacrifice and passion". At the Cuneo Youth Park the air was breathed from the last day of school, with both formations that had nothing to ask for; the cuneesi, with a truly exceptional first time, put on a sparkling football, sometimes spectacular, proving that if they played with a certain ease and awareness during the season, today we could write about a memorable season. Ready - via, action show Cuneo with the duo Cobelli - Luciano, who makes a goal ball for Allena, who with lucidity, bags behind Belotti; shortly afterwards De Paoli tries, with a header, but the conclusion is central and the goalkeeper hosts para. Only at the 10 'the Brescians try to counteract the impact of the red and white, with an exchange at speed Ghisini - Salomoni but on the conclusion Asteggiano gets ready and deviates in the corner; at the 13 'Luciano - Cobelli left with a millimeter cross to serve the De Paoli on the race and the bomber bag doubled. At the 25 'the Franciacorta loses the ball in midfield, victim of a wild De Paoli, who sends Luciano into the right corridor and with an unstoppable right hand the 3 to 0. At the end of time, the Cuneo gets a corner kick in favor and Armitano has only to "knock down" Scalvini in the penalty area. The referee gives the right penalty, and Agnesi beats from the spot, but the conclusion is central and Asteggiano intercepts. In the second half, a series of changes, Vallauri, Buzzoni and Sechi come out for Gardini, Zucconelli and Cerato; the Franciacorta does not give the time to the Cuneo formation to settle in the field, that Ghisini, shortens the distances, after a first conclusion that is printed on the pole. The goal does not immediately bring down the landlord, and with Luciano they hit a crossbar, then at the 22 'the same player needs a masterful play for Cobelli that with a diagonal signs the definitive 4 to 1. The Cuneo at the 35 'remains in ten for Allena's exit following a strong knee bruise. At 93 ', after three minutes of recovery comes the triple whistle that this time sanctions not only the end of the match, but the entire championship. With today's victories, the Fortitudo Mozzecane won the championship and entered the Serie A, while the Fiammamonza, the promotion play-off will be played with the second of one of the four national groups. In the queue, they retreat directly to Serie C, Romagnano and Caprera, while Juventus and Oristano will play salvation for the playouts.

The comment by the Cuneo soccer president Female Eva Callipo. "It was a troubled season, above all from the corporate point of view, with the resignation of Giorgio Calvetti and my changeover to the presidency. Despite this, the team reacted well and above all in the second round, it proved to be compact and solid. The team was cohesive in moments of difficulty and overcame them demonstrating character and maturity, also thanks to the professionalism of coach Sonia Bertoloni who blended the team in the best way, even with the reinforcements of December. A praise to all the girls for their efforts, and now we will begin to work for the future, looking for new strengths to accompany the group of this season which is all reconfirmed. Finally there will be the entry of new members to strengthen the structure of the company, while Giorgio Calvetti, former President, will no longer hold the role of Honorary President. I want to thank our sponsors, who with their contribution have allowed us to face such a challenging national championship, also from an economic point of view, and we trust them to be able to plan the next season in the best possible way.

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri (1 'st. Gardini), Naso, Cobelli, Buzzoni (1' st. Zucconelli), Allena, Curioso, De Paoli, Luciano, Sechi (1 'st. Cerato). Bertoloni All

Franciacorta: Belotti, Ghilardi, Buizza, Ciocchi, Salomoni (31 'st. Baroni), Pelizzari, Alberici, Cappellini (13' st. Sandrini), Scalvini, Ghisini (23 'st.Ravasio), Agnesi. Brusa All

Referee: Mr Trincheri (Milan)

Markers: 1 'Allena, 13' De Paoli, 25 'Luciano, 50' Ghisini (F), 67 'Cobelli

Booked: Ghilardi, Alberici, Armitano (C)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: president Eva Callipo

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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