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Season 2006 / 2007

Pontecagnano Women's Cup Commitment

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the Picentines at the "23 June 1978" host the Salernitana. Ennesimo commitment of Serie B "Enel" Italian Cup for the Pontecagnano Femminile.Le dolphin of Iannuzzo tomorrow, at 15, will be on stage between the walls of the "23 Jun 1978" where they will host the female Salernitana Rosaria Saggese for historical derby. The Picentine, coached by "Admiral" Fabio Cocozza, in the week have prepared in detail the match trying and trying again all the patterns. Are 20 the players from the trainer Picentino, including the striker Avagliano who, after the long injury,? returned available last week.

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Italian Cup - Asd Ludos PAlermo VS Upea Orlandia '97

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THE ITALIAN CUP IS BACK WITH THE ASD LUDOS PALERMO COMMITTED AT HOME AGAINST UPEA ORLANDIA FIXED THE RECOVERY OF STRACITTADINA ON THE FIELD OF THE AQUILES: IT WILL PLAY THE 7 NOVEMBER AT THE 20 two consecutive weeks of staging the championship. The Asd Ludos Palermo will be? at home against Upea Orlandia '97 of former Piera Manzella on the fourth day of the 8 Group of the event. The meeting is dipsuter? at 15 on the field of Fincantieri all'Acquasanta.

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Pontecagnano Women: Resumption of training in view of the Cup derby with Salernitana

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After the canonical day of rest, subsequent to the internal equal against Juve Stabia, the female Pontecagnano will resume? Tuesday? preparation for the Coppa Italia match against Salernitana by mister Saggese. Will the training session take place? at "XXIII June 1978" of Pontecagnano Faiano at the orders of the trainer Cocozza and his staff. The Picentino coach for Sunday's home game will recover? Olga Avagliano but will not have? the disqualified Pina Giordano.

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Multito-Levante 2-1

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Second consecutive success for the Multedo that deservedly won the Ligurian derby against an ostentatious and combative Levante and is so? in a good classic position that allows her to focus exclusively on the Italian Cup for the next two challenges, decisive for the passage of the round, which will see the girls of Mr. Ferullo committed against Juventus and Quart.

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Spring: RIOZZESE? 2-11 TAPE (1-4)

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PALMIERI SHOW AND FLAMES IN VALANGA ON THE RIOZZESE CERRO AL LAMBRO? Without history also this race for the Primavera della Fiammamonza that also plays in ten for 20? but he has no problem beating the young and less technically equipped with the Riozzese. On the shields Roberta Palmieri unstoppable author of nine networks. Good, however, the choral proof of the red and white.

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Upea Orlandia? 97: draw with many regrets L? Upea Orlandia? 97 returns from the trip to Piedmont against the ACF. Alexandria with a tie, confirming in the chronicle the significant improvements in the game and in the mental approach to the race, but also, unfortunately, the lack of cynicism and coldness under the door, which allowed the opposing team to stay in the game, even if dominated for long traits of the meeting. The final result of 2 to 2, which on the eve could be signed by the management orlandina, in the end seems not to please, since? matured after a sumptuous performance in the propositions in attack, but oversized penalized by misfortune and some defensive uncertainty.

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22 / 10 / 2006 VIRTUS FOSSANO-CS FRANCIACORTA 0 -1 The adventure of the freshman Cs Franciacorta in the Serie B championship is very bad The defeat in the first day in Genoa for 5 in 0 A good performance in the second day on Juventus (4-2) On the third day the CS Franciacorta takes home from the field of Fossano three points deserved thanks to the territorial supremacy where the midfield of the Brescia has absolutely excelled.


Eurospin Torres vs Tavagnacco 1 - 1

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Like last year, the Tavagnacco confirms the black beast of Torres denying the rossoblu the joy of the third consecutive victory. The two teams have divided the stakes, but it is the Sassari to recriminate for a draw that is evidently close to the team of Ennas, in light of the many opportunities from the net had not been exploited. The guests have torn a point, without even pulling once in the mirror of the door. The Friulian goal? in fact born of a harmless free kick kicked by three quarters and drained in the middle of the penalty area. Conti and companions have instead had at least four clear scoring goals that have failed to materialize, a little? unfortunately, a little? for the exploits of Marcutti and a p? for own demerits.

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THE SENIGALLIA BLINDA LA CAPOLIST, AL SADA AND? 0 TO 0 MONZA? The Fiammamonza does not go beyond 0 to 0 at home against the obstinate Senigallia in a fairly predictable contest in the course of which the Brianza? missed only the acute. A good performance that of the girls of Mr. Grilli that against an opponent ordered and ready to close every space sought in vain, and in some cases without luck, the way of goals. Skirmishes at the start and a chance? then for the 25? Ramera is put in front of the door after a nice triangulation between Stracchi and Paliotti; the ex-atalantina does not hit the mirror of the door. Senigallia when can it? builds and at the 26? Mencaccini flings on the side assisted by Rosciani. At the 32? big chance for Paliotti that ...


Rivignano - San Martino

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First victory of the freshman San Martino in Serie B., decimated by several absences due to gambling accidents, the girls of Mr. Maddalena Pasetto succeeded in bringing home their first victory, coming away at the expense of Rivignano for 2 - 1 there ? bodes well for the future, salvation remains the main objective. The nets for San Martino Lara Posenato and Rachele Perobello.

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