Saturday, August 24 2019
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A hidden camera in the locker room of a women's soccer team

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The women's soccer players of the Gigantes, Madrid's women's soccer team, were too late to notice the presence of a video camera placed in the ceiling of their showers and when, amid dismay, they filed a complaint to the Getafe judicial police against the director sportsman of the club, David Cogollor, son of the president.
The facts would have occurred on April 28 at the Arcas football field of Getafe (Madrid).

The coach said that after the game, the players found the video camera hidden in the ceiling of the dressing room that was pointing under the showers. The players after viewing the video realized that the author had recovered while he was placing the camera: it was David Cogollor, sport director of the club.
The Gigantes are based in the neighborhood of Arganzuela in Madrid and play at the Juan Antonio Samaranch sports center. In the Club's organizational chart, published on the club's website, only two are listed: a president, Sebastian (Sebastian Cogollor, as registered by the Madrid Federation) and a technical secretary, David Cogollor. "Both held more roles.
The federation of Madrid is not aware of the facts, a member of the committee explained. "When you have a complaint, the Federation takes care of the strictly sporting one, and justice takes care of everything else." The parents of the players are very worried, as one of them said: "We do not know how many times it happened, and if the video has been disclosed ".
Of course, many players have refused to continue playing on the team.

source: El Pais de Madrid

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