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Season 2006 / 2007


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Warm spring sunshine at the Comunale of Castiglione del Lago, the girls give the second consecutive victory to Mr. Mariotti confirming the head of the standings while not expressing the best. In the first 20 minutes dominated by the girls of the DS Franca Oman that repeatedly touch the advantage; and right at the 20 'that Gloria Lanzani is injured, does Alice Massera take over? an excellent match. Last 25 minutes of the 1? time they see Perugia forward with beautiful phrases that for? they never carry conclusions in dangerous doors. Start shooting and after not even 1 minute Fusetti retrieves the ball, Tagliacarne pulls in the door and on the rebel Gaziotto bags. Tradate with grit defends itself to the 90 'without ever taking big risks. Satisfaction on the face of President Savina Pasciuti for having conquered the victory with his teeth!

The running of the Graphistudio under 19 continues imperiously

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It ends again with a rain of goals. This time, six goals have been scored by the young giallobl ?, who return from Padova with another victory, the third consecutive in the Primavera championship. The goal of the momentary advantage of the landlord, signed with a free kick kicked from the 20 meters, serves only to unleash the gritty response of the girls of Maciel. Many goals scored by the team, on all those of Pezzarini, more? opportunities lack a breath of the net. Do you think about it? Little angels to straighten out the result, before the interval. Opening on the left and action that develops in speed? on the band, for the final decisive touch of the attacker.

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Press release Fiammamonza

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP? INSCRIPTION OF THE TEAM B? A NECESSARY CHOICE MONZA. Following some considerations circulated in the environment of women's football, voices containing inaccuracies, the? Asd Fiammamonza keeps clarity about the registration of their team? Allieve? in the Primavera championship in the role of second team. The Allieve team had been regularly enrolled in the regional championship of competence. In September, the Lombardy Regional Committee communicated the impossibility to the Asd Fiammamonza. of organizing a Women's Leagues championship due to the lack of registered teams (only three applications submitted, Fiammamonza, Milan, Atalanta). Faced with the sudden and unexpected emergency of having to face a possible breakup of the team, resulting in the removal of about twenty girls from the company? the Fiammamonza sought a solution that would allow her young athletes to continue to do the sport they love. Since it is not possible, for personal reasons, to set up a Giovanissime B team? was forced to ask for the registration of a Spring B in the relevant championship of competence.

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Multedo-Brescia 2-1

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The Multedo beats Brescia, considered by everyone the great favorite of the championship, at the end of a vibrant and fought race. With this victory, the Multedo redeems the undeserved misstep of the first day in Sardinia and is proposed, waiting for the return of long-term Drago and Sulfaro, as a loose cannon of the group with the goal of improving the fifth place of last year while Brescia returns to Lombardy redimensioned and with the awareness that the immediate return in serious A2 will be? surely more? difficult than they had anticipated.

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The Pontecagnano makes Rome tremble. The Giallorossi win of measurement (2-1) only in the final.

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ROME - Fabio Cocozza's Women's Pontacagnano against Rome's mister Cola defeat. The Picentine, after a race to say the least exciting, are mocked by the Giallorossi during the entire race suffered the smooth and lively maneuver of the eleven Salerno. Amaro in the mouth for captain Luongo & C. who had immediately gone ahead with Rossi putting under the undecapitolino that dragged from the usual Parejo? managed to win only in the final. The Picentines have to say also about the refereeing of Mr. Cesarini and his assistants who, according to the Picentine management, did not whistle a net offside on the action of the draw of the Romans

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Tavagnacco vs Agliana 2 - 2

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Rocambolesco draw Agliana in Udine against the difficult Tavagnacco achieved when he now savored the first win of the season. The Friulians start to rocket after three minutes with Camporese beating Cupid with a pitched shot. Stuff to knock down a bull. L? Agliana accuses the blow and leans dangerously on the ropes undergoing what seems to be the blow of the knockout when at the 23? suffers the second goal on a penalty kick made by Brumana. As if this were not enough just because of the phallus committed Carolina Pini? forced to take an unexpected early shower. Tavagnacco in eleven, Agliana in ten? .. and who knows? what thoughts pass in the head of President Marassini !! And instead lass? someone loves us and we too have a little known but precious Saint protector: San Recupero.

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Aurora Bergamo-Asd Ludos Palermo 2-0

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PRESS RELEASE FAILED IN TRANSFER FOR ASD LUDOS PALERMO ON THE FIELD OF AURORA BERGAMO THE PALERMOANTS CREATE, AFFECT A POLE AND A CROSS BUT SUBJECT TWO NETWORKS External defeat for Asd Ludos Palermo in the Aurora Aurora field. On the second day of the Serie A / 2 women's soccer championship (Group A) the girls trained by Massimiliano Osman were beaten for 2-0 due to the goals scored by Ardemagni, who scored twice, at 76 'and 89 '.

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Florence vs Bardolino 0 - 2

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THE JEWEL CANDS WITH HONOR TO THE CORDORATE BARDOLINO The Gioiello Firenze loses, with a dry result, for 2-0 the challenge of the home debut in Serie A after 13 years against the armored Bardolino. The right result, perhaps a little excessive, above all for what the violets have shown during the first half, when especially in the central phase, have put the Venetian ropes. Under a scorching sun, in front of over 300 spectators, and Viola only capitulated for a defensive error in the second part of the race, when the guests increased their intensity. of their offensive raids. Florence has committed a couple of errors of inexperience and suffered the first goal. Ball wandering in the lily area, purple defense error, tried to fix Spina that was backward to help the companions, but, in the area, wrong stop the chest, Boni took advantage and put on the network at half-height for l? 1-0. The viola technician tried the card Alia Guagni, roster of tip. All? 26? for? was the blue Gabbiadini that, in counterattack, effectively closed the match. "Our championship, of course, begins next Saturday - said the president of the lily team Luciano Bagni smiling - why? against the two teams pi? strong of the championship, we, from newly promoted on paper we could not do more ...

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