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2011-2012 flash news

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cesari brescia_thumb_medium200_240First of all, I must, alas, congratulate the formation of Fiorentina that has won, with merit, the 41 ° edition of the Trophy Beppe Viola Arco di Trento, just to the detriment of the formation of my company ACF Brescia Femminile. It was certainly not a good race, probably very much felt by the two teams, given the importance of the stakes, and at the end the field gave its verdict by rewarding the formation that has been able to better realize the opportunities propitiated by turning them into goals.

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Thanks to the collaboration of the Bardolino Verona company, we can show you the HQ video, with 720 x 576 resolution, of 21 'synthesis of the Verona - Tavagnacco match.
The companies are reminded that the editors of are happy to publish the videos of the matches, including the entire competition, or media initiatives and commercials for the promotion of women's football.
The service is free, just send the DVD with the images to the headquarters of, we'll take care of the rest!

To see the video of the match click here

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