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Season 2006 / 2007

Turin - Torres: press room

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The press room was particularly crowded on Saturday night after the Torino - Torres match. At the press conference were attended by the Italian national team technician, Pietro Ghedin (present also the manager responsible for the national Piergiorgio Gozzer and the organizer of the Italy Women's Cup, Sante Zaza), the coach Roberto Ennas for the Torres and the Iannella players and Coluccini, for the Turin players Caravilla and Pasqui. Present numerous journalists and Senator Roberto Salerno. Let's move on to the interviews ..

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The champions of Italy arrive, but the Graphistudio does not tremble

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Will you play? tomorrow at the municipal Tavagnacco at 14.30, the big match between Fiammamonza, champion of Italy in office, and the Grapistudio. ? Will we go down to the field to win?assures the technician Roberto Modonutti, who for tomorrow's challenge will be able to? count again on Sara Di Filippo and Giorgia Simonato, absent in the last race against Venezia Jesolo. ? Will we face a strong team like the Fiammamonza? explains the coach? but the Graphistudio has proved to be no less than anyone when he can best express his game ?. In favor of the giallobl? c ?? also the excellent physical condition of almost all players. ? The girls ? continues Modonutti - they are going through a good period of form and ..

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Florence - Agliana 0-1

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Florence? Agliana first act and the whole one is at stake in the province of Pistoia. To the ? Campo Bartolozzi? of Scandicci, in a match where the good game is? set aside to make room for a colorful agonism, to move the balance we think a flick on the axis Del Prete? Pines ([i] in the picture [/ i]). The neroverdi, in virt? of the difference in networks rising to + 10,? they approach the second round ?. SCANDICCI. Agliana with rear wheel drive. With the absence of the? 9 number? Ciardelli, Mr. Ghimenti relies on a pi? which buttoned 4-5-1. The former Pini becomes so? the central neroverde spur, with Fadda free to jig them far and wide behind and with the arrows? Del Prete on the left and Baldi on the right with license to offend by cutting to the center.

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Italian Cup - Eagles - Ludos Palermo 2-4

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THE FIRST VICTORY SEASON FOR THE ASD LUDOS PALERMO THE OSMAN TEAM WINS THE STRACITTADINA OF COPPA ITALIA In the recovery of the third day of the Italian women's football Cup the Asd Ludos Palermo expels the field of the Eagles in Bagheria and centers the first win of the season . Palermitan coached by Massimiliano Osman won over the cousins ​​led by Enzo Scalia for 4-2. The networks that have decided the meeting bring the signatures of Abbasta, who has made a double at the 11? and at 14 ?, by Ciranna at 35? and Span? at the 69 ?. The two goals of the home players have been scored by the former player of the Asd Ludos Palermo Maria Varia at 44? and at the 58 ?.

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Italian Cup - Eagles - Ludos Palermo

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ASD LUDOS PALERMO RECOVER TOMORROW THE DERBY OF CUP ITALY AGAINST THE AQUILIES IN BAGHERIA A GOOD TEST FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP It will be recovered tomorrow at 18 the stracittadina between Asd Ludos Palermo and Aquile valid for the third day of the 8 Group of the Italian Women's Soccer Cup . The match should have been played on the first of October, but the absence of the referee gave up the match.

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Spring, FLAMONY A - LIGHT 3-0 (0-0)

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SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP? 9 ^ DAY FIAMMAMIO OF CHARACTER, BATTLE THE BLUE AND PRIMATE IN CONSOLIDATED CLASSIFICATION MONZA? Great substance performance for the? Fiammette? that opposed to the other leader of the standings play a race made of dedication and concreteness and eventually bring home a precious victory that launches only at the top of the standings with only Como who has three points and one game less to chase. Start brilliant biancorosso, a header Sansonetti screaming at the goal then the guests, very strong especially in midfield try to make the race. Flame put a little on the defensive but Azzurre who find the door only on football placed: the two excellent attempts by Bonetti Bruno responds very well. In the second half come fresh forces, the Fiamma grows down the opponents and the 70? Nardi finds the goal that opens the dances. The biancorosse could spread, wrong a lot of sills then doubled and tripled in the final minutes.

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Pisa - Agliana 1-3

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Poker! Infectable colors when the air of the Cup breathe: four wins four, only one goal suffered and even ten made. With the Pisa opens bomber Ciardelli to the first seasoned sighed sign, embroidered the blue Ugolini and Baldi ([i] in the picture [/ i]) and the game? done. Next one? PISA. At the stadium? Abetone? you breathe derby air, do not you? pi? series A like a while? of years ago but the Italian Cup does not affect the nuances of what? was one of the most fights? interesting Tuscan football from the 90 years. Mister Ghimenti carousel his players:

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