Monday, 17th October 2016
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Franciacorta - Romagnano

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Romagnano, eight scoring opportunities and zero goals: percentage of achievement 0%. Franciacorta, four scoring opportunities and three goals: percentage of achievement 75%. The numbers in the game of football are merciless and best photograph the defeat for 3-0 of Romagnano in Erbusco in the home of Franciacorta. The classification does not change that much, because perfection would have been the victory in the Sardinian derby of Oristano, but now the Romagnano is again last, although on equal points with the Caprera at 90 'from the conclusion. On Sunday the grenades will receive Inter, while the islanders will see it with the Alexandria. In case of an equal points finish, it will be a play-off on neutral ground. The certainty remains of a result that is too heavy and untrue for what was seen in the field in Lombardy. Without Lomazzi and Medina, Mr. Morganti is forced to do without even goalkeeper Marabelli. The behavior of the Sesian goalkeeper who played with the little finger of his left hand broken during the warm-up is commendable: for her it is the second serious injury within a few months after the one on the little finger of the 30 December right hand. The Romagnano in the first half is a steamroller: the Franciacorta do understand us little, but they adapt without excessive damage. A bit 'the skill of Massimo, a bit' the imprecision of the attackers, the fact is that Soragni, Bevilacqua and Graziotto waste three excellent opportunities, in addition to the punishment of Zignone crossbar. In the second half, Franciacorta is very little, while Romagnano continues to hold the field with authority, but without being able to sting. The defense holds up well until the 75 ', when a cross shot by Colombi deceives the entire rearguard and slips on the edge of the post. Crazy what happens to the minute 80: Graziotto pulls, Massimo rejects, on the rebound Tuberga pounces which is walled by Ghilardi, Piana takes over but does not frame the door. At 83 'Ravasio's 2-0 with a precise free kick under the crossbar. Another chance wasted by Soragni, then the setback on Sandrini's counterattack at the 90 '. The comment of Mr. Morganti is laconic: "We can't do anything if we fail the impossible in front of the door. We played well, but it wasn't enough, I'm sorry for the defense that played a positive race anyway. We don't give up, we're still hanging on hope of the playout ".

Franciacorta: Massimo, Ghilardi, Buizza (46 'Mazza), Maffezzoni, Ciocchi (70' Colombi), Pelizzari, Agnesi, Sandrini, Scalvini, Ravasio, Alberici (65 'Salomoni). Available: Belotti, Tavelli, Cappellini, Rossi. All .: Brusa.

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Buccella, Giannetti, Pella, De Nicolò, Soncin, Soragni, Zaretti (67 'Piana), Zignone (75' Tuberga), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. Available: Zampieron, Frisardi. All .: Morganti.

Referee: Sezze di Legnano. Networks: 75 'Colombi, 83' Ravasio, 90 'Sandrini.

Notes: ammonite Pella, Bevilacqua and Maffezzoni.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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