Friday, February 28 2020
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CUP OF VICENZA CITY: Verona to avalanche on the Padua

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verona2012pVerona and Padova face each other in the qualifying competition for the final of the prestigious "Coppa Città di Vicenza" which for the first year also opens to women's football.
The Verona is presented for this end-of-season commitment with a modified training and some insertions such as the Italian-German Valentina Maceri neo-purchase gialloblù for the next sports season.
The Padua, series A2 training, holds for 14 minutes to the impact strength of the Gialloblù that unlock the result with Marta Carissimi. At half an hour the padovens come to a draw with Gobbato but the network of white shields has the effect of waking up the scaligere five minutes later still take the lead again with Carissimi. Race virtually closed shortly thereafter with D'Antonio's authority. The Verona takes off and before the rest rounds off with the third personal mark of an inspired Marta Carissimi.

In the second half, despite the swirl of substitutions does not change the plot of the match with the Gialloblù on the net thanks to Toselli, Capelloni and still Carissimi who signs the network of the personal quatern and the 7 to 1 final.
On Wednesday evening in Verona, the Verona players will face the winner of the Sunday match between Vicenza and Prix Le Torri. The team that will win the City of Vicenza Cup will meet on Sunday 10 June at the Menti Stadium the Spaniards of Atletico Madrid.

The Gialloblù impose 7 at 1 on Padua and arrive at the final of the Coppa Città di Vicenza. Quaterna for Marta Carissimi.

Networks: Pt. 14 'Dear, 29' Gobbato, 34 'Dear, 40' aut. D'Antonio, 45 'Dear friends. St. 1 'Toselli, 19' Capelloni, 22 'Dear.
Verona: Gava, Belfanti (1 'St. De Stefano), Ledri, Carissimi, Squizzato, Toscano Aggio, Toselli (21' St. Dal Bianco), Gelmetti (1 'St. Mascanzoni), Maceri (13' St. Capelloni) , Girelli (17 'St. Usvardi), Cantoro.
Available: Ohrstrom, Usvardi, Mascanzoni, De Stefano, Dal Bianco, Capelloni.
Coach: Longega.
Padua: Veronese, Pizzeghello (31 'St Lunati), Dal Pozzolo, Stefani (1' St Giuffrè), Gobbato (17 'St Rapesi), D'Antonio, Norido, Stefanello (44' pt. Ferrato), Rizzo (15 'St. Mazzucato), Baldan, Zanon.
Available: Mazzuccato, Gioffrè, Rapesi, Lunati, Ferrato, Zabbeo.
Coach: Pepato.
Referee: Francesco Tartaglione of Vicenza.
Notes: Artificial grass field, sultry and cloudy evening. ammonite Aggio and Rapesi. Spectators about 200.

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