Ganzirri, debut at the home of Lazio

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lamendola_molinoIt will be played in Rome, on the field of the SS Lazio C5 female, the first official competition of the Ganzirri Parish; the news directly from the President Salvatore Molino present, together with the Director General Salvatore La Mendola, to the draws carried out on 11 September at the Florence Expo.

The Ganzirri path will start from the capital, which on the first day of the women's 5 series A football championship, will face the ruled SS Lazio C5 female; this is the verdict of the draws made on 11 September during the Florence Expo.

Obviously, this is a start that is not easy for the coastal association, given that the Capitoline team, with its four Scudettos and two Italian cups, is one of the most successful teams in the national women's futsal scene.

Immediately after the draw, these are the words of an euphoric President Salvatore Molino, present in Florence with the Director General Salvatore La Mendola:

"The draw has reserved us to start our adventure in the top flight, in Rome against one of the most famous teams of the national female futsal, better this way, this will make us immediately enter the difficult climate of Serie A, which will not, certainly , no easy game, we will face all the races with the utmost commitment, looking every day to improve and be more competitive ".

Meanwhile, the group also leaves behind the second week of preparation, characterized by the usual hard athletic work, but also by the first technical-tactical sessions.

Messina, 12 September 2011 The Press Office


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