In view of the Italian Cup Final

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SATURDAY 9 JUNE IN TURIN ASSIGNES THE ITALIAN CUP Let's hope!!! let's say we .. but it's not safe! In fact, it is rumored that Saturday will miss the President of the Division prof.ssa Levati and with you the delivery of the Cup. It is rumored that it will be delivered in September together with the Super Cup. Always by hearsay the game should be broadcast live on Rai Sport Sat. We'll see, (no direct! you will see the difference Monday at 19) for sure will broadcast the live radio in collaboration with Daniele Perina and Radio WEB RCS. Connect to our site at 18.30 In this regard says Padovan "we hope that the news of the absence of President Levati is groundless or there is an afterthought because if so, it is a shameful thing that is neither in heaven nor on earth, like Othello without Othello, as playing for the World Cup without the Cup delivery, I often ask myself why women's football does not have visibility, but because it lacks credibility, we have at least 1000 people on Saturday in Turin. collaboration with the men's Toro Club, it is such that many athletes will come in. Everyone will see that the Cup is not delivered .. they will tell us .. what cup do you play at the grandfather's or aunt's cup that takes her when she wants? "

With the occasion of this highly anticipated match, I had the pleasure of interviewing Giancarlo Padovan, (very kind to grant me this the interview) both in his role as a coach of Turin and as a sportsman and director of Tuttosport. A competent and passionate person in sports and women's football, Padovan answered all my questions and I assure you that I wanted to stop the time. To be able to range in all the problems of women's football.Thus was his willingness and the pleasure of the conversation, but the emotion blocked me. I will dedicate this first release to the part about Torino and to the Saturday game, then I will publish the full interview. I anticipate you only that we talked about his future, women's football, championships, division and the national team. You will know his answer, when I asked him if he could consider his candidacy for the Presidency of the Division .. a simple interview, spicy and ...! Let's move to the interview .. Mister a prediction for Saturday's match? we need a business, but we can equal the result of the first leg and then play it on penalties. by Walter Pettinati Here is the summary of the video of the game divided in two times. see the 1 ° time - see the 2 ° time

What was missing at Turin to avoid the defeat suffered in Bardolino? We played one of our best games this year. I have nothing to reproach the team, unfortunately we were not good at achieving. At Bardolino at most you can create 2-3 net chances, while we managed to create at least twice as much by scoring just one goal. Personally I think that the Taurus puts into practice a good kick, but it is discontinuous during the 90 minutes, do you agree with my opinion? Yours is a right observation and it is not far from the truth. We can not be continuous throughout the game, a little 'because our game is expensive and a little' because obviously we do not have the overall maturity that allows us to manage for 90 'minutes the game as we want it. it does not depend on the adversary, it centers the concentration, the tension, the conviction and the awareness of our abilities. Do you have an excellent athletic trainer, so it is not an athletic problem to influence the performance? We have a great athletic trainer and we have a great partnership between us. It is no coincidence that next year will pass in the professionals. Our problem is not physical but mental concentration. At Turin also for next year? If I do not change the newspaper, yes! If I get fired from the paper even more because, I have more free time, third because I think that 3 years is a fair time to build a winning project. I believe that the improvement in these two years has been seen. Compared to last year we have progressed with a second place in the standings (third last year) and with the final of the Italian cup, while last year we were eliminated in the semi-final. It is a process, not very long but that requires maturation times.

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