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2011-2012 flash news

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Emoticon20ApplausiThe Fiammamonza company has not accepted or responded to the homage of the "Football FMR - management software for sports associations" award assigned to the six most voted companies by sportsmen on the web.
The company Brianza does not deny and not only renounces the free prize, but has not even responded to the various emails sent by our editorial staff. A unique way to show respect and gratitude. The Award, worth € 500, remains vacant and will be up for grabs with future initiatives. Congratulations Fiammamonza!

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Fabiana Comin, the revelation coach of the Serie A 2010-2011 championship at the helm of Venice, will be part of the Gialloblù technical staff for the next sporting season.
The Treviso coach, but now Veronese by adoption, returns to the Scaliger club where he had played for seven years in the role of goalkeeper conquering the first national titles (Supercoppa, Scudetto and Coppa Italia).
Fabiana Comin will help the technician Renato Longega to lead the first team and lead the Primavera team together with Roberto Marchesini.

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In the coming days the press release will be issued with the organization of the activities. What will you wait for? the crisis looms, the companies are in difficulty, the inscriptions increase considerably. With this picture, the reconfirmation of the A2 Series becomes ever more uncertain, which could change its name in series B! a return to the past of which many feel nostalgia, convinced to increase the quality of the athletes, lowering the number of championships and teams.

The choice seems to be between a series of two-round A2 / B series or an increase in rounds-interregional and rebound an increase in regional championships .. all to decrease the costs of travel and skim the promoted with the return to the formula "play off-play out"

Everything can also depend on the number of pre-registrations to the B series but if the rumors are real (we hope not) it seems that many teams close their doors or review the activities and this choice would bring more teams in the regions.
Will Spring come back to bloom? It seems that the organization of the championship-flagship of many companies is no longer mandatory and goes in the hands of the Regional Committees, despite the bad experience of last year. Apart from that, the important, in my opinion, will be the formula with which the best teams will access the national finals ... It is unthinkable that the first of each group, where there are groups full of excellent teams and groups composed of 4 / 6 teams lower scores among them.

we just have to wait for the next days ...

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With a fax today, the Cosentino Coordinator advises all companies that have a liability to DCF to pay the amounts to cover the liabilities no later than the 12 July.
5 days to honor the liabilities, but if we count that there is a weekend, the companies that have wanted and voted Dr. Tavecchio have 3 days to adjust the normal administrative positions! If the good day is seen from the morning, we are not surprised if in the release nr. 1 the clubs will find increases in membership to the championship ..

Walter Pettinati

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