Saturday, November 16 2019
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Atalanta - Cuneo

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Atalanta - Women's Cuneo 3-2

In the penultimate league game of A2, the women's Cuneo loses measure for 3 to 2 against Atalanta. First disastrous time for the biancorosse cuneesi, which to tell the truth had started the meeting with the right hand, then in 6 'unfortunate have managed to waste everything under three networks. The girls of Bertoloni, today without the playmaker Luciano, with character, have nevertheless filed a reaction, and shortly after with Cobelli they managed to shorten the distances. After the interval, at the 2 'minute Cerato brings the result on 3 to 2 and reopens the fate of the match; the Cuneo throughout the recovery has tried to straighten out the fate of a meeting that after 20 'had nothing more to say. On more than one occasion the Cuneo have failed the goal of the draw, demonstrating under the door not to be as ruthless as the formation of Bergamo. As for the ranking today's defeat does not change the position in the league with the team now attested to the eighth place. At the whistle of the start of the race director, the Cuneo tries to baste his plot and the first opportunity happens on the feet of Allena, which from the side line, skips the mark but the conclusion ends high over the crossbar. At 12 'Atalanta took the lead, cross from the right of Caio that cuts across the field and Barcella well placed on the opposite side, skip the mark and from close position puts the innocent Asteggiano. At this point the cuneesi disunite, and soon after they risk on a verticalization of Fragni for Giacinti that tip tries to mock Asteggiano, but does not succeed; the answer from Cuneo is still entrusted to Allena well served by Cobelli, but the powerful conclusion is fortuitously deflected by a defender. Pass just 3 'and Fragni from the left leaves a cross that finds the inclusion of Spini that doubles head. The cuneesi seem stunned by the double passive, and on a defensive disengagement lose ball and Giacinti not to escape to Asteggiano. At the 20 'Allena in the midfield lunette fight like a lion and with a millimeter passage serves on the Cobelli race that with a low shot the innocent Carminati. Answers the formation of Bergamo, with Giacinti that angola too much the conclusion and the sphere is lost at the bottom; At 36 'Atalanta loses the ball in attack and offers the side to the restart Cuneo but the diagonal of De Paoli ends to the side. In the second minute recovery, the Cuneo shortens the distances, down in the right wing of Cobelli that makes a cross for the inclusion of Cerato, who with a lob Carminati jumps out. The cuneesi push to grab a draw and at the 15 'Allena serves Cobelli for the final thrust but the conclusion ends just above the crossbar; at the 25 'the formation of Bergamo missing the possible 4 to 2 with Santus that at the last moment the conclusion is missing. At half an hour it's up to Cuneo to miss the draw on a cross from the right of Cerato for the insertion of Allena but his slide in the slide ends high above the crossbar. The last assaults on the atalantine gate are nowhere to be seen and after 3 'minutes of recovery, Mr Giudici sends everyone in the shower. Next Sunday, Franciacorta will arrive at the Cuneo Youth Park for the meeting that will conclude the 2011 / 2012 season.

Atalanta: Carminati, Rossi, Fragini, Spini, Spini, Bonati, Piacezzi (26 'St. Poeta), Giacinti (1'st Pandolfi), Pirovano, Santus, Barcella, Caio (13' St. Agostinelli). Available: Salvi, Brasi, Picchi, Fenaroli. All. Ceroni

Cuneo: Asteggiano, Armitano, Vallauri (22 'St. Sechi), Naso, Zucconelli, Buzzoni, Allena, Curioso, De Paoli, Cerato, Cobelli. Available: Pittavino, Gallo. All. Bertoloni

Referee: Giudici (Legnano)

Markers: 12 'Barcella (A), 17' Spine (A), 18 'Hyacinths (A), 20' Cobelli (C), 47 'Cerato (C)

Diego Naso

In the photograph: Francesca Vallauri

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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