Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Season 2006 / 2007


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Levante concrete, comes the first victory in the Italian cup. Chiavari. The Levante has the best on Bogliasco and gets the first victory in the Italian cup. The two Ligurian teams have given life to a balanced game in which, however, there have been missed opportunities from the net. A p? because of the defenses that left little space to their attacks, a p? for the lack of precision in the last step; the fact remained that the work for Piola and Bandini did not go beyond normal administration. The first half passes without jolts; a couple of cues from Picone and Sartelli for the Levante, some conclusions from the distance for the Bogliasco, for the rest it was a trench fight with the two teams involved in the vain attempt to gain meters in midfield. In the second half Levante pi? aggressive, but the music does not change; to move the balance then the coaches try with the changes: Minoliti inserts Pappalardo to increase the danger? in attack, Macelloni responds by inserting Zucconelli for Rosati. The result, for ?, changes to 71 'for the classic episode: Picone, entered in a defilated area on the right, is faced by Macr? that on the momentum commits a foul as clear as naive. It is a penalty that Sacco transforms by displacing Bandini. Immediate guest reaction at the 78 'close to the tie: Pastorino from the distance hits the crossbar in the middle, on the ball comes Ansaldi who can not reply in the network. The action continues with the same Ansaldi that ends up on the ground, it would be rigorous but n? referee, n? linesmen see the deduction against host attacker. To put everyone in agreement thinks Carino two minutes later with a sudden and accurate thirty-meter conclusion that leaves no way out to Bandini for the wonderful network of 2-0 that closes the game. The Bogliasco tries in the last ten minutes to shorten the distances but Belloni and companions guard the door defended by Piola that does not run serious dangers.

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Italian Cup: Florence vs Pisa 3 - 2

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THE JEWEL WINS IN PURE CUP WITH MANY ABSENCE Il Gioiello Florence, in training reworked for the absences of the national Guagni and Gori (for her 20? Minutes well played in Korea in the match that Italy has lost for 3-1 against Canada), without Giulia Orlandi struggling with the distortion at the ankle and with captain Patu at half service, he wins for 3-2 in the Italian Cup at San Marcellino against Pisa and keeps a full score in the group with three wins out of three. The networks for Florence were of ..

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Italian Cup: Turin vs Milan 4 - 1

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The Turin - Milan comparison in less than two months? played in all the sauces: in friendly, in the league and now in the Italian Cup. And for three times the victory? gone to the grenade: 3-1 to Ozzano in the 7? "Memorial Patrizia Dovico" at the beginning of September, 2-1 fifteen days ago in the 2a day of the A1 series, 4-1 tonight. An important result, the one achieved in the evening postponement to the "Nebiolo field", which delivers the pass of the first round of the Italian Cup to Giancarlo Padovan's Turin (will therefore return to the field against the winner of the 2 group on Saturday 17 February for the 'gone and Saturday 10 March for the return). Game definitely more? brilliant from the first minutes compared to that of the championship, perhaps about the field (two weeks ago soaked water) but certainly the two teams, although both lacking two holders each (in the national Zorri and Fuselli grenade and the rossonere Cassanelli and Perelli) and aware of playing the first goal of the season in practice.

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Italian Cup - Asd Ludos Palermo - Upea Orlandia '97

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FINISHES 1-1 THE DERBY BETWEEN ASD LUDOS PALERMO AND UPEA ORLANDIA? 97 TO DECIDE THE GAME BUTTACCIO AND BERTINO IN THE FIRST TIME On the fourth day of the 8 Group of the Italian women's soccer Cup ends in the same? the derby between Asd Ludos Palermo and Upea Orlandia? 97. To decide the 1-1 Buttaccio networks at 9? and Bertino at 39 ?. Expelled, both in the first half Buttaccio and Manzella.

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The Pontecagnano drops the tris: Salernitana ko

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PONTECAGNANO - FAIANO - Internal success for the Women's Pontecagnano which, for 3 and 1, liquidates the female Salernitana practice conquering it? the second success of the season in the Italian Cup "Enel" of B. Despite the turn-over implemented by the technician Cocozza (Bertolini, Greco, France, Desiderio have left space to the second lines, ed) the team has clearly beaten the cousins ​​Salerno, redeeming cos ? the 3 to 0 suffered in the first leg.

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Free the championship, the CARPISA NAPOLI FEMINILE prepares the derby next Sunday with Juventus from the leaders of the group stage of Italy, but above all with great desire for redemption after the beginning a bit? stunted in the league. IS? true that the girls of coach Barbara Nardi have faced three of the most? aggressive formations of the cadet tournament (Cosenza, Salernitana and the favoritissima Lazio) but only one point in the game has left a bitter taste in the mouth.Domenica beginning at 15.00 at the Denza field of Posillipo, Pastorini and companions will have the chance? to redeem himself, to try out modules, roles and tactics to better face the Sicilian transfers to the second half, but they can also close the Coppa Italia's speech by winning with great probability. with a victory the passage of the turn.


Italian Cup: Turin - Milan

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The Italian Cup match on Saturday 28 October against Milan is played AT THE 18,30 HOURS AT THE RUFFINI PARK NEBIOLO FIELD IN TURIN This variation yes? made necessary for the contemporaneity? with the match of the Primavera del Torino championship (which plays at 14,30 against Parma at the Nebiolo field) and for the impossibility? to play Venaria on the new field in via San Marchese (on the synthetic field of Venaria commitments, while the grass pitch is not yet accessible). Will be absent in Turin the two summoned with the national team, Tatiana Zorri and Silvia Fuselli (for Milan called the defenders Cassanelli and Perelli), leaving tomorrow for South Korea where? The "Peace Queen Cup" international tournament is scheduled from 26 October to November 6. Opponents of Italy in group A are Canada, Brazil and South Korea, while group B are part Australia, United States, Denmark and Holland.

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