Thursday, January 12th
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The Center Pose Bardolino centers the great slam!

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THE CENTER POSE BARDOLINO CENTRATES THE GREAT SLAM !!! ALSO THE ITALIAN AND GIALLOBLU CUP. IN TURIN TO THE CONCEPT OF THE 1000 GRANATA FESTIVALS THE VERONIANS MAKE THE RESULT OF THE GOAL (3-1). AT THE KICKS OF RIGORE A FANTASTIC PICARELLI PARA THREE TIRI FROM THE ELEVEN METERS AND DELIVERY FOR THE SECOND TIME CONSECUTIVE THE COCCARDA TRICOLORE ALLE GARDESANE. SUMMARY ON TELEARENA SUNDAY TO 23,15. DIFFERITA RAISAPORT MONDAY TO 19,25. SUMMARY ON VENETOSAT TUESDAY TO 20,25 After winning the Scudetto the Veronese team returns from Turin with the Italian Cup at the end of a return match roccambolesca and after the lottery of the penalty kick. At the Stadio Primo Nebiolo in Turin, more than a thousand grenade supporters push the torinists in search of the company. The girls of Giancarlo Padovan must reassemble the 3 to 1 immediately in the first leg and start the attack. Gueli with a conclusion from the edge catches the crossbar and at the eighth minute the ball kicked by Ilaria Pasqui is intercepted, perhaps with an arm from Gabbiadini. For Genoa of Bologna is a penalty kick masterfully transformed by the specialist Tatiana Zorri. The reaction of Bardolino is immediate, Valentina Boni flies in the area, the race director opts for the advantage with the ball that reaches Girelli on the edge ... Here is the video of penalties clikka here --- The summary of the match clikka here His conclusion ends however at the side. Gueli for the Taurus mistakes blatantly in front of Picarelli and on the other front Panico in precarious balance does not find the door. At the 44 'Bardolino is a breath away from the draw that would overwhelm the ambitions of the comeback of the grenade: Valentina Boni juggles in the area and captures a resounding internal pole. On the opposite side it is instead the Taurus to double: Fuselli from inside the area leaves a conclusion that leaves no way out to Picarelli. The 2 goal at 0 qualifies the Piedmontese who return to the locker room amid the general blaze. The Gialloblù coach Longega is sent off in the tunnel and must watch the recovery from the stands. The Toro has spent a lot and in the second half of the game the Veronese gradually take possession of the midfield. The number one Caravilla grenade saves the corner of Girelli, Panico and Barbierato. It is no less Picarelli that resolves a dangerous melee in the Gialloblù area. At the 28 'Melania Gabbiadini collects the assist of the new entry Toselli, enters the area of ​​strength and pierces the extreme defender grenade with a powerful and precise conclusion. Not even the time to rejoice and the Bull passes again with Fuselli who head the ball where Picarelli can not reach. The 3 1 for the Piedmontese, the exact opposite of the first leg, leads to penalties. Bardolino seems to have more energy for the final and Torino may not disdain the lottery from eleven meters. At the final whistle you go so on penalties. The US Picarelli youth is extraordinary going to save three shots from eleven meters to the Iannuzzelli, Zorri and Fuselli torinists. On the Gialloblù front they realize Boni and Panico, they fail Gabbiadini and Motta. It's up to Alessia Tuttino to put the last penalty inside and give the second consecutive Italian Cup to the Pose Bardolino Center. With the Picarelli brought in triumph by the team-mates, an extraordinary season for the Verona team ends in two months once again in the field for the new adventure of the UEFA Champions League. On TV: Sunday 23,15 hours extensive summary on Telearena (frequencies Monday 19,25 full time deferred on RAI Sport Satellite. Tuesday 20,25 hours Extensive summary on VenetoSat (893 SKY channel and Following in "VenetoSport" services and interviews. Photos and press review in the appropriate section of our website. THE TABLE: TURIN - CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO 3-1, (rig. 2-3) tot. 5-4 Turin: Caravilla, Iannuzzelli, Bosi, Miniati, Cacciatori, Zorri, Fuselli, Manieri, Pasqui, Bruno (1 'st. Cantoro, 41 'st. Guardia Pulido), Gueli. All. Giancarlo Padovan. Center Pose Bardolino Vr: Picarelli, Motta, Sorvillo, Stefanelli, Barbierato, Tuttino, Girelli (25 'st. Toselli), Riboldi (25 'st. Rodella), Boni, Gabbiadini. All. Renato Longega. Referee: Genoa of Bologna (Casula and Madau) Networks: 9 'pt. Zorri (rig.), 45 'pt. Fuselli, 28 'st. Gabbiadini, 29 'st. Spindles. Penalties: Iannuzzelli (parato), Boni (marked), Guardia Pulido (marked), Panico (marked), Zorri (parato), Gabbiadini (parato), Fuselli (parato), Motta (parato), Manieri (marked), Tuttino ( marked). Notes: Viewers about 1200, muggy climate, terrain in precarious conditions. 3-5 corners, 2 recovery and 4 minutes. Expelled Bardolino Longega coach in the interval. Ammonite: Gabbiadini, Manieri, Iannuzzelli.
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