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ITALIAN SUPERCOPPA, BARDOLINO vs TORRES! In the beautiful Taormina the two great women's Italian football face the 26 September 2009 21,15 hours. (Live Rai Sport more) to contend for the coveted trophy The National Amateur League - Women's Football Division in collaboration with ASD TAORMINA CALCIO organizes the Supercoppa competition between the winning company, the National Championship of Serie A and the losing Club, the final of the Italian Cup of the 2008 / 2009 season. (the winning company coincides with the title of Campione d'Italia and the Coppa Italia). (from the official DCF release 15 of the 17 September 2009) DIRECT RAI SPORT MORE - 21.15 HOURS 1) Participation of ASD CF teams Bardolino Verona - Campione d'Italia ss 2008 / 2009 Torres Calcio - finalist of the Italian Cup ss 2008/2009. 2) Location - date and time of execution Taormina (ME): 26 September 2009 hours 21,15. (Live Rai Sport more) 3) Playground Municipal sports court "V. Bacigalupo "" of Taormina, located in Via G. Marconi. (artificial grass) 4) Financial Conditions The ASD Companies TAORMINA CALCIO will pay the travel and subsistence expenses for the participating teams in n. of 30 people per team as well as ensuring on-site transport. The two teams will be contacted by the organizers for the definition of all the operational details. REGULATION Art.1 How to proceed In order to proceed with the assignment of the Super Cup, a match will be played in a neutral field in a single competition. The race will be played in two 45 minutes each. In the event of a tie at the end of the regulation time, in order to determine the winning team, the referee will proceed to have the penalty shots carried out according to the procedures established by the current regulations. Art.2 Replacing Knitting Machines During the competitions, five players may be substituted for each team regardless of their position. Each company must indicate on the list the names of a maximum number of eighteen players, to be delivered to the referee before the race. Art.3 Sports Discipline The sports discipline is delegated to the Sports Justice Organs of the Women's Football Division. The penalties for disqualification for one or more days of competition, imposed by the competent Organ of Sports Justice in relation to Executives, Technicians, or Shredders, related to Supercoppa race, will have to be discounted in the National Championship of competence (Serie A, A2 or B) in the current sport season. At the Supercoppa match, the players and / or card holders will not be able to participate, which at the end of the Sporting Season, must still discount or disqualify periods imposed on them during Championship or Italian Cup competitions. Art.4 Complaints Any complaints, including those relating to the irregular position of the players and / or members, who took part in the competition, must be announced in writing to the referee within half an hour from the end of the competition and the reasons given to the Judge Sports no later than one hour after the end of the race; a copy of the complaint must be delivered to the other party, who may, in a maximum of one hour from receipt of the copy of the complaint, present his counter-deductions. The fee set in € 100,00 must be attached to the complaint. Art.5 Applications Federal regulations For anything not provided for in this Regulation, reference is made to the articles of the Internal Organizational Rules of the FIGC, the Code of Sporting Justice and the Regulations of the National Amateur League. Published in Rome the 17 September 2009 and posted on the register of the Women's Football Division. The Secretary (Patrizia Recandio) The President (Giancarlo Padovan) [img] [/ img]
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