Final-Eight Scudetto: REAL STATTE CAMPIONE

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REAL STATES IS CHAMPION OF ITALY BATTED THE VIRTUS ROME TO THE RIGERS - Extraordinary match at the Sports Palace of Cercola. Nicoletti's hat-trick responds to the goals of Pastore, Pomposelli and Guercio. On the penalty kicks we think captain D'Ippolito to score the goal-Scudetto It took the penalty shootout, but in the end Real Statte wins his third championship title against a beautiful Virtus Roma. The score at the end of regulation time was 3-3, thanks to the fantastic hat-trick of Nicoletti who responded to Roma's goals as Pastore, Pomposelli and Guercio. At the penalty lottery there was Captain D'Ippolito, the story of the rossoblù club, to deliver the championship to his teammates. A game that will be remembered for a long time by both formations, which gave life to a wonderful game, pulled until the last second. For those present at the Sports Palace of Cercola this match was the spot of this beautiful discipline In the first five minutes of the game there is the most complete balance between the two teams in the field, few conclusions worthy of note in the mirror of the door, although Rome seems more aggressive. At the sixth minute Pomposelli gets rid of the captain D'Ippolito marking and his conclusion in the heart of the small area is punctually defused by the reactive Margarito. The most delicious opportunity happens on the feet of Cariani, his blow to the right flight in the penalty area takes a large crossbar that makes the tarantine tremble. At the ninth minute Nicoletti imitated well Convertino on the right, but the jonica player just misses the hook. The game is played on high rhythms, there is little room to give the coronary a few moments of rest. Nicoletti runs to more I can not, Convertino stems well the capitoline initiatives. Captain D'Ippolito alternates with D'Andria, who immediately enters the game. On the thirteenth, however, comes the advantage of Rome with Pastor, who penetrates the left out and pierces Margarito out. Two minutes later Rome close to doubling, the Pomposelli-Margarito duel is still repeated, won by the extreme defender rossoblù who rejects immolating the attempt of realization. It is difficult for Real, who struggles to get out of his half, with Margarito often kept apprehensive, see the superlative answer on Cenciarelli from distance. The conclusions on the side of the defender Giallorossi Moretti continue to latit with Virtus Roma who manages to risk little and nothing. At seventeen seconds from the end for the players of the capital Alvino goes close to 2-0 with a violent right first intention that goes off a little high on the crossbar. With this partial we go to rest. At the second minute of the recovery, the Statte enters the field determined and Susy Nicoletti is super in immediately reestablishing the same with a terrible stone from the distance that petrifies Moretti. The goal of the draw reassures Marzelline noticeably, even if Rome continues to worry Margarito, see the second cross of Alvino. At the seventh minute Margarito makes yet another paratone on Guercio, always out. Not even the time to sweat because of the danger that D'Andria exalts the reflexes of Moretti, good to raise a nice conclusion in the corner. Compared to the first half the Statte seems much more in the ball and a nice game. Before the time-out called at the tenth minute, there is a good pressing and possession of the rossoblù ball, even if there are no net occasions worthy of note, both on one side and the other. At the twelfth minute, however, Rome took the lead with Pomposelli, who properly exploited a corridor on the left, putting Margarito in the lower corner. The favorable opportunity for the Statte to equalize does not materialize even when Virtus Roma plays in four for the expulsion for double admonition of Tittoni. Buonfrate goes very close to us with a conclusion from the distance that goes off slightly to the side. However, the joy of the new peer is only postponed, the usual Nicoletti invents an anthology goal by downloading a right from midfield that slams on the back of Moretti before buying the net. The bomber of Salento is the thorn in the side of the Giallorossi, a minute later he invents a header back directly on the postponement of Margarito who is diverted for what is enough from Moretti, who saves his companions in the corner. Forty-six seconds from the end, free kick without consequence for the Statte. It is the last chance of the regular time, we go to extra on the 2-2. In the five minutes of extra time the two teams think more to restrain themselves than to offend, but the sensational advantage Statte could materialize one minute from the end with captain D'Ippolito: on the developments of a smooth opponent he finds himself face to face with Moretti, but his right plate goes out on the external network. It is the last chance of the first extra period. Two minutes and thirty from the end we try Buonfrate from outside, without luck. Two minutes from the siren high danger for Real with Nicoletti who commits the fifth foul. But the same player from Salento blew up the roar rossoblù of the Palazzetto dello Sport of Cercola signing the 2-3 goal in a cross section. A few seconds later on the feet of the same Nicoletti happens to the ball to close the match, but incredibly empty door settles the ball out. Joy only momentary because on the developments of the next corner Guercio imitates it and does the 3-3 that sends the teams on penalties. Rome begins with Guercio, shot to the side. Real Statte responds with Nicoletti, who insane by displacing the goalkeeper. Then it's up to Alvino, who realizes in the lower left corner. Real Statte shooting with Nicoletti, who realizes coldly.Cenciarelli sends on the post the third penalty for his, same fate for Convertino, which sends out. Pomposelli for Roma makes a goal, as D'Andria puts under the bottom. Pomposelli keeps Rome alive but at the next penalty he is apotheosis: D'Ippolito bags and delivers to the Real Statte the third Scudetto of his history. A game to remember INTERVIEWS Tony Marzella, coach Statte: "An incredible match, my girls were fantastic. We knew we were facing a very great Virtus Roma. The capitoline have suffered us to the last, proving that they are a team with the flakes. At one point I was afraid of not making it, but fortunately the girls always believed in it. We will remember this game for a long time, it will remain indelible in our hearts. And now we are going to complete this extraordinary season with the conquest of the Italian Cup, we want the great slam ". Susanna Nicoletti, pivot: "It is an indescribable emotion. We have faced an opponent, the Virtus Roma, which is among the strongest in Italy, with the conviction of having to sweat until the end. It was great to score the three goals, and to say that I could close the match even before but I could not. But it does not do anything, the important thing is that we managed to conquer our third Scudetto. It is an immense joy that I share with all my extraordinary companions. In reality we are not yet realizing yet another extraordinary enterprise that we have achieved. We are super happy. Now let's enjoy this trophy and then focus on the Italian Cup ". Virtus Roma-Real Statutes 3-3 (4-3 after penalties) Virtus Roma: 1 Moretti, 2 Pomposelli, 3 Guercio, 4 Cenciarelli, 5 Alvino, 6 Bar, 7 Tittoni, 8 Cavariani, 10 Pastore (k) , 11 Storari, 12 Cariani, 13 Storari. All. Real Statets: 1 Blasi, 3 Magistro, 4 Deleonardo, 5 Dipierro, 6 Convertino, 7 D'Andria, 8 Buonfrate, 9 D'Ippolito (k), 10 Nicoletti, 11 Peluso, 12 Digiorgio (p), 28 Margarito (p). All.Marzella Referees: Ciocca and Palone di Campobasso Cumbo di Ostia Timekeeper: Barbato di Napoli Markers: 13 ° Shepherd, 21 ° st Nicoletti, 31 ° Pomposelli, 35 ° Nicoletti, Angles: 10-3 Ammonites: Expelled Pomposelli: Tittoni for double admonition, spectators: 600 GOALKEEPERS DATE OF BIRTH HEIGHT MILITARY IN TEAM Valentina Margarito 9 May 1989 1.78 2005-2006 Daniela Blasi 19 February 1982 1.76 2008-2009 Irene Digiorgio 20 March 1987 1.73 2008-2009 DEFENDERS Patrizia Convertino 24 June 1976 1.66 1997-1998 Roberta Buonfrate March 27 1977 1.74 1998-1999 Maria Pia Magistro August 9 1984 1.55 2008-2009 UNIVERSAL Mina D'Ippolito August 22 1973 1.76 1997-1998 Patrizia D'Andria October 18 1981 1.70 1995-1996 Maria De Leonardo April 6 1992 1.69 2007 -2008 ATTACCANTI Susanna Nicoletti 17 July 1983 1.67 2002-2003 Nicoletta Dipierro 22 January 1986 1.68 2006-2007 Anna Peluso 26 Marz or 1983 1. 75 2008-2009 NATIONALITY: All the girls are Italian SOPRANNOMI: Valentina Margarito "IL GATTO" Patrizia Convertino "BAMBA" Susanna Nicoletti "THE PHENOMENON" Organization chart PRESIDENT: Giuseppe Marzella TRAINER: Antonio Marzella GOALKEEPER TRAINER: Luca Sardella DIRECTORS: Angelo Axo , Emilio D'Ippolito, Vito Mola, Gianfranco Lovelli OFFICE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE: Gisberto Muraglia Gisberto Muraglia - Publicist Press Officer Real Statte telephone numbers 338 9557221 (TIM) - 389 5531654 (WIND) Personal e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. 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